Ben Fulford with Alexander Romanov – March 27, 2012

This probably is the first time Alexander Romanov have shown himself in an interview, and no less than Ben Fulford is doing it with him.

This interview was released after Ben Fulford’s latest update. You should definitely watch this one…

Update, 3/29/2012 1:23 am : A previous video between Romanov and Fulford had been published last Jan. 7, 2012… (Thanks a lot, Tara.)

We hope that doubts that are still hanging up there will dissipate in due time. It is very important that the majority will move in one direction.. that of the true path towards civilization.

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7 thoughts on “Ben Fulford with Alexander Romanov – March 27, 2012”

  1. Sorry, I do not agree about “first time appearance”. This video has already been posted elsewhere, provoking comments of rejection on subjects discussed (most don’t even have 15 mn of patience to see through).

    B. Fulford’s previous (first) video with Alexander Romanov goes back to January. A. Romanov is presenting his book (“666”):

    Same reactions in general. B. Fulford answered as follows:

    Much of what was exchanged in the video is not really foreign if you take the time to study personally instead of waiting on others to suggest answers for you… maybe that is why no one noted or commented A. Romanov’s address to the UK Queen right at the end: “Aunt Elizabeth, Isis is very upset; she wants her crown back”. That was a blatant warning if understood. But nobody noted and all have ears…

    We live in illusions where change of identities, false identities, double, triple identities are commonly accepted – like going to the theatre, the cinema and applauding, crying or LOL. But who can say that they held the true original script of the Torah, the Bible, the Coran in their hands? This part of the video – religious beliefs revised – shocked many viewers.

    We have all accepted for so long that what is told us to be the truth has become the truth that questioning that truth completely disturbs to utter shattering of the individual paradigm. Is comfort of the mind reality ? What if… a personality had been totally recreated Hollywood style 1600 years ago so that his teachings were never to be heard of again? The emperor Constantinople did just that as from 325 A.D. (Council of Nicea)… Plain history for any Roman Catholic with a bit of curiosity.

    So, I did not throw out the baby with the bath tub. Changing perception of the illusions we have been forced to live in is truly a shattering experience, been there, lived through, continue studies, knowledge, now on new levels of paradigm. Wish the same for all.

    1. The page is updated with your information, Tara. Thanks a lot.

      Re 666 and other symbolisms, we at eClinik do not subscribe to any of them. Our subscription is only to Common Sense.

      1. My pleasure.

        “Common Sense”, hmmm… Yours seems to jump to conclusions where mine (and acquiring knowledge by my own means) has its reasons: Two comments to two UNcommon Senses may or may not separate our perceptions on any subject, be it “666 or other symbolisms”. Permit me to clear your perception of mine. I was born in a family that surrounded up to stifling and irritating my youth with their secret society attachments and political issues: pure hypocrisy from these daily women and men church-goers, lesson-givers with front families and kids and numerous mistresses and gigolos behind. Since age 15, I was labelled the family black sheep (and 50 years later, still am) as I never gave in to the pressure. Worst, I started to master their G knowledge to the roots by personal library researching, even beyond theirs, without having the tiny toe of one foot “inside”. At the same age, I discovered that the church had permitted women to ‘possess a soul’ only after 1773..

        With the net, i’ve gone turbo. To such an extent that many of my friends today keep trying, keep lending books for my opinion, accept my tongue lashings and come back for more! They are so formatted that I “see” their minds crashing, refusing other truths. About their own societies. A popular saying is “If you can’t beat them, be with them”. Not true. Master their knowledge and stay away from the souless.

        Am I clearer?!

    1. Is he really? Are you so sure of that?
      Or, is that what the Cabal want you to think?

      I put forth to you that you are still a victim of Cabal TV brainwashing.
      It’s very hard to break the brainwashing, until you turn the TV off and leave it off. That’s easier than it sounds. There’s nothing worth bothering with on Cabal TV anyway. Furthermore, everything on Cabal TV is a lie, which you’ll soon come to realize once you unplug the noise and get with the signal.

      But anyway. If you think Fulford is insane, then why don’t you offer irrefutable proof of that? Otherwise you’re just spouting off just to spout off.

  2. To know the enemy is to know wisdom…what then shall we say, but to posses a soul which is not mine? How then can one disassemble that which you are like, but are not…to know thy enemy is to but know thy self, and keep apart…

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