The Lies We Believe In [2.0]

The Lies We Believe In [2.0]

We simply can’t put all information relating to the subject in one page, so here’s the second installment. If you have not read the first page, you may do so now by clicking here. If you have already done so, then interpreting this all too familiar symbol won’t be that hard…

The Statue of Liberty

The head is decorated with the pagan sun rays, and the flame torch represents the ancient god Vulcan. Freedom? No, you don’t have it yet. You may have to fight for it, if you want to.

The Statue of Liberty, in all probability, represents Isis, the Egyptian Queen of Heaven. Why is it in American Soil? Probably, for the same reason why the pyramid is at the back of the US dollar bill.

London 2012 Olympics

The above London Olympics 2012 Official Logo may not mean anything for the disinterested, but to the inquisitive eye it speaks a lot. From the left, we can see a one- eyed character, and then at the middle we can see some randomly distributed geometric patterns. The right figure is another one-eyed character, although this can be argued to be two-eyed based on its position.

The possible true meaning of the one-eyed character on the left would become clearer once we decipher the puzzle in the middle, the logo itself. My favorite illustrator, David Dees, had already done that, by rearranging these geometrics and came out with the word “ZION“. If you agree with this finding, then it would be easier for you to accept that the one-eyed character is a modern rendition of the sun god “Horus“. If you think we are overly stretching the point, consider the fact that the all-seeing-eye has been in the dollar bill for quite a time, at the top of a pyramid. Nothing they do is left to chance and random thoughts. Everything is carefully calculated.


In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people’s palaces. . . .

Federal USA, Inc. is Monsters, Inc. It’s created by literal Monsters, indeed. “We scare because we care“, i.e. we terrorize to justify an increase on defense budget for your own protection and so we can have the means and justification to invade everyone’s privacy.

Above, is the new Amero 20 to be used once the North American Union is implemented (Wikileaks re Integration). Notice the eye at the left on the back of the bill. Actually, there are two eyes there: a bigger one (whole dome structure) and a smaller one (centermost of the dome).

It doesn’t matter if you believe that these symbols have meanings. What does matter is that they, who put these symbols where they are, do believe in it, and the consequence of these rituals is staggering, and sometimes deadly like what happened in 911.

On September 11, 2001, Pentagon wasn’t hit by a plane flown in by an amateur pilot. Circumstantial and physical evidence suggest it was deliberately hit by a missile dressed up like an American Airlines plane as the above pictures are showing. These personnel were told they were conducting a simulated live terrorist attack which was really what had happened in order to support the lie of the “war on terror” to invade Iraq, Afghanistan and most of all, everyone’s privacy. The Mainstream Media were all complicit to this most heinous crime at the beginning of the 21st century, and still are.

Recent data also suggest that the deliberate destruction of the Pentagon was to purposely burn all evidence of the unexplainable trillion dollar defense expenditures. The controlled demolition of the Twin Towers, on the other hand, was meant to cover-up the traces of looting involving huge tranche of gold bullion kept at the basement of the towers, which were to be used in the implementation of NESARA and the Global Settlements which the White Hats and Asian Secret Societies are now trying to enforce.

Information Control = World Domination

Most of the time, a lie needs to be told. But those things which we weren’t told are far more important…

We were not told what they’ve found and seen on the surface, subsurface and atmosphere of our Moon. Instead, they tried to airbrushed it to hide everything we, the people who paid for the expedition, need and deserve to know.

These are not ordinary white bubbles. These are living beings and/or biological spacecrafts.

The atmosphere of the Moon is yellow owing to its thinner atmosphere compared to Earth. And the air is breathable.

Ancient and modern structures do exist on the Moon, including pyramid, Stonehenge, and space ports, suggesting our planet is not that unique and the only habitable among billions and billions of planets in our Milky Way Galaxy alone.

Even our pretty neighbor planet Venus is home to a highly advanced human beings (Adamski). However, we were told that Venus atmosphere is made up of sulfuric acid and can’t support life. Instead of believing everything they said, did we ever try to ask ourselves, “Aren’t we living in the same Space, and should have enjoyed the same livable condition?” The presence of sulfuric acid in the atmosphere of Venus can’t be explained convincingly by established science but by Established Liars.

For the record, there are several witnesses who have physically gone to the planet Venus. To name a few:

  • George Adamski
  • Wilbert B. Smith
  • Princess Nakamaru

Like all whistleblowers, these people are dismissed as lunatics, careers ruined and reputation systematically maligned.

But if we go by the numbers, there are far more people who have firsthand accounts of UFO encounters than skeptics and debunkers. All these paid mouthpieces disappeared when scientists, military personnel, airmen, radar technicians, air traffic controllers, intelligence officers (task of silencing witnesses) and defense contractors, finally spilled the beans in a press conference at the National Press Club last May 9, 2001.

But did you ever see this extraordinary event broadcasted in the Mainstream Media for days much like the hype on the Royal Wedding? No. So why would you still believe them? Just analyze what MSM are feeding you everyday:

  • road accidents, convenience store robbery, etc.
  • showbiz and political gossips
  • continuing research on cancer and AIDS cure
  • economic downturn projected as “natural” disasters

…none of which can stimulate the mind to think. We are all reduced to mere “consumers” of everything including controlled information.

Even Wikipedia is not your encyclopaedia. It is a medium that serves the same function as the MythBusters of Discovery Channel – to debunk Scientific Truth so that you will remain an Idiot until your last breath, and because they strongly believe that some knowledge may not be good for you.

They don’t want you to know that even Hitler, a protégé of the Holy Vatican Church, showed a heightened interest of the occult (hidden) science of his day, proof of which was this expedition to Tibet…

Just in case you have lost track of time, here is the sequence of events in that fateful year of 2001:

  • May 9, 2001 – Disclosure Project Press Conference re The Reality of Life Beyond Our Planet, Planned Second Coming Holographic Hoax, Planned False Flag Alien Invasion
  • June 2001 – William “Bill” Cooper warned publicly that an imminent massive terrorist attack on US soil will occur and be blamed on Osama Bin Laden
  • September 11, 2001, 9:38 AM – Pentagon Simulated Terrorist Attack
  • September 11, 2001, 9:59 AM – World Trade Center South Tower Controlled Demolition
  • September 11, 2001, 10:00AM – Scheduled NESARA and Global Settlements Announcement
  • September 11, 2001, 10:28 AM – World Trade Center North Tower Controlled Demolition
  • September 11, 2001, 5:20PM – World Trade Center Building 7 Controlled Demolition
  • November 6, 2001 – William “Bill” Cooper was murdered

Bill Cooper was a true patriot. He wrote “Behold A Pale Horse” which contain explosive glimpse into the World of the Illuminati: The Protocols of Zion and Silent Weapons for Quite Wars. Zion is used to deceive us into believing that the root of all that is evil are the Jews, it’s not. Illuminati is multi-racial as far as membership is concern, and each member, which is selected from amongst the best of his field, has no loyalty to a country but to the Vatican from which he gains favor and prestige. The Vatican itself is the furtherance of the Roman Empire and the prevailing European Royalties are Roman in origin. Further study would led you to their Khazarian roots.


The next false flag operation they are planning is Alien Invasion, that is why National Geographic and all other mainstream channels, and Hollywood are now conditioning your mind towards this scenario. Don’t believe in them. These Satanists in robes feed on your fear. This world is not going to end. It is the world of the Illuminati, the grip of the Vatican towards its subject, that will definitely end in a few months, as you and I will finally wake up from this long and painful nightmare that they have imposed upon humanity for aeons.

Already they are shopping for an island where they could escape away from the ensuing mob that is out to cut their heads off. They can’t escape offplanet because we are all under quarantine due to our savagery. WDS is planning that these Satanists be confine to the FEMA concentration camps which the Satanists themselves built to house you after they succeed in their ongoing attack of the New Madrid Fault Line which is very close to at least 15 Nuclear Plants.

Advanced civilizations don’t have any motivation to invade other inferior planets for the following reasons:

  • They have satisfied their basic needs, and more, to the fullest;
  • They can manipulate the weather, control planetary and solar activities;
  • They have undergone the same phases of evolution as we are;
  • They know that Power is just a state of an improperly evolved mind, and;
  • They have fully understood that we are all One and the Same, i.e. everything in Nature is interconnected and is composed of the same medium. We are all part of Nature – the Totality of Everything, the One True Supreme Being of All.

Those who promote the worship of an imaginary God are themselves playing like gods. Fear of something more divine than us is not the most sensible way to govern ourselves. We don’t need 2 or 10 rules in our intercourse with society. Oriental wisdom is very simple – “Don’t do to others the things you don’t want to be done unto you.”

We must know who and what we really are – that is the true essence of spirituality.

2013: A Year Of Worldwide Jubilation

While people in the west are happy with their Hollywood clowns and electronic gadgetry, eastern societies are trying to keep pace with advancing realities. The January 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum already talked about how to deal with alien technology, acknowledging rather indirectly that we are in fact not alone in the universe, never had been.


  • Photos: Orion Conspiracy website [This doesn’t mean that we fully subscribe to their claims. It is our opinion that the Roswell UFO crash did occur. These people could be trying to cover-up the murders of several witnesses related to the Roswell Incident.]

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3 thoughts on “The Lies We Believe In [2.0]”

  1. I have always known that we are not alone from the age 5 and that was 56 years ago when my life changed and I failed from that time on to be conned by the system. It brought many hardships and loneliness, but I am still here and will be for the wonderful changes due. Thankyou.

    1. The feeling is mutual.

      They have successfully established a system of lies that is self-sustaining… at least that’s what they thought, until the internet came along.

      You’re welcome, John.

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