Unsettling Issues at the Global Settlements

More details have come about the previous post (a reblog actually) about Neil Keenan’s predicament, while handling the Global Settlements to its final desirable conclusion, in the person of Keith Scott, Peter Wagoner, et al.

From the DivineCosmos site, Keith Scott’s name and signature appeared in the previous Liens filed against the Cabal’s Federal Reserve but not anymore in the soon to be refilled lawsuit.

Keith Scott has been exposed as someone who, like the usual Cabalist, wants to dip his hands into the biggest pot in all of known history of this planet.

Keith Scott is said to use several aliases self-promoting his own public credentials. But no one is buying it now.

If he thinks Asians can be fooled this time around, he’s just dreaming. And that dream will soon turn into a nightmare as the update from Drake below would suggest…


News from Keenan Aug 27, 2012

by Drake

Wagoner attacks Keenan, Keenan attacks Wagoner, and I’m the referee… 

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Neil Keenan
To: ‘ Drake Bailey ‘
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 3:00 PM
Subject: KO Round 6

 August 27, 2012

Ref: Letter of Explanation

Dear Drake,

It is time we talk directly, as the work we are both doing is the most serious work of our generation. It is important that we do this work for the benefit of mankind, and not for our personal egos. I am requesting a conference call by Skype to sort things out in a proper way, because the disinformation and lies that Neil Keenan is reporting are going to be damaging to your credibility and mine if it continues unaddressed. If our credibility is tarnished, then our ability to be effective is greatly diminished and we simply do not have time to waste cleaning up these types of childish games

Dear Mr. Rockefeller I mean Wagoner,   I understand Drake’s serious work but what serious work are you talking about that you are involved in.  You have a financial package, one that your Rockefeller Family did not finance for you, so you are looking for outside financing and going from one person to the next throughout Asia hoping to acquire some shekels from someone.  Your financial package is not superior to Benjamin Fulfords nor was it superior to Dr. Vandemeer’s or any of the others out there.  And in fact if you are a Rockefeller than your family would do this for you.  You said your mother is David Rockefellers sister and I doubted you then and that you are a Lawyer which you told Benjamin and myself.  I doubted you from the very beginning but spoke with you out of respect for Benjamin and look where you have ended up…Hahahah you are a thief Peter and you lose.  You got caught!!!

I have firsthand knowledge of this case, as it is my mission here on Earth Your Mission is make everyones pockets a bit lighter.  Remember what you told me Peter.  You would get the money and then come to me and arrange it so I would never need money in financing what I am doing.  Do you think I believed you?. While I do not know everything, you can be most assured that the Global accounts are real, as I have checked them thoroughly I doubt you can get anywhere near them not being a Rockefeller and or Lawyer… I have been on this case, so to speak, for over 20 years, and have traveled the world in search of the truth totally independent of Neil Keenan, Ben Fulford, or anyone else whose name you would recognize. You have travelled 20 years and it has led you to Keth Scott through me.  Hahahahahj  you are one sick puppy.  All those real people out there and you want us to believe that your finding Scott is the answer.  Hahahah.   I have received my own contacts with the Royal Families and the Amanah  You did not bring yourself to the Amanah it was Abe that brought you there, the Trust which controls these assets and they do not control these assets.  Not the people you met anyway and if so why do they go to the Elders for what they need.  You are way off base Peter and it is good you are because it shows how little you know after 20 years.   It is only in the past 2 months that I have been in contact with Ben Fulford, and thru him, with Neil Keenan.

At my first contact with Neil, I was intrigued with his approach, though I felt that his approach of “prodding the dragon”, while bold and challenging, was not one that the Royal Family members that I knew would approve of. These assets are in the private, and it is not appropriate to use adversarial public legal action to bring them into the public. Nor did these royal family members approve his legal actions, or him thrusting public awareness of these assets into the limelight. I care about the Dragon Family not the European Royalty nor do I believe for one second you know anyone there seeing the few I know never recognized your name. I found out that Neil had asked for an outrageous share of any proceeds from his legal actions on their behalf. Say what?  Hahahah we had an agreed upon figure and this has nothing to do with what is going on what is going on is that you would like to work with the people I brought to the table but little do you know that they carry lots of baggage and now you will carry it.  When they turned him down, suggesting a smaller amount, he appears to have gone rogue. I was never offered a smaller amount and the would be buyer can  confirm why this deal never happened and it is simple, Keith Scott lied and cheated and was more than dishonest and the buyers who were brought to the table by me were distraught by the conversations they held with Scott.  He furthermore attempted to do another deal whereas he states “do not let Keenan know anything”.  They withdrew their support of his actions, and issued the Cease and Desist letters which you have received. At this point, I still have not ever met Neil, though I have spoken to him on the phone. You make this C & D sound so serious when in fact it is just a simple piece of paper constructed by Scott and signed by someone other than the Amanah.

Recently, I took a trip to Singapore to meet with some investors. I was surprised when one of the group there introduced me as “The Rockefeller’s Lawyer”. When I asked why they called me that, I was told that that is how Neil referred to me. It is how you referred to yourself you should not have been surprised,  Afterall Benjamin refers to you in his blog as the Rockefeller Attorney which is how you introduced yourself to him and to me. Your mother was his sister.  Remember?  I have never been a lawyer Of course you haven’t and you have never been a Rockefeller either. and I have never represented any Rockefeller in anything. I doubt they would let you seeing you must be one of the illegitimate members of the clan  It is true that my aunt married a Rockefeller not aunt you said mother and that you saw your Uncle David once a year but did not like to.  Oh the webs we weave when we get desperate Peter.  Did you really think you would just walk over there and take what I had produced?  I say not. , but I have never had contact with that family, even as a child.

I know Alex from Singapore If you knew Alex why did you have to call people I know to get together with him? , and he is a very straight forward honest business man. He was trying to help resolve a case for Dr. Seno. No he is not helping to resolve a case he is trying to help Seno get the Family Heritance Guarantee which you also apparently know nothing about. Keenan met with him and earned his trust, and then conned him out of USD $30,000 for expense money to make certain introductions that will never happen. I never conned him and never got a dime nor did I ask for one.  Nor did I ever proffer introductions.   This is wrong! Keenan has made a real name for himself conning people out of expense money Expense money?  Yes Alex flew Nelu and myself to Singapore but neither of us wanted to leave.  Alex was supposed to be in Jakarta upon my arrival according to Jack (another con) to complete a long withstanding agreement that went on for thtee months.  I also understand you told Alex you wanted 100 thousand up front and he asked what about Keenan (if he really gave me 30 thousand why would he be so concerned with what happened to me) and you said “he is a fool and forget him” and here we are Peter right where you belong lying about your family name and business and everything else., claiming to have the skills to resolve this case or that case when, given the kind of person he actually is, this will never happen Sorry we did not have a case to resolve.  My case is my case no one else’s.   I am not in disagreement with the fact that expense funds are required for this kind of work, but one must have the skills and integrity and higher spiritual understanding of the true nature of this problem to have any hope for success. Without the ability to understand how to connect the dots, one will never succeed Then you should go home because you are missing many dots and buttons from what I can see.  For this reason and the fact I have been declared winner by KO in 6 rounds I have no reason in answering the rest of your inaccurate silly nonsensical letter that are based mostly upon your assumptions when in fact I am loaded up with TNT.  When you come to fight Peter you come with weapons and you came with a POP GUN.  I will be kind enough to answer many of the issues below without printing in Blue and will provide documentary evidence substantiating the real and accurate position.


Upon reading Wagoner’s letter I must conclude that he has no damned idea what he is talking about.  None whatsoever.! As many know for example Alex Le Ling Soon was not there upon my arrival and I waited 2 weeks before hearing from him.  The delays were acceptable seeing his family member had passed away.  After this he wanted to fly us to Singapore to conclude the deal.  While there money was never mentioned and I have his proposal still in my possession.  Two weeks after returning to Indonesia Jack brought the fact that Alex wanted to meet with Rothschild and that was never part of our agreement so I said NO.  Then again come to think of it Wagoner, I introduced Alex indirectly to a Make Believe Rockefeller isn’t that close enough?

Also, you never got a dime.  Did you connect your dots?

[23.8.2012 г. 04:41:25] Nelu: Last night Mr Nelu already explained to Neil that he did to singapore to bring documents to verify the truth of DR Seno document before Mr.Alex Soon as sponsors and to show that what has been done Mr.Neil is the true and only Mr Neil that can do it all.

Nelu went to Singapore with Jack rather than Peter Wagoner and not to leave Mr.Neil.

Proven proposal given by Peter Wagoner rejected by Nelu and Alex Soon.

Until now Nelu still hear and do all the suggestions and commands

[23.8.2012 г. 05:02:49] Nelu: Because until this moment Alex Soon also did not provide the funds to make the deed in the Notary Foundation Nelu then assume all been dead ends.

Seems that you have your facts mistaken.  They shut you down.  Refused your offer for your inept financial package.  Let me tell you something Wagoner, I have seen 50 financial packages none better than Dr. Vandemeer’s and Benjamins.  All with Free Energy and the one with the European Free Energy is considered by the Russians and Chinese by far the best.  So why would people waste their money on your package.  Tell me?  You are even behind in this regard.  Far behind.  20 years of what did you say?

We can go on all night about your inability to find accuracy in statements and you are the fool for accepting all you do but then again you contribute greatly to your own demise.  Your reputation should take a HIT for this and I PRAY it does:  Mr. Wagoner claimed that I called someone a liar, thief, and diddler which I meant to keep out of the News seeing it is a horrible thing to be called and then again to be one.  He also says Dr. Vandemeer was interested in becoming part of THEIR GROUP.  Well here is what the good Doc god bless his soul had to say when speaking to me.  Little does Wagoner know that Dr. V did not speak to Scott for 12 or 13 years and the reasons why:

[03.8.2012 г. 19:52:40] Dr Michael V andemeer:

i am man of honor, i even honored keith scott by not  informing you of his true history, umless i discussed with him and warned him of his messing with poor young girls, but i wanted to infom him, over the phone or skype,

Or how about his interest in your group?  You say he was interested!

[09.8.2012 г. 18:47:45] Dr Michael V andemeer: mr keenan, it is my life my reputation, and my analysis of that which i have gleeaned from the world situation, i have neaver been wrong in my predictions, when you met keith and sang his songs of how brilliant he is etc, much couls have been brought to  grinding hault yes he did not want to call me, you had to make discovery about him and many other persons yourself, it costs money and time plus reputations. i informed you when keith tried to draw me into his conversation on sexual child exploits in cambodia, i dropped him because of this and he had cost me much money and time with the year in and out that the monies for the projects was around the corner, year in and out, i will sort the wagoner and dr eckland matter out, myself and friends called me today to tell me they are not who they claim to be. when are you going learn there are other persons on earth, that think do and and have their own deep experiences around the world.   i play matters very close to the chest, as i have no avarice and greed or ulterior motives, before the egg there was a chicken created. it is not whether it is salle, fergerson, keith etc, child abuse is repugnant, i look upon it in the same terms as murder, it robs the soul, i have a difficult patient at the moment that comes from leading family in napa, an dthe destrutive forces it created in her life, her health, but she is making great head way

Did Dr. V. state that Wagoner is not from the Rockefellers as stated above?  And did Dr. V as he has told me many times stop communicating with Scott (for the first time I hear why) because he is a diddler.  I left Scott because he is a thief and attempts to use your connections without your knowledge.  Here are more statements countering Wagnoner/Rockefeller’s self serving statements:  Who lied to who?

[28.7.2012 г. 01:02:09] Dr Michael V andemeer: i hjave just been waiting for him (Scott)to make his move as well, i have warned you enough about him, yes some one from saint ggermaine contacted me last week about you, asking questions, about the trust etc. your disagreements with scott must stay under cover please, the statement i have writtten has essence, do be circumspect, he has had access to much inside workings and personal !!!

[28.7.2012 г. 01:03:30] Dr Michael V andemeer: no unravelling please the opposition loves dissention, and wedges,

Chris to Keith.  As you can see the problems are mentioned and Scott was told he had to make peace to stay involved.  Scott was the delivery boy for this deal but he wanted much more.  Much much more.

[29.7.2012 г. 13:27:39] chris: [11:00:52] chris: ok be careful with the bank you are talking about i have delt with them as for neal i dont know i dont think he knows who he is dealing with i run the federal service in europe ask alessandro he will tell you i meet with the ibs next week to resolve indonesia problem me and my team dont play we will do this at goverment leval i was asked to talk to neil so this could be resolved and it will be i suggest if you are part of his team make peace regards chris

This is when Chris saying goodbye to Keith …Keith had asked him to do deals behind my back but Chris is very honorable and did not like the deceit involved in the way Keith tried to do things.  So he said Ciao keith do not let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.  Below.


[09.8.2012 г. 13:14:46] chris: [11:14:32] chris: keith i dont want to know about all the shit that goes on with you and neil i have no intrest i only get concerened when people i introduce start doing stuff i dont care about the money i just like honesty but i run a very powerful foundation and they will not put up with this so best of luck

Or how about my not having connections and so forth and again the good doctor who listened in to many many of my calls:

Dr Michael V andemeer:


Finally Keith knew that Abranham Stanbouli never should have walked into the Singapore Monetary Authority and as mentioned above,  Chris stated that the deal was government to government.  Keith also received this information from his friend that contacted PM of Singapore :

“Neil..Keith has told me about these old Singapore currency when I was there, and

Could I do something about it. I have my friend who knows Sing. PM,

he has approach the PM with these notes..the reply to my friend that they know about it a long

time..these notes are issue during the Soekarno time..it can only redeem through Govt. and Govt.

not outside the bank..he warn my friend don’t get caught holding these notes they get arrested,

So two groups told Keith not including myself not to let Abe go into the Singaporean Central Bank but Keith while I was there was stating there is no way anyone can get arrested and he even tried to get someone to go into the Hong Kong Central Bank with no takers.  Abe Stanbouli is in jail now do not believe Wagoner and if this is a game then he is playing it with all Abe’s friends and family.  This is from last night and by the way Wagoner is trying to protect his credibility but after this I am afraid he will have to look real hard to find it:

Here is the conversation of the 26th one that Wagoner did not know about:  Keith and a  friend of ABE’S.

[26.8.2012 г. 15:07:54] S: [14:00:01] S: Hi Keith, how are you?

Any progress?  Is Abe already out, can you give me an update?

[14:01:36] Keith Scott: Hi S. Not much to tell at the moment as we cannot get information but Peter called me and told me it is 15 years for attempting to pass counterfeit currency

[14:01:55] Keith Scott: This is not just a smack on the wrist thing

[14:02:01] S: What?  Is Abe facing that?

[14:02:10] S: Is there anything we can do?

[14:02:40] Keith Scott: That is what Peter has been told. I did not want Abe to go, but he was determined

[14:03:02] Keith Scott: I think he needed to get some money back

[14:03:15] Keith Scott: and felt this was the best wat to do it

[14:03:18] S: Yes, I’m afraid so.

[14:03:36] Keith Scott: I dont think there is much anyone can do.

[14:03:57] S: Ok, mate. Sorry to hear.

When will me know for sure?

[14:04:14] Keith Scott: I am totally screwed. Trying to get my brother to cover the costs of getting me and Shahany out

[14:04:31] S: Yes, important to get out of there ASAP

[14:05:00] Keith Scott: I think we might have some indication of what is going to happen on Monday afternoon or maybe Tuesday.

[14:05:59] Keith Scott: Peter has been talking to some people there who have a lot of clout and has explained everything to them and he has managed to get some sympathy there, but how that translates into help is yet to be seen

[14:06:20] S: Ok, let’s hope for the best.

[14:06:32] Keith Scott: hopefully I will be out of Indonesia by maybe Tuesday   (fleeing the country….)

[14:06:48] S: yes. OK, thx mate.

Take care

[14:06:55] Keith Scott: Cheers

What more needs to be said about Peter Wagoner’s honesty.  He sat right in with this group and started lying from the beginning and he fit.  Let’s just call it right.  Wagoner is not important.  He lied about being a Rockefeller to both Benjamin and myself.  His mother is not David Rockefellers sister. He is not a Lawyer again a Lie so what is he?  He is no more than an individual desperate to sell his Financial Package and he hoped and prayed Alen Le Ling Soon would purchase it or finance it for him or that he could get his hands on the Global Accounts but this is never going to happen.  Not for someone like this.  Alex is not a stupid man and he never gave me 30 thousand dollars.  This was not meant to be seen but my friend Drake would never keep anything from me unless it was to protect me.  I am thankful the WORLD has had the opportunity to see this newbie called Peter Wagoner and what he is all about.

Dr. V wanted nothing to do with him and had heard he is not what he claimed and of course the children entered into this and Keith not only has Dr, V making such statements but the Fed have a pretty big file on him as well.  Chris made it clear with his chastisement on honesty to Keith and his saying goodbye and so much more.  It all is pretty clear and is overkill but I have much more I never produced.  I am sorry people have to see this but it had to happen sooner or later.  They were trying to get rid of me and I am not that easy to get rid of:  I BITE.  Wagoner you told Alex Soon that I am a fool but guess what? It seems that you are the Liar and Fool here.  You should not play with the big boys when you are only big in size.  Lights are on but no one is home.  Now go play with your diddler and shut up!!!!

Drake | August 27, 2012 at 12:56 pm | Categories: News | URL: http://wp.me/p2tRr3-nf


>>>Due Diligence Alert<<<

Hang Em High
A few days ago I received an email with attachments from Keith Scott basically complaining about Neil Keenan and hoping to get some recruits for his team. This letter was about Keenan being dismissed from the Soekarno Trust and the Amanah refusing Keenan’s presence. It talked about the Liens,  Abe Stanbouli’s supposed arrest, and the fact that Keenan lied when he said that Stanbouli was detained in Singapore. I read that Keenan is a big liar referring to Alex Le Ling Soon’s case, and finally he tried scaring me by saying that Keenan’s case is no good without him and his group.

                   Soon after this I received a call from Wagoner, Scott and Winston Shrout, all complaining about Keenan. Wagoner told me Keenan was ruining his reputation and was cursing about it. Scott voiced the same opinion as Wagoner, stating Keenan was nothing and causing problems. Although Winston agreed, he expressed his objections much better and held a civil tongue.
                   I did my due diligence as Scott suggested. I advised him that the Soekarno Trust Mandate had expired in 1998. The Amanah has to be accepted by the BIS, World Bank, Government of Indonesia, UBS, and many International Agencies.
            That they would have licenses from all the above if they are the Amanah.
            We know who the Amenah is and he has nothing to do with Scott.
            I asked for these documents during the call and have not heard from Scott’s team since.
                   So, if there is no Soekarno Trust Mandate and Scott’s Amanah is not the rightful Amenah, then this means Scott and his group have nothing but falsely filed claims in the US District Court. Keenan already withdrew from those liens seeing as he knew about all this. So this leaves Winston and Scott holding fraudulently filed liens.
            I would think Shrout would know better.
                   Then there is Abe. It was Wagoner who emailed Martha Wibawa saying Abe might be in jail because Abe never came out of the Singapore Central Bank. Scott was speaking to an attourney named Stanley Hoop who said Abe was in jail facing 15 years.
            They were playing a game but Keenan considered Abe a friend and was trying to find a way to help him. They claim Keenan lied by mentioning Abes name yet Keenan neversays anything bad about Abe. Keenan was worried about a friend at the time but no longer considers him one.
                     Now we have Singapore and Alex Le Ling Soon. Wagoner told Keenan he knew Alex before he did, if so, why did Wagoner need Keenan’s people to help? Alex Soon did not want to see Wagoner. In a call one of the principles said that they had to plea for Alex to see Wagoner. Wagoner made his presentation and Alex told him he did not like it and it was old. He asked Wagoner what he thought about Neil, and Wagoner called Keenan a fool. Soon said hard headed but not foolish, Neil’s package was more creative and the only one so far that had a chance to help Edy Seno. Wagoner then asked for 100,000 to do his financial package and was denied. There was no mention of Alex Soon giving Keenan $35,000 or any amount. Wagoner did not have funds to leave Singapore so Alex bought him a ticket to Hong Cong. Wagoner’s version of events is inaccurate and the attempt in Singapore was to remove Keenan from the picture, which was promoted by Scott and Wagoner. Wagoner and Scott say Stanley worked with them as the third party in this.
                     This leaves the C & D (cease and desist) issued by Edy Seno to Neil Keenan. Seno, the head of the Soekarno Trust, was in the hospital and no one could see him. Wagoner called Soon’s right hand man Chee who is very close to someone Wagoner knows asking for Jack’s (Indian) number, calls Jack and tells him that he had spoken to Nelu, and got the number from Nelu. Wagoner tells Jack that Neil Keenan can’t help anymore so they need to get Keenan off the C & D immediately. Peter Wagoner had not spoken to Nelu, Nelu did not approve anything, and Jack and Wagoner went to the hospital together and got Seno to sign the C & D. To this day Seno is confused as to what happened. Peter Wagoner, Keith Scott, and Abe thought they had won when they got the C & D but underestimated Neil Keenan. I was told to do my due diligence, I am doing that and then some.
                      I spoke with the president of a large organization who willingly discussed the Keith Scott situation with me, telling me that while Keenan was trying to complete a deal, Keith was trying to do a secondary deal behind Keenan’s back. Keenan knew he was doing this, warned the principle, and sure enough Scott’s people screwed that deal up as well. That was an O.I.T.C. guy named Ron Ferguson, and I heard that Scott and Ferguson have no idea how to handle a transaction. At the same time Keenan had to return home and Scott took over the Singaporean Dollar deal, immediately going after Keenan’s position in this. He tried hard to move Keenan out but the BIS closed Scott, Abe and their Amanah down.
            They tried working things out without the foundation/organizations approval and were shut down. As Scott said, they had nothing.
         The same foundation did a complete background check on Scott using the federal system, finding what has been said to be true. The foundation is disgusted with Scott, what he has done with children and never wants to hear from him again.
        This was a systematic effort to remove Keenan from everything. Wagoner is a broker, not a Rockefeller, his mom is not Rockefeller’s sister, and he is not a lawyer, just a wannabe.
            He screamed and shouted about how Keenan was treating him. Scott thought he had a fantastic plan to rid himself of Keenan, putting himself in charge, and he ended up with nothing but failure.
            Keith Scott is the liar, as the saying goes between Wagoner and Scott, ‘one lies and the other swears to it’. What they failed to realize is that Keenan baited the trap and they bit, that Keenan was always a couple of steps ahead of them. This is about the legal money they tied up in Indonesia, the money that was to be used to finance the lawsuit.
                         One final note, Keith Benedict and Terrance Wayne from London, working with Tonni from Indonesia ( all Pakistani), are involved in this scam and are all informants. Apparently they are working for the Cabal.
                          I hope this clears the air and explains the things few others know about.
                            ~ Drake
Drake | September 6, 2012 at 7:34 am | Categories: News | URL: http://wp.me/p2tRr3-oU


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