This is it !

“This coming week, the pundits of the world, i.e. the rulers, are going to vote on a UN resolution to globalize all of our countries. This apparently has been going on for a little bit of a time. It has to do with G20 meeting… Apparently, what we got is a situation where we are going to have to take action, both from the civilians and the military. I would prefer that the military do whatever it has got to do like [right] now.

My further understanding is that there are also measures coming that will subjugate the financial capability of the central banking system because the Bank of International Settlements has been closed due to Neil Keenan’s filing of a lien against it. The IMF and the Treasury have been shooting money everywhere. They’re trying to strip us, basically, of wealth. Now, the problem with what they’re doing is that it doesn’t have a lawful standing to take place. Consequently, it’s all fraudulent. The other part of it is that the funds used are printed after a certain acceptable date, meaning that the printing press’s extra exercise has not been acceptable in terms of the funds that have been produced. This deals with a lot of international exchange.

Now, when they said next week, it is this coming week… You’ll know, by the end of Monday or Tuesday, whether or not the military is for real about this. If they are, I strongly suggest they give me a green light. There are several million people to back them up.

This is taking place through UN meetings of the globalists in varying places. The problem we’ve got is we’re going to have to take our action now. The people who are responsible for this have to be arrested, and their actions negated. The United Nations is in a precarious position of believing that they can lord it over the United States people. I, for one, won’t have that.

I know that everybody has been looking for something to jump on. Believe me, this is it.

As far as I am concern, I’ll be looking for some validation either late tonight or early tomorrow morning that actions are commencing.”

Listen to the full Drake interview at Global Voice Network last June 25, 2012 »–drakes-vital-weekend-update–sunday.mp3

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One thought on “This is it !”

  1. This had better be it. It is now time for the military to put their money where their mouth is and start closing down this ‘rat race’ we are all suffering in and bring in the new era.

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