Martial Law: Is Obama Playing His Last Card?

Update, 3/21/2012: Finally, Obama’s Original Birth Certificate Surfaces!

Anticipating huge fallout from the Sheriff Arpaio’s Expose re Obama’s fake Hawaii Birth Certificate, the bogus president of the United States signed an executive order that is tantamount to a license to declare martial law anytime he wishes to.

Last January 11, 2010, the White House published this memo about a new Executive Order 13528…

One by one, the pieces of the puzzle are put into place and most of America is still wondering what action to take. In fact, it seems they have accepted corruptions and outright lying at the highest levels of the government as the norms of the day. And they would rather put their bet on another hope that Ron Paul would bring than demand, nay, move for change. But that’s the only thing we can expect… another four years of hoping if these images are to be believed…

Ron Paul had been selected as an “also ran” by the Jesuits thru the Council on Foreign Relations to determine the true strength of the opposition, according to many sources including Illuminati whistleblower Leo Zagami himself. Back in 2007, Leo had already confirmed that the unknown Obama will be the next president because “that’s what the Jesuits want”.

But we want to prove the skeptics wrong. So we, once again, let the system run its usual course and see what happens, right? But what if Ron Paul fails, what’s next? Jesse Ventura?

Why is it so hard to accept the fact that you are more powerful than all politicians and actors combine?

The best bet really is to trust yourselves, not any of these politicians. The problem lies in your own mind. The elaborate control mechanism has conquered your thinking faculties a long, long time ago. This is a generational brainwashing. You need to exert a lot of effort to separate yourself from The System (aka sewer).

Sorting all these things out… and upcoming “big changes” that you need to be prepared of

We don’t want to leave these things hanging or your jaws hanging while your eyes looking upwards with a big question mark. A help from a “concerned citizen”, while I was writing this article at 3:00 o’clock in the morning, popped up once again. ( ‘ haven’t sleep completely yet since yesterday waiting for Ben Fulford’s regular update.)

You all need to watch or listen to this…

I’ve converted this HD video [1.18 Gb], which has no moving pictures, into MP3 audio format [71.81Mb, duration: 1:45:50], and is now available for download for your convenience.

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3 thoughts on “Martial Law: Is Obama Playing His Last Card?”

  1. On the giant chess board of American politics, this was such a brilliant move – wipes away all state and local Agenda 21 “legislation” in one fell swoop. I look forward to the day Obama publicly emerges as one of the best of the good guys.

  2. Both right and left press wants to suppress the news about Obama’s lawyer admitting Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery, (N.J. court), but for different reasons. The left is to protect Obama, but the right wants to cover it up until after the democratic convention so they can run against a fatally wonded Obama rather than against Hillary. Knowing this Obama must declare martial law before this news is sufficiently out to result in a demand for the prntagon, Congress and courts to stop him. So the trigger, a terrorist attack on U. S. grid and or bio, etc. promised by Iran, will need to provoked. Notice the F-22 force just moved into the UAR. Expect a let up of pressure on Israel to so they can go ahead before Egyptian and Syrian armies can redirect. All this before Hillery’s allies releases the news with a profile high enough to cause all the democratic politicians across America to replace Obama with Hillery before the convention and before they alll get pulled down with Obama. However, the only surprise military force availabe to Obama at that time to prevent his arrest will be his anticipated two million man civilian security force raised in 24 hours from the inner-cities, loyal only to Obama, just after the terror attacks, lights out and bio-warning is released. Obama’s only concern is can his new army and new bodyguards (replacements after the convient scandal) be able protect Obama from the forces closest to DC controlled by the pentagon.The armed citizenry will soon be hungry, thirsty and ready to accept the vaccine (Baxter,s special mix) by the trucks filled with Obama’s, newly armed (450 million .40 mm) inner-city loyalist. Thanks Liberals.

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