Establishment’s Collapse Imminent

Recent events are undeniably in favor of the Reformists and Progressives who have long realized that, to avoid mutually assured destruction, a different kind of war must be fought that ensures the least collateral damage but which requires cooperation of the widest spectrum of our society as, much as possible. This proves to be, not only possible but very enlightening to those who are directly and indirectly involved.

We are very fortunate to have followed these events closely for it gave us a different perspective of the mainstream news accounts which rarely expound on the whole story, but would rather debase the same to suit the agenda of the banking elite that ultimately owns them.

Such a scheme is ending. The internet is here to stay and constantly expanding in perfect synchronicity with the conscious Collective Mind.

Among the events that should raise hopes of a much better world, for our generation and the next, are the following:

  • Russia, with Putin at the helm, together with the allied BRICS180 countries, proved to be the most formidable force against the Transnational Criminal Organization behind the Vatican, Inc. which controls the top 147 corporations of the planet; among the latest actions that infuriate the West are the following:
    • Granting of asylum to NSA whistleblower, Snowden;
    • Moscow and Tehran have agreed to build new nuke plant;
    • Perpetual vetoing of UNSC no-fly zone in Syria;
    • The rejection of $Trillion offered by a Saudi King to Putin in exchange for giving up Syria and Iran; In fact, a massive bribery scheme is underway; A Saudi Prince has also defected from his own family due to increasing prosecution against freedom activists in the region;
    • Chinese media are saying, “The West is eating the dirt this time”; no one can afford to say that without standing in a platform of advantage;
    • Large and multiple War Games between the Russians and Chinese are not just games for the fun of it but a statement of the strongest terms that the East is more than ready to go that last mile if need be;
    • Asian Clans have issued a statement that they have access to HAARP-like weapon that can be used to eliminate each of the 500 listed Cabalists. Whether this is just a bluff, or not, still the statement is more credible than the Global Terror Alert that closes US embassies worldwide. They are even bombing cities in Mindanao to simulate terrorism just like they did before with Operation Greenbase;
    • Individuals like Snowden, Manning and Assange, have also made more than a dent on what it seems to be an invincible surveillance empire, an elaborate system of smoke and mirrors that is built with only one purpose, i.e. to create a society of automatons willing to serve the whims of the few;
    • Street protests, the biggest of which is the Great Egyptian Revolt that led to the downfall of the CIA installed Morsi government of Egypt; The Egyptian experience is ours too when they removed the Marcos dictatorship in favor of the wife of a CIA asset Ninoy Aquino. This scheme is so elaborate, even the puppets themselves don’t really have any idea that they are being used. This is still our situation now with the son of Ninoy. The Jesuits are still in control as far as the Philippines is concern. To reverse the situation, the control of the mass media in the country must be put in the hands of the Reformists.
    • The Benghazi Debacle just won’t go away. The CIA is found to be involved in the gun running activities when the Benghazi consulate was attacked;
    • 40 tons of GMO crops were torched in Oregon. This is a collective action aimed at waking up the Sheeples that they need to take action now or become genetically modified themselves forever.
    • “We will not pay” is the battlecry of the 10,000 strong activists who are reconnecting electrical service drops of those living in poverty stricken areas in Greece;
    • Fiat Banking System is collapsing with 20,000 EU bank outlets closed down since the start of Asian instigated financial attack.

These are just some of the proofs that the world is indeed waking up… But these are only just icing on the cake to the massive resignations since 2012.

Current geopolitical events can be summed up by saying that Russia and the Corporate US are into “hot war” by proxies.

In fact, whether you are aware about it or not, we are at war with the system, and within ourselves.


Those in the alternative media have survived the ridicule that all we are talking about are mere conspiracy theories:

That it is impossible for the few to agree on the common agenda of ruling the world for themselves and themselves alone, with the rest 95% of the world’s population are to be eliminated through bioweapons cloaked as vaccines and antibiotics;

That they can’t afford to hire the services of the best minds of any given field of science, economics and the industries to serve the Corporate Interests;

That they can’t convince the media that journalism must be twisted from time to time to avoid disturbing the peace, officially calling the Whole Truth a grave threat to “national security”.

Yet we know by now how much of our own security are being compromised by the comprehensive intrusion to our privacy by those whose vested interests conflict with ours.

Recent example of how they twisted prevailing reality to suit their agenda is the publication of Eurasia Group’s Top Ten Most Powerful list which rank Putin as “second to Nobody”, twisting the fact by saying that the world has no clear leader, while forwarding the names Bernanke, Obama, Merkel, LaGarde, when it is very clear all the latter are absolutely powerless.

The White Dragon Society has already indicated in the past that they favor Vladimir Putin to lead the Reformists for the neutralization of the Cabalists and the subsequent massive redevelopment of the world. So far, Russia’s actions point to this same direction.

But that is only up to the coordination of relevant actions to topple the scoundrels; each individual is beginning to see the value of cooperation to put in place a system founded on respect and the furtherance of Collective Progress to allow each soul an opportunity to find happiness and deeper understanding of Life itself.

To Big Media, the preservation of the status quo is cardinal to their own survival, too. Rightfully so. Already we are witnessing its slow death:

–          Washington Post sold to Amazon for being in the red caused by the mass exodus to the Net;

–          CNN losing at least 50% of its audience in favor of RT and other alternative media;


Just like any other occult subjects, the field of free energy is conveniently attached to perpetual machines, i.e. those crude mechanical contraptions which could not propel themselves due to the limit imposed by friction.

Yet we know how planets rotate and revolve around our sun, by themselves. Or, are they being pushed by an invisible ocean of energy that we are now starting to understand to be the real cause of inertia and gravity… and Life itself.

The number of simple free energy proofs of concept is constantly increasing. We can see some of them by typing “free energy” at search bar.

Here’s one of them…

Keshe Lectures are a must for those who are really interested to be free…



This is probably the most slandered topic of them all.

Aside from the “smoking gun” video captured by NASA and intercepted by a Canadian cable guy, a video released last year was that of a strange huge object near the Sun, which up to this day, no one in the corporate hierarchy would dare to explain.

ISS footage showing a big hole at one of the poles confirmed the age old “theory” that there is a thriving civilization much more advanced that we are inside this planet.


Although the value given is at $93 Quadrillion to give it some air of realism, the assets’ equivalent amount that we have shown in this site is already in the $ Infinity as signed by Obama, Elizabeth, Zoellick, Benedict, etc.

While the document itself is meant to hijack the accounts, nevertheless, it still confirmed the existence of such assets which is the primary cause of JFK’s forced death.

Of course, no one should be putting a dollar value to the planet or put a debt claim on it as the fiat economy has done. This is the only home we’ve got, and it is priceless.

The hard assets in the Global Accounts can change this war-torn planet for the better, million times over.

The assets will be used, among others, to buy out useless industries, e.g. fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals, etc., in favor or free energy, longevity, space and time travel, etc.

This is the key to which a global resource-based economy becomes a reality.

After all known suppressed technologies are released, more advance know-how will then be discovered such that a negative progression would then be impossible.

Ain’t that worth fighting for?

We have just released the Second Edition of Towards Healthcare Emancipation eBook. The proceeds from this book will be used to fund our next project, Towards Energy Emancipation.

The aim is to make the subject of free energy more understandable for the layman so that anybody could replicate and install his own power plant and be completely living off-grid.

Thank you very much for your valuable support.

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6 thoughts on “Establishment’s Collapse Imminent”

  1. HIV doesn’t exist and AIDS is a syndrome caused by drug abuse, malnutrition, poverty, other illnesses, plus the drugs given to so-called HIV carriers (almost always gay, black, drug using, or poor people) in order to “treat” them. It’s a sick scam.

  2. Totally Karen! This is my take on it, all their so called wars, are all scams, at least the cover story, it s an opportunity, to draw a lot of cash to their design war, it s an opportunity to target ppl! War on terror, cover story a fraud, but an opportunity to attack all, war on drugs, the biggest drug dealer in the world, is running after drug dealers, when their banks are money laundering all day all nite! I would have to guesstimate that at least 2 trillion dollars of the US GDP comes from drug activity and that is not counting the Prison Industrial Complex, self enrichment program, while attacking Blacks and Latinos!

  3. 2 of the equally best examples of; A TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCE BASED ECONOMIES that I know of are; ZEITGEIST, by Peter Joseph, &, THE VENUS PROJECT, by Jacque Fresco, who is out of Venus, Florida. To find out more about these 2, then go to , , &, or do a web search.

  4. HI great letter while free energy is a hot topic these days please note also that most of the claims are just a claim about 95 percent of what’s claimed is nonsenses or scams or folks with good intentions but little knowledge all this distracts from the main folks who have something very sad Ken shoulders had amazing technology now he’s passed away so just be careful

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