Doing 2013 [UPDATED]

Update 21 jan 2013: Drake drops Wednesday 23rd as D-Day or else he will begin to “out”, i.e. mention names of, people giving false intel. He’s obviously pissed off with all the “horse hockey” and “ringing around the rosie” ruining our “fun and games”. Download here [mp3].

The year 2012 was said to be the year when all secrets are no more. Indeed, it was the year of Knowing.

The fundamental question right now is what are we going to do with it?

What are we going to do with all the knowledge that have been leaked to us by living heroes like Bradley, Julian, Anonymous Collective, and the legacy of the fallen, Aaron, Innocent Children of false flag operations, etc.?

Should we just sit idly by, and consider every sacrifice made by both known and nameless individuals as another form of sophisticated entertainment that will just fizzled out when a new one steals the limelight? All pure distractions to our normal lives?

Some of us are looking up to the next fellow to determine on what exactly is needed to be done, and when we realize that he’s got a perfect idea, we readily swarm upon it, and that’s how a petition for cessation from Corporate United States was born. That’s how Idle No More is setting fire on that cold winter Canadian storm these days.

Of course, others would not want to be outdone or rest in their laurels until the establishment does get the message. Raising the threshold from 25,000 signatures to 100,000 for government to act on a single We the People petition is such a bad idea. It makes people want to revolt instead.

And we are seeing signs that “We the People” are more than ready.

But this is just the beginning. In a few days, the Americans at home (streets for the homeless) will start to remember the year when it all started. More importantly, how it’s done.



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I have a feeling that we are already looking at the shadow of the next American Revolution. Be prepared.

Drake did mention Wednesday as when some form of instructions will be given for the militia to act. If not accurate, he threatened to “out” those people giving false intel. He’s obviously tired of the “horse hockey” and “ring around the rosie” unnecessarily delaying our “fun and games”.

Mainstream Broadcast of Financial Tyranny

A prelude to financial disclosure of the third kind, Russia’s mainstream medium RN-TV successfully broadcasted to at least 30 million potential viewers the popular series re Financially Tyranny which explains the events behind the recent collapse of western economies.

Featured on primetime were David Wilcock and of course, our very own fellow Asian, Benjamin Fulford. Although i don’t know a single character in the Russian alphabet, I can sense just by looking at the images that this is undoubtedly the most explosive so far, it will blow every Sheeple’s mind, and a huge slap to the Old Media!

Some footage in this video may have been taken by undercover agents.

Probably, the first of its kind that a mainstream medium treated such occult subject in great detail. It’s pretty exciting to see how the masses would react when the English version hit the road.

And as Neil Keenan mentioned earlier, this is just part of what the Real Buddha intends to do, i.e. house cleaning.

Secrecy of Cayman’s off-shore tax haven to be blown

AFP Photo / Valery Hache

AFP Photo / Valery Hache

The legendary secret tax haven status of the Cayman Islands is coming to an end. The islands’ financial authorities are going to begin scrutinising the companies and hedge funds set up there.

Thousands of enterprises and financial institutions in the British overseas territory that kept a low profile will soon come into the spotlight. The Cayman Island Monetary Authority (CIMA) wants to set up a database of funds registered in the island which will include the names of the bosses, according to the Financial Times (FT).

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Looking Back

Soros is said to have indirectly funded the Occupy Wall Street in the beginning. Well, I think the people have successfully hijacked the movement to the point of even transforming it to a Global Occupy Everywhere raising a new level of awareness that continues to move people against oppressive austerity measures even today. Governments are in disarray, and the whole Cabal is evidently in panic mode as the endgame is concluding.

In desperation, they resorted to Sandy Hook false flag and its predecessors, without realizing that we have successfully used their personal information gathering mechanism, aka social media, as our means of sharing establishment secrets, revolutionary ideas, and coordinating concrete actions that would surely bring them down to their knees.

We have successfully hijacked every system of oppression in our favor.

Verily, real power truly belongs to an Awakened Collective.

But the job is not done yet. The momentum must be sustained. The spirit that brought us here must be rekindled in perpetuity.

Let this be the year of Doing for the Common Good, and like so for all the years thereafter.





One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

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