The World of the Dark Cabal is Crumbling Down Fast

 World of the Dark Cabal is Crumbling Down Fast


With their power base crumbling around them, the following additional activities have occurred and are currently under continuing investigation.  It’s no wonder why Geithner is so damn desperate to leave.  Here’s why!

A)    Despite the US Treasury assuring multiple Global Trust Paymasters of their long overdue payments last week, the payments again failed to materialize.   Bush Sr, again ordered, his boys, Obama and Geithner to block any and all payments.

B)    Although Bush, Sr. and Obama were able to prevent the release of the payments, a tremendous amount of progress has been made to further expose, prevent and halt their activities.

  • On June 24th, Geithner made an illegal play to divert part of the Global Settlement funds to Josef Ackerman, Chairman of Deutsche Bank, with the plan of working the funds through the middle of July.   Fortunately, the evening of June 24th a plane left the US travelling directly to visit Ackerman, with special enforcement personal from the group responsible for getting the Global Settlements completed.   Ackerman’s Plan was stopped.   Upon their return from Germany, Geithner was visited by the same enforcement personal and, will again, if he continues to be a problem.
  • By June 29th, it became public that Geithner is planning on resigning.
  • On July 1st, Geithner was also contacted about the 700 Million Dollars he moved from his personal account in The Vatican Bank to other accounts, at many banks around the globe. Did Geithner actually think we wouldn’t know his movements with the cash?  Does he really think we will allow him to keep that money and the other funds he has participated in stealing?  This is not a reality.

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EXPOSÈ: The Bushes Are Directly Responsible for the Establishment of CIA and the Nazism of the United States

Among the most notable Nazi “immigrants” to the US besides Hitler were George Scherf, Sr. and George Scherf, Jr. or “Curious George”. This curious nickname was earned when this George was stealing important materials from Nikola Tesla’s laboratory while his father George Scherf, Sr. was working as an “office assistant”.

Just barely 5 years after their escape from Germany, Nazi George Scherf, Sr. would be relaxing in his couch… with his new identity – Prescott Bush, after successfully embedding themselves to the dynastic American industrialist families of Samuel P. Bush and George Herbert Walker.

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