Not Just Sexual Abuses

Update 1mar2013: Celebrating a Pope-Free World

The Old Media is now in high gear as to the discussions about sexual abuses of the priestly demons creeping inside the Vatican. And willing participants in the New Alternative Media are now falling into the trap of the lesser crimes that the Vatican, Inc. has committed.

As Kevin D. Arnett had warned us, it’s not just about sexual abuses and pedophilia. The abuses against children and fellow priests, which are still high crimes, are the least of all their crimes.

It’s about money laundering, stealing massive sovereign wealth, genocide, world wars and worst of all, Satanism:

  1. When it comes to genocide, they are planning to reduce the population to a mere 500 million slaves by 2050, through the United Nations, Inc.’s Agenda 21; this is on top of the millions already dead thru scientific and brutal methods;
  2. Through the World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius, the massive human culling will be done via Monsanto’s GMO food, and similar poisons, that have flooded groceries worldwide.;
  3. Through the full corporate control of pseudo-regulators like the FDA, the use of deadly drugs including virus-tainted vaccines will be enforced with state sanctioned inoculations;
  4. Whistleblowers, Svali, Frater616 and Leo Zagami, claimed on multimedia that they were first-hand witnesses to human sacrifices regularly occurring in Vatican, London and elsewhere. This included impregnating a woman in a satanic ceremony only to come back few months later when the fetus is available for the feast. That all wars, mass shootings and assassinations are nothing but holocausts, or burnt offerings, meant to appease their god Satan.

The Worship of Satan embodies all their goals which can be summed up into one, i.e. to turn this planet into Hell with whatever means available to them, and they used to have all the resources at their disposal if not for the timely high profiled, well-coordinated response from the BRICS50, now BRICS180 countries – the same group that averted the Final War that will accomplish that which evil had fervently sought, i.e. 95% depopulation.

The various groups that are fighting against the Jesuits may have been and are still serving, first and foremost, their own interests but they definitely know that the best strategy to break the backbone of all that is evil is to empower all the people of the planet, economically and spiritually.

The one stroke called Disclosure Project in 2001 which should have served these ends, rather indirectly, was temporarily stifled by the controlled demolition of the WTC Towers in 911. That single event in late 2001, with its multi-level objectives, reinforced that fact that they, the Reformers, simply cannot do it alone. They must have the people on their side. Hence, the consensus prevailing thereafter is to release the Collateral Accounts for the total elimination of world poverty, among others.

It is now the consensus that to defeat evil for good:

  1. all resources must be made available to all the people of the planet; a massive redistribution of wealth has to occur to enable everyone to live within acceptable level of comfort and decency;
  2. all suppressed technologies must be released for its responsible use;
  3. all media will be used for global reeducation of the masses;
  4. all high crimes will be prosecuted through a neutral Common Law Court, and the verdict will be enforced by the people themselves when necessary;

The release of free energy and antigravity technologies would not only improve the quality of life for everyone, but would also enhance their understanding about spiritually which they mistakenly thought of having to do with religion.

Undeniable current events have destroyed that notion, and exposed its true purpose which is to put everyone in line, while systematically implementing the best scientific methods of eliminating those they considered as Worthless Eaters.

Now that the verdict is handed down, it is now up to the people to enforce it. They need not wait for the authorities to do it for they are still part of the system created by the former rulers of this planet. They simply could not arrest themselves.

The people have the inherent and proper authority to do so. They just need to assert that authority. Every one of us has the right and responsibility to clean this society of its wickedness. It may start from within ourselves but it must extend far beyond until the succeeding generations will forever forget what evil really was.

The opportunity and ability to exploit our fellow human being must be eliminated for good. Everyone must not only be given the opportunity to improve his lot, but must be taught how to use that opportunity wisely.

Even in the Age of Abundance, which will come very shortly, there is still great opportunity for work. Those who have been adequately informed must assist those who are not.

From thereon, to where exactly are we going, we all have to figure out along the way. The adventure will have more fun when we are many.


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One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

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3 thoughts on “Not Just Sexual Abuses”

  1. I hope the Clinton Foundation ad is meant to coincide with the picture above it! Imagine the level of technology and what the world’s societies would be like today if the technologies were not suppressed and allowed to flourish freely. An almost completely different world I would imagine.

    This is what angers me the most. A large portion of the suffering the many experience in their everyday lives could have been eliminated.

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