Scrambling Indicates “Imminent Action”

“Things are closer than they realize.”

Drake, is a US military veteran now serving as the spokesman for the WhiteHats in Pentagon, CIA, etc. It is interesting to note that Drake, in contrast to Tman and Paladin of the WhiteHats Reports website, acknowledges the work that Ben Fulford is doing. Whereas, Tman, in one of his rare interviews, “never know who Fulford is.”

It is our opinion that Drake is the legitimate WhiteHats representative to interface with the public, and  tasked to inform everyone about a collective and well-organized effort to overthrow the Dark Cabal for good, and consequently reestablish the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America. While the men behind the WhiteHats Report website is the “whitehat” whom Ben Fulford was referring to as having tried to dip their hands into the cookie jar, i.e. Global Settlements.

“Bundesbank … put a restraining order on Merkel. That means she can’t touch a dime. That means that all of these deals are done. That means there won’t be bailouts. I’m looking for some fun and games in Europe. …

Things are closer than they realize.” – Drake

Download mp3 version here.

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5 thoughts on “Scrambling Indicates “Imminent Action””

  1. Have any of the Rothschilds been ARRESTED YET .. todays date is April 23rd.
    If so where can I find and verify this info…Thank You so very much!!!!

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