RT Anchor Hinted On Satanic Aspect of the Republican Party; Deathbed Confession re Nazism of America

Recently, one gutsy RT anchor provided a glimpse to the satanic orientation of the Republican Party.

Before we abandon this one episode as simply satirical, why don’t we take a journey back to the deathbed of one of the least known key figures of the Nazi Party in Germany – Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s personal bodyguard who provided most of the photographs below…

Shown above are Hitler and his personal bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny .Taken in 1942, just a few months before Hitler ordered Nikola Tesla’s murder thru asphyxiation by Skorzeny and Gehlen, as orchestrated by George Schref, Jr. of the Office of Strategic Services [OSS]. OSS is now the Central Intelligence Agency [CIA].

Skorzeny and wife, with the 107 year old Hitler partially cropped on the left. Before the Russians came rushing in, Hitler was taken out from Berlin  by Vatican Agents thru Operation Paperclip. It was Skorzeny who murdered one of Hitler’s doubles just before he and Hitler boarded a Fieseler 156c “Storch” disguised as Red Cross relief plane. [The Red Cross, by the way, is controlled by the Vatican even until today. your donation will never reach to its intended beneficiary in full. People like Geithner, and Obama do have accounts at the Vatican Bank.]

Hitler, then, was in the care of President Juan Peron of Argentina. However, Otto Skorzeny named Bethesda, Maryland as the location of Hitler’s residence in the US. But it was not Hitler only who was spirited out of Germany into US soil…

In fact, the entire Nazi Rocketry Team would occupy the newly created NASA. Again, this was made possible with fake identities, fake passports facilitated by the very institution that we revere up to now, the Holy Vatican Church, thru what is then known as The Vatican Ratlines.

Nazi High Command, together with the Men in Black Robes saluting, The Fuehrer – Adolf Hitler…

Among the most notable Nazi “immigrants” to the US which preceded Hitler was George Scherf, Sr., a Banker…

“One significant voyage, which departed from Liverpool on January 20, 1915 and arrived in New York on the January 30,was aboard theSSArabic. Its passenger, on Line 1of the manifest, presented to the INS at Ellis Island, was George Scherf, German citizen from Dölitzsch. Dölitzsch is a small village south of Leipzig, Germany, and was not too distant from the hometown of Martin Bormann who later became Hitler’s second-in-command.

This official U.S. government document (to the inevitable chagrin of the INS, the FBI, and the CIA) establishes a “regional” connection between the George H. Scherf family, Martin Bormann, Joseph Mengele, Reinhardt Gehlen and Skorzeny; (see photo below) sets the pre-WWII connection between the Scherfs and these known Nazis into concrete.

This single document, obviously missed in the frantic effort to expunge all records of Nazi spies, went unnoticed until I discovered it in 2007.

See the photo Skorzeny produced in which he identified the aforementioned Nazis, including himself and the family of George H. Scherf, Sr., “the illegal-immigrant, German-born accountant of Nikola Tesla.” The photo is published in Eric “Orion” Berman’s book The Bush Connection (See http://thebushconnection.com).”

George Scherf, Sr. befriended Nikola Tesla and subsequently worked in Tesla’s laboratory as an “office assistant”. While working there, he brought along a boy whom Tesla complained about, George Scherf, Jr. or “Curious George”. This curious nickname was earned when this George was reading notes and stealing important materials from Nikola Tesla’s laboratory.

At the 1915 Radio Engineers Association gathering, Tesla is the tallest standing at the center of the back row, while George Scherf, Sr. isthe last man to his left…

George Scherf, Sr., 1952

Years after leaving Germany, Nazi George Scherf, Sr. would be relaxing in his couch… with his new identity – Prescott Bush, after successfully embedding themselves to the dynastic American industrialist families of Samuel P. Bush and George Herbert Walker.

Prescott S. Bush, Al Fenn/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images, Jan 01, 1952

Prescott S. Bush; Francis Case; Lyndon B. Johnson

Photo: Hank Walker./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Nov 01, 1957


There about 50,000 Nazis transferred to the US that Skorzeny have personal knowledge of. Since then, the United States and the world will never be the same again…

But George Scherf, Sr.’s [adopted] son George Scherf, Jr., would be much luckier…

Now known as George HW Bush, Sr., he would later become the 41st President of The United States.

But no matter how many times this man changes his identity, he is still the same old George Scherf, Jr., who orchestrated the murder of the man who gave us the 21st Century – Dr. Nikola Tesla, as confessed by Otto Skorzeny before he died in December 31, 1999.

Most of today’s technology now in use by US military are the misapplication of the works of Tesla, including HAARP, free energy, anti-gravity, stealth and cloaking.

The story behind Tesla and Curious George (above) inspired one filmmaker named Allan Shalleck, who was murdered in February 6, 2006, barely three days away from its premiere show…

Absolute power does corrupt absolutely…

Top Mafia Figure, Tony Gambino, Implicates Vatican And Bush in Prior Knowledge And Complicity in 9/11 Mass Murder

The grandson of Lucky Luciano, Gambino, 63, just released from prison also sets the record straight about the JFK and Hoffa assassinations.continue reading »»

 But it’s not only the Republican Party…

Obummer is not the first alien president of Federal USA, Corp.

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