Steve Jobs Died Of Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation At 56

One of the mavericks in the digital age just passed away at a very young age of 56. He succumbed to multiple conventional treatments including chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy for his cancer.

“(NaturalNews) It is extremely saddening to see the cost in human lives that modern society pays for its false belief in conventional medicine and the cancer industry in particular. Visionary Steve Jobs died today, just months after being treated for cancer with chemotherapy at the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California. In recent months, he appeared in public photos as a frail shadow of his former self. The thin legs, sunken cheek bones and loss of body weight are all classic signs of total body toxicity observed in chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients.

Steve Jobs reportedly underwent both. His chemotherapy treatments at the Standard Cancer Center are now well known, and his secret radiotherapy treatments in Switzerland have now been made public by former Apple executive Jerry York.”

This clearly indicates that it’s not about how much you can afford. It’s about using the right technology for the right job. Chemicals, mechanical operations and microwave radiation are simply not the best options for cancer. They have never been and they will never be. In fact, according to one survey, 75% of doctors don’t want to subject to chemo if they are the ones suffering from cancer.

The irony of all these is that: how come Steve Jobs knew not what the best treatment out there is; wasn’t he aware of alternative approaches when they are pasted all over the web he helped develop? Was it the secrecy surrounding his ailing condition which insulated him from knowing these saner approaches?

With the exception of that other guy who is enthusiastically promoting vaccines in behalf of UN-WHO, I’m sure everyone will learn a lesson or two from this one sad fate.

What is the best treatment for cancer?

So far, the best treatment that we know of is the Beck Protocol which has a documented 99% success rate. The Beck Protocol has the following advantages:

  • Non-invasive
  • Non-radioactive
  • Non-hyperthermic
  • Non-chemical (drugs or chemo)
  • Extremely low cost (as low as the cost of charging 3 x 9v batteries every month)
  • No hospital confinement
  • No need for elaborate diagnostics

If you want to verify these assertions, why don’t we listen to his greatness himself…

Electrify. Detoxify. And the body will heal itself.


  • If you want to verify this yourself, why don’t you extract about 10ml of your own blood into a Petri dish and electrify using low frequency pulses. Verify with a microscope, and see if parasites are still moving. Is there a parasite living on this planet that can withstand an electric current?
  • If you want to know how to implement Bob Beck’s Protocol, just click here.
  • The full lecture is on this link »

Who’s the real quacks? Who’s involve in cut, poison, and burn?

What is the real nature of Mainstream Medicine?

Mainstream medicine is more than about profit. It is one of those institutions that are implementing the most heinous crime against humanity – Eugenics.

The latest attack on human health is through the H1N1 vaccine. And one woman journalist have enough courage to file criminal charges in 2009 against US government, World Health Organization, Baxter, Novartis, and many others for instituting a biological attack that is to wipe out the United States population.

If you want to know how these issues are going to be resolved, start with Ben Fulford’s updates and WhiteHats Reports.

Part of humanity has awakened itself to this monstrosity. When will you?

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10 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Died Of Surgery, Chemotherapy & Radiation At 56”

  1. You see so many people who should have known and are wealthy enough to pursue an alternative treatment. Many years ago I developed a device using electrical fields to assist in healing an injury problem I had in both ankles as the result of an accident. The device not only had me walking again as normal but it took only 90 minutes to fix the problem I had had for twenty years. I have since discovered it fixes many other problems as well. I am really astounded how so many people who are in the spotlight know absolutely nothing about any alternative cures. I use the word cures because that is what they are, not the old slash and burn or medicate with some type of poison that has so many side effects and in the majority of cases do not work or wind up giving you something else to worry about. John.

  2. Sometimes we see these celebrities endorsing those fundraising campaign for cancer and aids cure research. Don’t they knew that the cure preceded the disease more than 100 years? That really boggles me.

    Closer to home, our former President Cory Aquino died of colon cancer after lenghty “pain management”, and nationwide novenas.

    When will these people ever learn?

    Thanks for sharing your experience, John. I really appreciate that.

    1. agreed and the money they raise goes to the “great” research for the “great” chemo treatments sponsored by pharma to maximize their profits…… cancer is a serious business for them….

  3. Even though I helped Steve get started in 1976, I was unable to get through to him to explain how easy it is to cure any cancer, as proven by Dr. Day ( and Bruno Comby ( I tried by phone, letter and fax — and failed. It’s so simple. Just stop overloading the immune system with things it considers toxic and it’ll clean out the cancers. My Secret Guide to Health gives all the details. Comby and Day have proven, “There are NO incurable illnesses.”

  4. Anyone interested in my device, a cell stimulator, I will give the method of construction for free. I got into a lot of trouble with the AMA a few years ago when I made and sold 2 items to a ‘friend’ anyway I was told to stop making them or I would be charged with practicing medicine without a licence.

    One thing I found simply amazing here in Australia is that a few years ago they were celebrating the 41st year of the cancer council and were still asking for donations. You would think that after 41 years they would have come up with a solution by now. I would not employ anyone for that length of time without a result! I am aware that there are cures for this and many other diseases but the system would not make any money as most of them are simple with a quick result.

    I feel so sorry for Steve Jobs having to die from his cancer when in reality what really killed him was probably the Chemotheraphy, which I might add only works 2 to 2.3%, with the cure being probably attributed to something else anyway. John

  5. Pancreatic cancer is a very serious condition. I just lost a friend who died at about the same age as
    Steve Jobs. This friend had had alternative treatments with Dr. Simoncini of Rome. So, I don;t think
    it’s quite accurate to say that Steve Jobs died from his treatment.

  6. What annoys me is that celebrities and famous people in the news media are conveyed as having died of cancer but they all have taken radiation treatment and chemotherapy. How do we know it was not the harmful side effects and complications of chemotherapy and radiation treatment which killed them and not the cancer. Several of my relatives and their friends have dies of cancer and it was clear to me that it was the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy that killed them.

    These treatments weaken the immune system and they are designed to destroy the cancer but anything which destroys the cancer in the the body will harm the body as well. As a result, these treatments don’t work with nature but work against nature. They also can kill a person pretty fast. If I get cancer, I won’t take these treatments.

  7. Steve Jobs never had chemotherapy or radiation treatments. He fought his cancer for 20 years using an alternate approach. He only had surgury to replace his liver when there was no options left.

    Please make sure your facts are accurate so that we don’t do harm to the memory of a great american.

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