US/Kiev Stalling Russian Aid for Eastern Ukraine

In an effort to prevent Eastern Ukraine, with its rich natural resources,  from separating towards the Russian side, Kiev continues to deny passage to trucks carrying much needed humanitarian aid.

Eastern Ukrainians have no other alternative but to flee amidst increasing firefights between pro-US and pro-Russian forces in the region.

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Dismantling Israel

There are a million reasons why Israel needs to be erased from the map of the Middle East. Its behavior is outside the norms of all other nations on Earth, except probably the United States.

One solution, therefore, is to remove the state of Israel from Palestine, and to establish a permanent Jewish state inside America. After all, United States so love this Middle East squatter it has to keep pleasing it with more than a $100 Billion in aid since its inception in 1962.

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The Next American Revolution Has Begun

This is something we can all fight with and win.

 The Next American Revolution Has Begun And This Is What It Looks Like

By Dan West / resilientcommunities.com

 This is what real revolution looks like. This is the future. Ron Finley in South Central LA was tired of living in a food desert and he decided to do something about it. He took back control over his food supply and health, while also setting his community on a path towards resilience and independence.

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The Real First World War

Europe’s “Great War” of 1914-1918 does not deserve to be called the “First World War.” That title should go to the first real global conflict, Europe’s genocidal invasion of other regions that began in the final decade of the 15th Century. European historians have sought to downplay the ferocity, extent and significance of that earlier conflict by treating it as a diffuse historical process, but if we who were victims accept that view it disables our understanding of everything that has happened since then.

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Satanic Ceremony Disrupted; 2 Cultists Arrested [ITCCS]

Here’s the latest update from the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State [ITCCS] to the scheduled satanic ritual in Montreal, Canada.

Child Sacrificial Cult Disrupted, Arrests made in Montreal

Public Announcement of the Central Command of the Direct Action Units established by the International Common Law Court of Justice

Global Communique No. 2: August 16, 2014 – Brussels

​ ​Striking in the early hours of Friday, August 15, one of our trained Direct Action Units (DAU) in Montreal, Canada successfully disrupted the preparations for a child sacrificial cult ritual at a private residence in the fashionable Outremont district.
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The Nightmare is in Gaza, Not with Ebola

The real nightmare is what Israel is doing in such a place it ain’t suppose to be. Not with Ebola.

 Noam Chomsky: The Nightmare in Gaza

“There is no place in the prison of Gaza safe from Israeli sadism.”
 Amid all the horrors unfolding in the latest Israeli offensive in Gaza, Israel’s goal is simple: quiet-for-quiet, a return to the norm.

For the West Bank, the norm is that Israel continues its illegal construction of settlements and infrastructure so that it can integrate into Israel whatever might be of value, meanwhile consigning Palestinians to unviable cantons and subjecting them to repression and violence.

For Gaza, the norm is a miserable existence under a cruel and destructive siege that Israel administers to permit bare survival but nothing more.

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Creating Fuel from Seawater

The US Navy has disclosed an old suppressed technology that could run sea vessels using seawater.

Scale Model WWII Craft Takes Flight With Fuel From the Sea Concept

Fuel From Sea Concept - Carbon Capture Skid

Navy researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Materials Science and Technology Division, demonstrate proof-of-concept of novel NRL technologies developed for the recovery of carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) from seawater and conversion to a liquid hydrocarbon fuel.
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More JPMorgan IT Deaths

Happy days are almost over for the high and mighty. They are now scrambling for the exit doors without leaving traces of malfeasance during their wake, or so they try.

Three New JPMorgan IT Deaths Include Alleged Murder-Suicide

By Russ Martens and Pam Martens: July 14, 2014

Julian and Alita Knott: From Alita Knott's Public Facebook PageSince December of last year, JPMorgan Chase has been experiencing tragic, sudden deaths of workers on a scale which sets it alarmingly apart from other Wall Street mega banks. Adding to the concern generated by the deaths is the recent revelation that JPMorgan has an estimated $180 billion of life insurance in force on its current and former workers.
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