Massive Arrests Have Started 2.0: The Clergy

We are all looking forward to massive arrests of bankers worldwide. Why not? They are the breed that sucked everybody to their last penny. Labeling them as Toxic Collective is simply not enough. But even then, they are not the greatest scums there is. The bankers pale in comparison to the Men in Robes.

Instead of working behind desks inside fully air-conditioned rooms, they are at the heart of the community…

But first, we must discharge this one right off…

‘ told you so… We can hardly distinguished between a priest and a banker.

“There’s nothing holy about these people. There’s nothing holy about the bible. There’s nothing holy about the church. The only thing holy about this institution is that it is full of holes…”

Jordan Maxwell must be right. After all, he spent most of his life studying this subject, far longer than any other researcher out there. And all his assertions are verifiable even today…

Now, for the latest arrests made…


When priest and politician meet…

For an extensive compilation of bishops accountability in numerous coverups…

We are still awaiting for the arrest of the King of Phaedopiles, His Holiness Pope Malevolent XVI who…

Prior to his election as Pope, Ratzinger issued an order to protect the Church instead of the victims of sexual abuses by phaedophile priests…

After the scandals began breaking a decade ago in the United States, that tradition was explicitly (if secretly) continued by an order issued in 2001 by Joseph Ratzinger, then the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Crimes “perpetrated with a minor by a cleric” fall under church jurisdiction, not civil law enforcement. “Cases of this kind,” Ratzinger warned, “are subject to the pontifical secret”—the violation of which is punishable by excommunication. When Ratzinger was elected pope in 2005, a Vatican spokesman was asked about the 2001 pronouncement. “This is not a public document,” he replied, “so we would not talk about it.” No way, no how.

Lip service.

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