Keenan: Enough is Enough!

It is time for this sorry tale to end! Neil has tried everything he can to accomodate the court system in Indonesia, and now it’s clear to both of us that Nelu never had a chance, right from the very beginning! He was set up from the git-go!

There was no discovery process for Nelu; yes, there was a summons issued, but the summons never got to Neil, because Prosecutor’s Tanti’s Office handles the summons! Nelu was never allowed to present his defense at a defense hearing—even though Neil Keenan, Nelu’s only witness was present in order to speak. Instead, apparently to avoid any statement at all by Neil, the Court went directly to Nelu’s sentencing, thereby eliminating the most major part of the adversarial process!

The case now stands here: The Higher Court has overruled the prosecutor’s objections and is returning the case to the Lower Court, which still can make changes to the sentence. This is the first time in the history of the Court that this has ever happened! At this point in time, in order for Nelu to defend himself, Neil was told he needs more than just a lawyer, he needs – – and one who speak Bahasa, the language of Indonesia!

What we’re talking about is very simple: Neil cannot access any of Nelu’s documents; only Nelu’s lawyer can do this. In other words, unlike the United States, Canada, and various part of Europe, in Indonesia these documents are not public record. What they are doing is effectively locking Neil out of Nelu’s case. From beginning to end, this entire case has been a farce.



Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 10.52.29 AM

Nelu has been in jail for almost eleven months, and  it was all a set-up!


Neil speaks:

Well we have gotten this to the point of no return, or so it seems. We can no longer think that we can get this completed by ourselves. I have been told that I would not be given any documents from Nelu’s case file, because I am not an attorney and more importantly not Nelu’s attorney. No matter what, they know how close to the end we all are in this, and they are going to do their damndest to keep him a bit longer despite what we do.

I have opened up this case into something so transparent, but it seems like the bad guys have so much more than truth going for them in such matters. I am sorry it comes to such things in cases involving people’s lives, but take a look at how many people they have destroyed over the years. What is one more?

I cannot tell you how sick I am knowing I cannot yet finish this up when it is all within reach.  What we take for granted in our countries, over here does not exist. Hell, we Americans have the Obama era, and we are in deep doo-doo, but guess what, it is still worse right here, right now. Indonesian people are wonderful, mind you, but their system is antiquated and needs change. We have a chance to change part of it, or maybe a lot of it – right now, but who knows.  I can only say that Martha Wibawa has been a patriot from the beginning of his detention.  He does not consider himself a warrior, but does have  a fervent love for not only his country but also for his people. Many of his emotions for his people have rubbed off on me, and I can understand why he feels so deeply.

I am not walking away and will find other ways to assist Nelu, but right now I cannot move further without help. Nelu needs a lawyer to get out, and Nelu needs the right lawyer—even with everything in his favor. We need your help here.

Me, I have ideas that if Nelu pays, they all do. The International Courts are waiting with open arms for this case, which I have already discussed with them, but I do not want to head in that direction unless I have to. For now, please understand that I’m never going away, I am only thinking the best way out of this for everyone. It is not easy, but believe me, I will find the way.

I have gone this far, and I will not stray from the course now. It will be done!!!!!

Neil Keenan

Now, please read Nelu’s plea, in his own words:

First of all and foremost I want to thank everyone for supporting me through this moment.  Please understand that Mr. Neil Keenan has been such a great help in putting me in such a position whereas I might be freed, but I do not think he will be allowed to finish this for me.  I have heard Mr. Keenan will be prevented from receiving any of my documents from the administration office and if this is in fact true then this will prevent me from being freed and I will be forced, I understand, to do another three to four months in here preventing me from getting to work on the collateral accounts with Mr. Keenan.  I am pretty sure there will be many coming forward to assist him but I am not sure they will not be anything more than what Mr. Keenan has already dealt with [Keith Scott].

I hope you can see the importance of my plea for help.  They made it clear to Mr. Keenan today that he will not be allowed to receive any documentation in my behalf.  It is a plan that Mr. Keenan saw through from the beginning.  They also told him I would need not just an attorney but a great Attorney and I do not know how Mr. Keenan can do this seeing he cannot speak our language.  He is a miracle worker but our language is not that easy to learn and especially overnight.

I am a Humble person who believes in fate and who feels with his heart and I now have to reach out to everyone to reach back and see if they can help me find this special attorney I need to help me.  I am so sorry that I ask for this and I know Mr. Keenan wanted to finish this all himself but it is not written yet that he is to finish this part of the journey.

Can someone please find me the attorney to assist me in the final steps of my trial.  I cannot tell you everything about it seeing Mr. Keenan knows more than me.  He has been amazing gathering all the facts but now we are short in time and he is not going to be allowed to assist me in the final stages.  I thank you all for your help and I could feel your energy coming to me and it did left me behind.  I very thank you.  Now I need just the attorney does someone somewhere know one that can come to me and help me finish this up.  I pray now for one more miracle to happen.  Please forward all replies to Mr. Keenan or whoever he designates.  Thank you for your support.  I have no idea what I did so bad to deserve this when all I wanted was to be a patriot for my lovely country Indonesia.

Your Humble Servant

Martha Wibawa (Nelu)


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