Can Sale of Illegal Drugs Be Stop?

If we are sincere enough with our efforts, maybe we can make a dent in this very heinous activity. But that’s all we can possibly do – make a dent.

Here’s why…

The Bush-Clinton connection to this illegal activity have been established not just by one researcher and/or whistleblower, but too many. This clique had been accused also of putting their fingers in the cookie jar of the Red Cross during “natural disasters” like Haiti earthquake and others…

If it’s hard for you to understand, consider the fact that these people do have access to technology that is capable of injecting earthquake in any precise location on Earth…

… they are asking most specifically for CASH instead of tangible goods. Here’s a good reference about the need for more fiat money.

You can continue on your research about HAARP at In the meantime, let’s continue with covert activity of these two ex-US Presidents…

If you think an event this big would make it to CNN and other media giants, you are wrong.

You can’t stop the sale, but you can stop its consumption right at your own doorstep.

The more you spend time with your children, the lesser the time they have for other people. The bigger your influence on them, the lesser their peers’ pressure affect them.

Educate your children by yourself. Read their books if you want them to love reading, too.

Together, we must know as much as we can. That’s what makes us all empowered.

** Stop the deliberate dumbing down. **

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