Look at the Facts Addendum by Jim Lovell


The New World Order thought they would have all their ‘stuff’ in place about a dozen years ago. Their plans were to crush the American people and government in debt to enslave us, (I’ll say more about debt – in a bit) and destroy our military in endless wars – to replace it with a UN army and navy – put UN uniforms on what was left of our military and the rest of the world’s military. It didn’t happen then and it ain’t happenin’ now. They wanted to start WWIII with 9/11 to pit Muslims against Christians & Jews. Hasn’t happened yet.

Every tyranny ends, and the only questions to be asked are ‘When?’ – and ‘How bloody?’ The answers: ‘Soon’ and ‘pretty peacefully.’ Look at all the situations that could have gotten way out of hand and didn’t – and not only that, everything they’ve tried is backfiring on them. Venezuela and Iceland faced them down with minimal or no bloodshed. The Euro-zone is melting and I’ve seen nothing about a currency to replace the Euro. Remember all the talk about a North American Union? It ain’t happenin’. And Northcom? That seems to be fading into history. The Amero – the new currency? Where is it? And it has been a long time since I heard anything about a new fiat world currency (CDS? SDR?), but I have received talk that it has raised its ugly head in theh lying mainstream media. It ain’t happenin’! It’s just – more talk. 

I heard talk of bombing Iran over a year ago. Bombs? What bombs? I heard that our military was put on full alert – to go to Libya last winter. Did our boys go? Just a few – maybe. We probably had more TV people there than soldiers. The NWO had to run NATO into Libya. And our boys didn’t go to Syria. I heard rumors that Obama had been ‘relieved of his command’ by some top guys in the Pentagon – maybe a year or so ago? Hmmm. Do you think it might be true? There were a number of times he was on TV – but the flag wasn’t behind him. 

Sixteen intelligence agencies told Obummer that it was stupid to attack Iran. I think our chief of staff – or some other general told the madman who runs the Israeli government that we weren’t going to fight another war for them – really ticked him off. I guess that Israel no longer runs the US. So, has Israel hit Iran? Not yet. Something like 70 or 80 percent of the Israelis don’t want another war. Will that government collapse? Maybe. 

We heard that world power navies were in the Persian Gulf – lining up for WWIII. I think those boys are having a good old time – and they’re there to keep that from happening. I think there’s a worldwide rebellion against the banksters, don’t you? Haven’t close to a thousand worldwide retired or stepped down? And the head folks at the IRS have quit. And didn’t the CEO of one of the big banks just quit?

And insofar as the national debt? We can wipe that out with the stroke of a pen, as can any number of nations. We don’t owe counterfeiters ANYTHING – and I’ve been saying that for years! Now the IMF has said it. Smacks of a worldwide rebellion against tyranny! We don’t owe these counterfeiters, and neither does anyone else. THEY – OWE US! (Not that they can pay for all their crimes. If we enslaved them for a million years, they could not pay for all the damage they have done – the lives they have destroyed.) 

Insofar as mortgage and credit card debt? The debt that can’t be paid, won’t be paid, and interest on ‘money’ they never had that they SAID they loaned us – is totally bogus so I think that those collection efforts may come to an end. I believe that something very constructive will happen in this area. 

The CORPORATION that runs this nation has been bankrupt beyond all redemption for about a decade. The only difference between bankruptcy and declaring bankruptcy – is a declaration. This just might be – some kind of year of jubilee. Whether that happens or not, this is going to be one HELL of an economic reset – more complicated than I can imagine – and economic recovery begins the instant the IRS goes away and we return to Common Law. 

And insofar as our military being crushed in MORE endless wars? I don’t THINK SO! All our men in uniform – past and present – are realizing that our military hasn’t defended our nation since the War of 1812, and the Department of DEFENSE is the Department of OFFENSE! I believe that when the young men in this world quit believing the lies that old men tell them – we may very well have a thousand years of peace. May America lead the way! I apologize for being too bum-fuzzled to figure out how to make ‘Share’ work, but please copy ‘n’ paste this anywhere you so desire. I’m not concerned about credit – just want folks to see the simple truth. Once again, if you think others need to know, you know how to bump it.

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  1. Very well put – all the best wishes and thoughts – and greetings from Denmark. We are all in it together.

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