Massive Resignations (& Some Arrests) Have Started 3.0

Update, 3/11/2012:

Somewhere over the rainbow… that’s how the band played for the dishonored ex-German President Christian Wulff and his wife Bettina…

… while the people do it with vuvuzelas…

… to disturb the Great Tattoo…

Back to our regular programing…

CEO resignations continue, and filings of charges are underway.

This Lord Sassoon is said to have benefited from his family’s legacy, the largest opium trader of all time!

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Here’s a different kind of resignation…

Of course, we are not happy with just mere resignations. We want these parasites to be arrested, quarantined into a FEMA camp somewhere, so they couldn’t infect the general population, no more. The WhiteHats did emphasize from the very beginning that they want to do it the legal way.

There are indeed legal measures being taken towards this objective.

Previously, the WhiteHats filed a $1 Trillion lawsuit against 16 high profile personalities (refer to the documents below), the amount of which only represents less than a thousandth of the actual figures in the soon to be released Global Settlements (US$ 1,464 Trillion).

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David Wilcock made a very comprehensive treatment on this subject…

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The Dimon’s Connection to the US$16 Trillion Bank Heist

The CEO of the Year 2011, Jamie Dimon is mentioned in the latest WHR#37 as having foreknowledge to the US$16 Trillion bank heist. Rightfully so, an arrest warrant is being sought…

That is probably one of the major actions taken by the WhiteHats in this lengthy process of knocking down the Dark Cabal the “legal” way.

Earlier, eight people belonging to the dreaded P2 Lodge were arrested in connection with US$ 6 Trillion fake bonds. This is probably a classic case of giving someone “a dose of his own medicine”…

Earlier, four priests have been arrested and charged for money laundering. Least we forget, the Vatican is also a bank…

Here are some new finds…

In Greece, the Police Union is taking a spartanic stance…

Meanwhile, in South Korea…

Back in the USA…

While these legal measures can take some time to effect, there are already some arrest warrants being issued and are internationally executable, like so:

There were also a number of arrests already made this year, late last year or earlier…

Yeah, FitzPatrick was arrested twice!

However, we haven’t seen any arrests of the big fish yet, i.e. Rockefeller or Rothschild. But,

… and the military industrial complex is going down. It’s time for a “swords to plowshares” shift as Asians would prefer…

These arrests and arraignments remind me of what Jordan Maxwell never forget to mention whenever he speaks. (I’ve got more than 10Gb files of his speeches.)

“Why do we have to be in a court? We play basketball in a court. We play tennis in a court. And while we are playing tennis in a court, we do it with a racket. Why?

Because the whole thing is a racket!

Bench is another word for bank. The judge, sitting on the bench, represents the bankers. He presides on the administration of the Law of the Sea, i.e. admiralty law. The banks direct the flow of the current sea, or currency.

After the prosecution throws the ball into the court, the defense side will have its turn, so on and so forth, ad infinitum. The judge is the referee who doesn’t care who wins or losses, as long as he collects the money for the bank.

And if you go to a court with an attorney, be mindful that your counsel is an officer of the court, hence, in the event of a conflict, this attorney will, by default, act in favor of the court. After all, being a client means that you’re a Certified Idiot!”

I sincerely hope that these are not just part of a Big Racket.

As before, we will continue to expand this list as the arrests or resignations are made. Feel free to come back here on your free time. As they say, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings…

Mabuhay, everyone!

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7 thoughts on “Massive Resignations (& Some Arrests) Have Started 3.0”

  1. Lets see the mainstream Media cleaned out and arrested and in their place, put in a system that is going to finally tell the truth and publish the facts as they are.
    This is just the beginning, so lets see it happen for all the world to see.
    Let the arrests continue unabated, till every single one of them and their associates are jailed with no release!

  2. Note that Defendant No. 5 and Defendant No. 10 are not listed in the following lawsuit. The two names are not redacted; rather, there is no entry at all. Are they left blank for future filing of an Amended Complaint? Also note that it is filed in a U.S. federal court as a Civil Lawsuit, not a Criminal Lawsuit, yet it is called a Complaint (Criminal law) instead of a Petition (Civil law).
    United States District Court for the Southern District of New York; Civil Action No. ’11 CIV 8500, Judge Holwell; Neil F. Keenan, Individually and as Agent for The Dragon Family, citizens of foreign states, Plaintiff, v. See Attached Schedule A, Defendant, SUMMONS IN A CIVIL ACTION, 23 November 2011, /s/ Clerk of the Court;
    Schedule A:
    1. Daniele dal Bosco
    2. The Office of International Treasury Control
    3. Ray C. Dam, individually, and as President of OITC
    4. David A. Sale, individually, and as Deputy Chief of the Counsel for the Cabinet of OITC
    5. [blank]
    6. The United Nations
    7. Ban Ki-moon, individually, and as Secretary General of the U.N.
    8. H.E. Ambassador Cesare Maria Ragaglini, individually, and as Permanent Representative of the Italian Mission to the UN in New York
    9. H. E. Ambassador Laura Mirachian, individually, and as Permanent Representative of the Italian Mission to the UN in Geneva
    10. [blank]
    11. Italian Republic
    12. Italian Financial Police
    13. Silvio Berlusconi, Former Prime Minister of Italy
    14. The World Economic Forum
    15. World Economic Forum USA, Inc.
    16. Giancarlo Bruno, individually, and as Head of the Banking Industry of WEF
    17. and various unknown individual co-conspirators, John Does A-Z
    Plaintiff Demands Trial by Jury for All Applicable Claims

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