Final Cabal Takedown 2012

Update, 3/30/2012: Latest interview of Drake by David Wilcock, (mp3)

The final takedown of the Dark Cabal will proceed as scheduled. That’s what the latest video of Ben Fulford is suggesting.

According to Fulford, no less than a 200 million strong army of well-disciplined martial arts experts, Gnostic worldwide intelligence network, and Vladimir Putin’s Russian military, will neutralize all Dark Cabal members worldwide. The same groups will then implement global poverty eradication, and stop environmental destruction, within a matter of months, in fact within this year!

On top of the above immediate and primary objectives is the gradual release of all suppressed technologies for its responsible use that will eventually make science fiction a reality.

Drake, a US military insider, has indicated that they too are ready for a final takedown of the Satanists in their own turf, some of whom, i.e. cabal identities, will come as a surprise to us. To date, the US armed resistance has a strength that has climbed 2000 times as compared years earlier when they can only occupy about eight cities. Each cabal member is now under close surveillance and can be snatched anytime from now.

The main concern in the US is the transition which may take as much as six months before everything will stabilize. It is therefore our job, yes, you who are reading this page, to help in the proper dissemination of the right information to the public to avoid riots and panic.

Latest interview of Drake by David Wilcock

IMPORTANT: To fully understand what is going to happen, kindly listen, take notes, make copies and disseminate the MP3 files below to inform as much people as you can. We all have a job to do.
Drake recommends »Freedom Reigns Website

Who really are the Gnostic Illuminati?

While we don’t see any problem with the WDS and WhiteHats as far as these issues are concern, we don’t have enough information of who this covert group claiming as the Gnostic Illuminati really are.

One of the claims made by the Gnostic spokesperson, Alexander Romanov, is that their group started the American, French and Russian Revolutions.

This “Black Hand Society” is red flag to me because according to the research made by Eric Jon Phelps…

The above extracts from the ebook Vatican Assassins have the following keywords and keyphrases:

  • Jesuit “black hand”
  • Faked revolution
  • Wall Street, AIC (now AIG)
  • The Jesuits secretly participated in the Bolshevik Revolution, 1917
  • Father Theodore Maly
  • NKVD, Russian Secret Police, an arm of the Holy Office of the Inquisition

So, the big questions now are:

  1. Is the Gnostic Illuminati working with, or under controlled of, the Satanic Jesuits?
  2. Is the Black Hand branch of the Gnostic Illuminati populated by these Satanic Jesuits?
  3. Was the Bolshevik Revolution financed by Wall Street gangsters?
  4. If so, is the Gnostic Illuminati part of these Wall Street financiers who raised Hitler to power?
  5. Or, will Romanov claim that the Gnostic Illuminati was just infiltrated by a Jesuit agent, Father Theodore Maly, who was then neutralized?

This next extract from the same book written by Phelps frightens me…

Will the WDS and WhiteHats revolution be infiltrated again by the Black Hand of the Jesuits?

Will we be presented with a cloned Peter Hans Kolvenbach for a ceremonial burning at the stake later on?

Do we still need heroes to liberate us from this endless nightmare?

Can’t we do the liberating by ourselves?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

George Santayana

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8 thoughts on “Final Cabal Takedown 2012”

  1. nice point here.
    I hope this article will reach Mr. Fulford for a comment of WDS alliance with the Gnostics.

  2. So i introduced my girlfriend to this idea last night. I’ve held off telling her for a long time now but after seeing Romanov’s video i thought it was time.
    Once I told her I was hit with a barrage of questions:
    – why havn’t I heard of this before?
    – why is isn’t it on the news?

    When I tried to explain to her the situation of our media etc. she just could not (or would not) comprehend the idea of our world being controlled by a small faction.
    I have also been attempting to spread the word via email. Sending links and updates to people I know are interested but too scared to except the fact whole heartedly. That it’s all a farse. Because before we see the how great the future can be we need to realise and acknowledge the disgrace of our present world/life.
    So my question now is:
    How do we tell someone who has studied
    The Koran or the Bible that everything they believe in, all their faith, all their prayer, all their preachings, their perception of heaven and hell, tjeir supestions and all their fear created by all of this, how do we tell them ‘hey, check this out, you’re GOD is just one big fucking joke. How do you introduce this idea to the world without the world rejecting you at the blink of an eye?

    1. Once the mainstream media is under the control of the WhiteHats, the counterbrainwashing will begin. There will be weeks or months of flooding the airwaves with nothing but the Real Truth of how we get where we are today. I would imagine that the likes of Jordan Maxwell, and Eric Jon Phelps will talk to a bigger audience by that time.

      The people will only believe what these guys will be saying when they can experience the actual benefits of the takedown later on.

      The simultaneous release of prosperity funds and reeducation later on will enhance the public acceptance of the Real Truth.

  3. Financiers and Sex Trafficking

    THE biggest forum for sex trafficking of under-age girls in the United States appears to be a Web site called

    This emporium for girls and women — some under age or forced into prostitution — is in turn owned by an opaque private company called Village Voice Media. Until now it has been unclear who the ultimate owners are.

    That mystery is solved. The owners turn out to include private equity financiers, including Goldman Sachs with a 16 percent stake.

    1st Muppet Gate breaks now pedo-gate, what is next for “poor” Goldman Sachs?

  4. The gnostic illuminati are to my point of view people we can not trust.
    If they are the group that claims to be the cause of the french revolution and so on, their main objective was to take control of the world just like the cabal did.
    My question is now this one : What kind of linkage have the gnostic illuminati with the Cabalist. It seems to me that they are pretty much the same.
    Indeed, I am waiting for an answer from Benjamin on this one.

  5. People will not believe in anything until, and unless, they can see real change…real results. We who are awake do know how much the media, video games, football and so forth are used to distract the masses and leave them mindless and blind, no longer able to think for themselves. Only when we see real change for good, something we can taste and feel, will we know and understand all the lies before.

    There is SO much manipulation and frosting on the cake, so to speak, that an entirely new oven must be created. We HAVE to clean house, make their way’s inescapable and bring those guilty before the people using their own “airways” . I believe with the 911 incident, rather than help them to accomplish their goals, brought forth the truth before the people like nothing else…the masses are waking up, seeing the evil and are now ripe for the real truth…let us not disappoint them!~

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