#OpSaveGaza is On

The Anonymous hacker group urged hackers to renew attacks on Israeli-based internet resources on Friday – after earlier breaches of the Defense Ministry website, Tel Aviv police, and leaks of log-in details allegedly belonging to government officials.

“We’ve been fighting Israel and their terrorist state for over four years, and we have not grown weary or tired. It has only made us stronger. Therefore, we are calling upon the Anonymous collective, and the elite hacker groups to join our crusade, and to wage cyber war against the state of Israel once more. This Friday will be a day Israel will feel fear tingling in their servers, and homes. It will be a day of solidarity and resistance,” the group’s public statement read.

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US Laying Pretext for War with Russia

We refuse to believe that the US Military is willing to go to war with Russia, at this time. But the United States government [corporation] is, and it is in a process of laying out the final pieces to legitimize its impending incursion to the Russian territory, using proxies at the very least.

We are looking at this as an act of desperation on their part, and will never amount to something but a mere distraction to the ongoing carnage in Gaza.

Unfortunately for them, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk has just resigned due to internal discord.

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Sheriffs Move to Arrest Pope Bergoglio, et al

The mechanism for the arrest of the real threat to humanity has been provided by the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State [ITCCS]. It is up to us to enforce its verdict.

Sadly, some quarters in the alternative department are still thinking twice whether to pick up the pitchfork or not.

We think we need to do a crusade much like they did when they tried to conquer Palestine, only this time, we will storm the Vatican with arrest warrants in hand.

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UK’s Foultry

It’s UK’s poultry industry, not China’s or the Third World’s.

Now they understand how to live in a worsening economy, where companies strive to preserve the bottomline without due regards to public safety.

Revealed: the dirty secret of the UK’s poultry industry

Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK contaminated with campylobacter
Guardian findings prompt investigations at three major supermarkets
Government shelves plans to name and shame suppliers

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Inconsistent Reactions: Flight MH17 & Gaza

Let us assume for a moment that we don’t know who’s killing civilians in Gaza and who shot down Flight MH-17 off Ukrainian skies. Shouldn’t we condemn both as equally unacceptable acts of terror?

Yet we are still seeing politicians reacting harshly to “inciting to violence” rather than condemning acts of violence itself. While mainstream journalists mouthing old accusing lines ahead of proper investigation regarding MH-17 culpability while ignoring the Rouge State behind the massacre in Gaza that still continues to this day.

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