Eurozone is Dying

Although we were expecting this thing to happen, we still can’t imagine that such would be possible. The Eurozone is gasping for its last breath. The Eurozone is about to formally declare itself as insolvent.

At this point in time putting the Eurozone into the intensive care unit known as Germany will not do the job. The rest of the world knows that.

Moreover, we know what they did with US $16 Trillion bailout which only benefitted the bankers but not the people. Even if that bailout actually involved just numbers in their computer screens, the perennial intention to fool everyone but themselves is there. They don’t have the moral ascendancy to steer, whatever is left of, the economy forward.

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

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2 thoughts on “Eurozone is Dying”

  1. The faster the Eurozone collapses the quicker the changes will start to happen. All we seem to hear about is the meetings and meetings with no result being put forward one way or the other.
    Now that the ball has been rolling for these changes to occur, for some time now, don’t you all think it is about time for some action in the taking down of the Cabal. Sitting around waiting for them to surrender or try and become part of the changes is over now and the time for their eradication should begin immediately. From past posts on this site the WDS and the WH have said that they have the resources and the manpower to get this show on the road, so, what are we waiting for?
    To date some of the posts from the WDS and the WH have been as pathetic as the main stream media, and we all know what bullshit they push along!

  2. Yes, I hate watching something die and having no control over controlling it on a macro scale. Its like watching a football game and not being able to directly participate in it. I find people who try to scare us about the Euro dieing as being factually mean, they should propose solutions and allow feedback before stating it is totally unfixable.

    If you get rid of the non productive nations in the Euro zone and combine with the other productive nations then you will have a stronger economy and if you impose sanctions upon the nations who are corrupt and force a ratio of pay returns from each nation then the Euro can get back on its feet. But don’t mind me I am just a complacent watcher from the crowd, no one will listen to our voices, they are small and aren’t as big as a corporate bank.

    But I find the problem of the Euro stems from unproductive nations being dead weight, drop the dead weight and have a currency based upon productivity if in the past we had economic alliances in Europe based upon productivity and national gain then why should this be any different?

    I personally think that Democratic Republics don’t work well everywhere else either, prior to Prussia’s collapse they were like the United States, they had homosexuals and all sorts of individualistic people lets say. But once you guys started to impose economic sanctions on them and turned it into Germany without thinking about the economic repurcussions it started world war 2! Thanks alot Europe, thanks for destroying a perfectly valid state and turning everyhting into mush mush.

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