CyberCrime Law: Worse than SOPA & CISPA

“A new cybercrime law in the Philippines that could see people sentenced to 12 years in jail for posting defamatory comments on Facebook or Twitter is generating outrage among netizens and rights groups.

The stated aim of the cybercrime law is to fight online pornography, hacking, identity theft and spamming in the conservative Catholic nation amid police complaints they lack the legal tools to stamp out Internet crime.

However it also includes a blanket provision that puts the country’s criminal libel law into force in cyberspace, except that the penalties for Internet defamation are much tougher compared with old media.”

“Compounding the concerns, those teenagers or anyone else who posts a libelous comment faces a maximum prison term of 12 years and a fine of one million pesos ($24,000).”

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“…the new law may actually be far worse than the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) proposed in the US Congress late last year.”

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The Philippines is a subsidiary company of the USA, Corp. It’s a no brainer when local puppets sweepingly pass laws that are in concert with US policies. The latest Republic Act No. 10175, or the CyberCrime Prevention Act of 2012, is just another proof that the internet is increasingly seen as a potent threat to the powers-that-be.

Nobody Owns the Internet

Not any of the governments on the planet nor any individual or organizations own the internet. If so, who has the authority to control it?


When any individual, organization or government decides to go online all of these entities are doing so voluntarily. And they can go offline anytime they want if the experience was not to their liking.

The internet is a cooperative medium for the free flow of information, and increasingly been a useful tool for enhancing commerce and finance related interests.

Any government has neither the moral high ground nor the proper authority to govern the Virtual World we, peoples of the world, created together.

The Internet Is Inherently Self-Regulating

Those who have been in the Net for quite a while know that they just can’t throw their weight on any online forum without any retaliation of some sort.

Conversely, those who have shown proper behavior enjoy more than just expressions of respect.

Even in well-established eCommerce sites, we can all observe how business is conducted in the spirit of mutual trust and mutual respect negating the need for external regulation and internet police. A simple feedback mechanism after every transaction is all that is needed in order to force proper behavior from everyone rather than with some antiquated policies.

In contrast, governments strive to arrest privacy and freedom of self-expression. How can an intrinsically inefficient and notoriously corrupt entity qualifies to impose its own will to a much healthier and self-regulating environment? Should they, the politicians, not be required to reform themselves first before doing so?

Of course, there are those who would assert that the internet is also being used to peddle lies and malice, but the root of all these diseases comes from the physical world, not otherwise, and there are already legislation to address those concerns. Besides, who are those who peddle lies the most if not them?

The real reason why they want to curb the free flow of information is to prevent the truth of their irrelevance be known. They don’t want the man on the street to realize that he doesn’t really need politicians to govern him for he can do it himself.

We can govern ourselves. After all, we all have the same desires, share the same aspirations, i.e. to live in peace and harmony among men. Governance, as it is now, is all about control, not guidance nor leadership.

We don’t need middlemen to provide services that we can individually and/or collectively provide ourselves directly.

Help Us Junk the CyberCrime Law NOW!

We can defeat every measure that defeats freedom of expression by banding together as one and denounce in loudest terms that we are not the servants. They are.

IF you care, please help us


by signing the online protest.

Please click on the image below.

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2 thoughts on “CyberCrime Law: Worse than SOPA & CISPA”

  1. RealTruth and RealFreedom IS Life, and it cannot be controlled by anyone using their mind. Everything becomes self-inflicting to those who have no RealPurpose with their life, and each person becomes what they decide by their assumptions, imagination and actions, no matter how they pretend and create an appearance to others. Those who have chosen to control others will find themselves controlled in the same manner in which they inflicted their control, this is Cause and Effect, and they will someday wonder how it all came about when it finally does show up. There is no restricting law that justifies anything, but will only prove to those creating such things that Cause and Effect is a reality in the five lower levels of Life. Have Fun Deciding! DUANE THE GREAT WRITER

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