The New Enemy

At present, there is an emergence of two contrasting geopolitical philosophies. While China is busy strengthening relationships with its neighbors in Asia, and Russia is sending food and medical supplies to the war-torn Ukraine, Western oligarchs are regrouping and enhancing their military command structure as if the East would buy into their warmongering habits.

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CIA Required to Train and Defeat ISIL

Funny as it is deadly but this is the game Israel /Corporate US want to play. They create problems and solutions, yet they are the only ones profiting from the whole process, leaving countries they’ve been in total ruins.

But the unstoppable wave of disclosures from direct witnesses is something that has shed some very bright light into the dark world of black geopolitics, and that which we should be grateful about as they have vindicated all “conspiracy theorists” who have selflessly risked their reputation, subjected to ridicule, just for the enlightenment of the global population.

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Here at eClinik Learning we always evaluate and give more weight to actions taken rather than the face value of the words spoken. We give them the luxury and benefit of the doubt.

There are articles to the contrary, but it may be valid to consider that Vladimir Putin is the face of the global resistance at this point. Truly, he did rise from the perimeter of the Oligarchs but his actions seem to betray them.

Below, is a long tribute to Mr. Putin…

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One-kg 24K gold bars are displayed at the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society in Hong Kong

China Accelerates Gold Exchange Launching

While the Fed can’t contain its urge to raise interest rates, China will be strengthening its financial status further by launching its gold exchange (as opposed to stock exchange which is nothing but the endless shuffling of paper that has nothing to do with actual production) earlier than scheduled.

With the planned establishment of an alternative to SWIFT, the Cabal’s clout on world finance is diminishing by the day.

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Aggressive Reciprocity

The ongoing US/NATO vs. Russia Military Exercises are too close for comfort.

We know that the Old Guards are bleeding, and the Reformists are conducting constructive and transparent meetings in quick succession after another in the last few days, we can hardly keep up.

The Ukrainian coup-installed government is in panic mode judging from its volatile stand against humanitarian aid from Russia. They are even bombing the OSCE observers in MH-17 ground zero.

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Global Financial Reset Coming

For the last few days, some  very significant events have taken place.

Among them was the  major steps taken to strengthen mutual cooperation amongst China’s closest neighbors through the Silk Road Belt Initiative and Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

This is on top of both Russia’s and China’s plan to develop the Far East, and Latin America.

On the other hand,  although we haven’t confirmed this breaking news locally yet about global financial reset, it’s good to know what can be expected soon.

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The World’s Last MegaBubble

The monetary based economic system is showing its weakness. The seemingly endless printing of paper assets just cannot be sustained anymore.

In the end, they’re just pieces of paper decorated with fancy inkworks and nothing more.

Deutsche Bank Just Released A 104-Page Report On What May Be The World’s Last Mega-Bubble

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Dethrone King Dollar

Here’s the former member of Obama’s economic team, munching antagonistic views against the king of world currencies, .i.e fiat US dollar.

” From 2009 to 2011, Bernstein was the Chief Economist and Economic Adviser to Vice President Joe Biden, executive director of the White House Task Force on the Middle Class, and a member of President Obama’s economic team.”

Dethrone King Dollar

us dollar bundles

WASHINGTON — THERE are few truisms about the world economy, but for decades, one has been the role of the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency. It’s a core principle of American economic policy. After all, who wouldn’t want their currency to be the one that foreign banks and governments want to hold in reserve?

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