Greece: Cradle of Civilization No More

Update, 4/06/2012: Angry Greeks is back on the streets…

For several months, Greece had been on the frontpage not for her beauty but for her worsening economic condition. But nothing could be worse than her people entertaining death as a possible way out. Or, is it an act of protest?

If so, will this be the spark for an all-out mobilization of People Power in the hallowed land of Socrates?

To have a quick idea of what was Greece during the last 100 years, just click on the image below…

For those who have been on this site for quite some time understands that suicide is not the answer. Definitely, that pensioner had never been to this site or anything similar to this one and wasn’t aware of the global concerted effort to correct the current situation. How could he reach for the Net, when he couldn’t even afford the next meal… ???

“The Tsolakoglou government has annihilated all traces for my survival. And since I cannot find justice, I cannot find another means to react besides putting a decent end [to my life], before I start searching the garbage for food and become a burden for my child.”


That is the very reason why we should all work together to spread relevant information about the complete picture of what’s really going on behind he scenes to as many as we can, in order to arrest the increasing number of suicides and crimes.

Create and publish your own blog. Express what must be. Don’t ever think that no one will read ever it. Like all others, we started with zero audience but for the last twelve months it rose to hundred thousands and still counting (to which we are profoundly grateful).

We cannot afford to lose more lives, especially the Good Ones…

Back on the streets…


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