Massive Resignations and Arrests Continue 4.0

Final Update, 3/19/2012: At this point we can conclude that the rats are indeed leaving the sinking ship which would prove what Ben Fulford and the WhiteHats had been saying all along, i.e. a comprehensive multi-faceted legal and financial measures purposely to bring down the Dark Cabal are being carried out, and that one of the aims of these actions is to implement the long overdue Global Settlements that would spur massive developments benefiting every individual on this planet.

We therefore decided that we will not post anymore updates on CEO [Bank] resignations, and would rather concentrate more on the next big issues, e.g. the massive arrests of the cabalists. However, if you are still interested in this topic you can use keywords like “CEO resigns 2012“, and that would surely give you a lot of interesting results.

Update, 3/17/2012: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Satanists Will Be Broadcasted

Update, 3/17/2012: More resignations and related updates below…

Unverified reports said that, Bush Sr., Bill Gates, Geithner, etc. have been arrested, interrogated, and issued security to avoid killing each other in the run-off to the release of the Global Settlements. However, the only arrests we can squeeze from mainstream sources are the following:

Kony 2012 will be used as a pretext to invade Africa. Marines are already dispatched there.

Ben Fulford, 3/13/2012: It is Time to Storm the Bastille, Vive la Revolution

The WhiteHats Report #38 which we are anticipating to document these arrests has been delayed due to “the extreme fluid and fast paced nature of current world events, we will be releasing #38 when the timing is appropriate.” Fulford also mentioned the date March 13, while the Gnostics imposed a deadline of March 31. So there you have it, 13 or 31.

All we need to do now is wait…

When will this forgery raises the white flag?

Resignations continue…

Inasmuch as we would like to put these data into one page, the resignations just keep on coming… to our delight, of course.

These resignations supersede the upcoming mainstream scandal.

In contrast to the rest of the resignations, these two are all smiles when doing so. Need to wonder why?

Maybe for the same reasons that these two guys below have…

Yeah, just keep on rockin’ dude!

Unlike this one…

Conviction to principles, very rare…


Meanwhile, the hunt continues…


And there’s just no limit to the madness…

Returning the favor…

She’s learning how the system works. Except that she forgot only the small fry undergoes the “due process”.

But this one made it to the “most wanted list” for…

As expected, the bailout was just on paper…

The worst is yet to come… for them!

These resignations supersede the upcoming mainstream scandal.

Closer to home… i.e. my home…

That guy, the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court, as appointed by the jailed bogus ex-President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, is currently undergoing an impeachment proceedings at the Philippine Senate. Recent updates suggest that he will be impeached soon, hence the offer to resign is buzzing around.

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