Seeds of Destruction

You are what you eat.

If you consume naturally occurring food, then you are biologically natural. But when you have eaten genetically modified stuffs, then how should you consider yourself?

Well, whether you like or not, you are a Genetically Modified Organism. GMO for short.


“Food is one of the principal tools in our negotiating kit.”

“If you are looking for a way to get people to lean on you and to be dependent on you in terms of their cooperation with you, it seems to me that food dependence would be terrific.”

–          USDA Secretary Earl Butz told the 1974 World Food Conference in Rome



Control the supply of oil and you control nations. Control the supply of food and you control the people.

– Henry Kissinger, blueprint for world domination

GMOs are substantially equivalent to conventional crops.

– George W. Bush, Sr.

The same “substantially equivalent” argument did not apply when Monsanto applied for patent which requires an invention to be substantially unique. How did this come about? Isn’t the government working for the people by protecting its interest and welfare? Sadly, the government is not working for the people but for The Corporation that created it.

Genetic modification of a plant or organism involved taking foreign genes, and adding them to a plant such as corn or rice, and they may not be of the same species. Such process could be accelerated at will in stark contrast to traditional breeding. In most cases, the outcome is unpredictable as this is conducted as trial and error in its early stages. When some advances were develop, the same technology used in botanical genetic manipulations were also applied in animals, hence the all-encompassing new field of biotechnology which also include biowarfare [AIDS, SARS, flu, cancer, etc.]. In short, it’s not only that they have the tool to control the supply of food; they also gained a powerful grip on its twin sister – health.

If you think, “Well it’s only corn.” Wait ‘til you realize that there are a gazillion products made from corn, to wit:

Antibiotics (penicillin)
Asbestos insulation
Baby food
Batteries, dry cell
Breakfast cereals
Canned vegetables
Carbonated beverages
Cheese spreads
Chewing gum
Chocolate products
Coatings on wood, paper & metal
Colour carrier in paper & textile, printing
Corn chips
Corn meal
C.M.A. (calcium magnesium acetate)
Crayon and chalk
Degradable plastics
Dessert powders
Dextrose (intravenous solutions, icing sugar)
Disposable diapers
Edible oil
Ethyl and butyl alcohol
Explosives – firecrackers
Finished leather
Flour & grits
Frozen foods
Fuel ethanol
Gypsum wallboard
Ink for stamping prices in stores
Instant coffee & tea
Insulation, fibreglass
James, jellies and preserves
Latex paint
Leather tanning
Livestock feed
Malted products
Mustard, prepared
Paper board, (corrugating, laminating, cardboard)
Paper manufacturing
Paper plates & Cups
Peanut butter
Pharmaceuticals – The Life Line of The Hospital
Potato chips
Rugs, carpets
Salad dressings
Shaving cream & lotions
Shoe polish
Soaps and cleaners
Soft drinks
Starch & glucose (over 40 types)
Tacos, tortillas
Wheat bread

Note: GMO labeling is not required.

Monsanto patented early on the following “substantially unique” technology that could produce “substantially equivalent” outputs:

Posilac” Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone [rBGH] – used in increasing cow’s milk yield by 30%; resulted in a by-product called Insulin-like Growth Factor [IGF-1] – a cause of cancer, which may not appear after years from initial exposure, according to Dr. Samuel Epstein, University of Illinoi – School of Public Health. FDA then criticized the scientist using data provided by Monsanto which eventually funded a research at University of Vermont, to verify Dr. Epstein’s claim, wherein concurring damaging results were not publicized.

The power of Monsanto can be outlined by the following facts:

  • Margaret Miller, Monsanto Chief Scientist, became the FDA Deputy Director of Human Food Safety, 1990s; without justification, raised the permissible antibiotic level for farmers to put into milk by 100 times;
  • Michael R. Taylor, Monsanto Attorney, became the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy overseeing GMO Policy, 1991; decided not to label GMO foods as should have been the case if he is to protect public health; risk assessment data, e.g. cow’s birth defects and cancerous potential, were hidden from public view. For his services at FDA, he was appointed as the Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto.
  • US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, is a former CEO of Monsanto’s subsidiary G.D. Searle, manufacturer of a known carcinogen Aspartame; and the Chairman of Tamiflu maker Gilead Science.
  • Posilac was later to be found causing leukemia and tumors in rats which the US Pure Food and Drug Act requires to be marketed with warning label. The law itself was rewritten to defeat its purpose. Monsanto products are not subject to peer review.
  • The US Government itself exerted considerable pressure on other countries, including Canada, Mexico and most of the Third World, to approve the use of rBGH. Canada and EU issued a moratorium on rBGH, but it does not deter Monsanto from feeding the world with unlabeled (i.e. no warning statement) milk products under different brands.
  • The Rockefeller Foundation spent more than $100 million for the advancement of GMO which could be part of a broader program related to Eugenics.

“We are assured that this is absolutely safe. We can eat it all the time. We must eat it all the time. There is no conceivable harm which can come to us.

But, as a scientist looking at it, actively working in the field, I find that it is very, very unfair to use our fellow citizens as guinea pigs. We have to find a guinea pig in the laboratory…the effect (of a diet of GM potatoes) was slight growth retardation and an effect on the immune system.

One of the genetically modified potatoes, after 110 days, made the rats less responsive to immune effects. If I had the choice, I would certainly not eat it until I see at least comparable scientific evidence which we are producing for our genetically modified potatoes.”

–          Dr. Arpad Pusztai*

* Considered the world’s leading biotechnologist for 35 years; has published 270 scientific articles… and had his research terminated within 48 hours after making the above statement on live broadcast; issued a gag order, papers were seized, team dispersed, phone calls and emails were rerouted.

Extensive debunking later ensued involving British Royal Society, and high profiled politicians, after a show of support for Pusztai from 30 leading scientists was published by The Guardian in 1999. Blair made it clear in no uncertain terms that Putszai had to be silenced. Blair got his instruction from Clinton who in turn got his instruction from Monsanto.

How to sell GM Food Products?

Genetically Modified Food products can be sold in your nearest grocery stores in at least 3 ways:

  1. Mass Media Distortions
  2. Government Subsidies
  3. Bruth Force Charity
Lebron James with signature drive to the basket on a McDonald's uniform.

Mass Media Distortions can be accomplished by fronting a well-known celebrity to endorse any of these GM products. This is so simple yet very effective strategy. Most household assume that their idol will look after their sad state; after all, it’s from them this moron derive its juice to prime up his expensive lifestyle.

Government Subsidies are of course initiated by politicians who are notoriously “bankable”. Yeah, they troop to the banks in droves after receiving fat envelops from their patron-corporations they are actually working for. Subsidies are mostly aid grants which are in fact and in form additional debt for you and me. Aid grants are not granted without reciprocity clause which will make it sure that we will obtain our agricultural supplies, seeds and fertilizers, only from companies which the grantor highly recommends. Both the lender and agricultural companies of course belong to the same cabal.

Charitable Endeavors after the application of brute force is more deceptive and destructive among the three. It is accomplished by first modifying the weather inducing flash floods thru endless rainfalls and typhoons. These people have access to a weather manipulation machine called HARRP or High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. (We, at eClinik, have studied these Tesla technologies long before we venture into electrotherapy, so we know precisely what we are talking about here. If you want to verify or study about HARRP, start with this patent.)

Dark Angels love to play this HAARP. They've used it in China, Japan, Haiti, Chile, and recently in New Zealand. So, if you see an aurora nearby, please prepare yourself for in thirty minutes a massive tremor will soon commence. UPDATE March 9, 2001, 10:32PM: just a few hours ago, another earthquake hit Japan registering 7.2 on the Reichter scale. UPDATE March 11, 2001: Another quake hit Japan at 8.8 scale!

Update, March 11, 2011: New HAARP Facility Situated in Norway…


After the induction of floods and the subsequent massive damages on soon-to-be-harvested crops, angels would sprung and descend from the heavens above with divine grace and goodies and promises of endless supply of GMO seeds which would grew in abundance in no time. Praise, MonSanto! You’re more than worthy of worship indeed.

After praising the Saint of Modern Foods, farmers will soon realize that:We were not hungry before you came in.

  1. GM seeds didn’t increase their yield, but decreases even in the long term
  2. GM crops need more pesticides in order to maintain yield
  3. Pesticides are effective only to a few types of pests
  4. GMs are contaminating non-GMs nearby
  5. Soil quality is gravely declining and may take years to revitalize
  6. Their health are fast deteriorating and need more medicines, too
  7. GM simply cannot satisfy the food requirement adequately
  8. They have forgotten the countless victims during the massive floods before

It should be clear by now, where people got their cancer and allergies.

In the final analysis, GM foods cost more in terms of wasteful misdirected funding, and healthcare related issues, without satisfying the problem it is expected to solve. Or, it may have satisfied what it is actually designed for: to serve poison foods to as many as can be to depopulate the world cheaply like what had happened in the mass gassing of the Jews in Auschwitz during World War 2. Only this time it is grand depopulation with finesse.

Achtung! During the last days of WW2, Hitler ordered that the remaining prisoners should be exterminated instantly to hide the existence of the concentration camps.
Using bullets is costly, the Nazis employed gas chambers instead, with poison gas supplied by Bayer.
This is the mass grave of the last victims at Auschwitz in 1945.

The Dark Scheme is so big; you won’t be able to grasp everything about it in one day. Feel free to come back soon as we discuss them, one issue at a time.


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