Global Accounts’ Imminent Release Under Attack [Keenan]

There were arrests made on two men carrying trillions of “fake” bonds in Italy, last Monday. Said “naive” men were trying to open an account at the most secretive bank in the world, i.e. Vatican Bank.

men with fake 4.1 trillion bonds caughtWhat’s very appalling, or at least, a red flag is that the mainstream media is only reporting a much smaller amount… and without the names of those involved.

reuters men with fake 4.1 trillion bonds caught

Here’s the April 2014 update from The Keenan Group…

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Global Accounts Under Attack – The Keenan Team Is The Only Thing In Their Way, And We’re Not Going Anywhere

PresSwissindoThe Keenan Team

It seems like many years ago we started this journey that some describe as going down the rabbit hole.  I have always referred to it as going down the yellow brick road because now we can finally and clearly see the city that hides the psychopathic criminals who call themselves the New World Order (NWO).

signThey want us to believe that they are human beings yet they don’t have natural human feelings – except that they do love to hate.  Facts bear the truth:  they live and thrive on inflicting torture, pain, disease and death on humanity and Earth’s creatures.  In order to perpetuate their malevolence, they have assembled themselves into one degenerate group aimed at acquiring the world’s finances.  They do not, and cannot, let go of their financial control of this world because it would mean their end.  Having illegally seized major assets from the Global Accounts twice, the NWO is attempting for a third time to hijack the Accounts.  Their ultimate plan for these finances is to fund another 60 years of war, strife and disease and bring the Earth’s population down to a controllable number of less than one billion slaves.

embraceBut on the other hand, we are in the control seat right here, right now.  Imagine how they would react if we all turned and stormed their bastilles?   They are now looking out of their fortress windows in fear, wondering when we are going to tear down their gates to get to them.  Yes, we are coming, and we will deal with them as they wished to deal with us.  The fewer of them, the fewer problems We The People have.  Count on us coming; and count on it being sooner than the next lousy motion picture flop about humanity’s destruction (Noah).

groupBe warned:  watch your back and watch your doors!  Remember the Cease & Desist that we fed you this past month?  The long list of your crimes against humanity is there for all to see.  The world knows exactly what you are doing, and we are here to stop your insanity!

Large groupThis past month the war has begun.  It may not have begun in earnest in the West, but the war against the theft of the Global Accounts and the world’s finances has started, and is at full speed ahead here in the East.

No idle threat:  Fire! – We beg you to burn.

Video Highlights:

  • Swissindo and OPPT have renewed their efforts to steal funds that are not theirs. Swissindo has falsely included in their worthless documents the names of people who have no involvement with them whatsoever to support their scam publicity stunt which took place in Hong Kong and Indonesia.  If their efforts were real it would be a case of the bad boys of the West merging with the bad boys of the East.
  • Recently two men were caught by the Vatican police with counterfeit bonds worth at least $3.1 trillion.  The thieves are known as Count Albert Zvonko Berdik (not our Count Albert!) and Owen Thomas Lennon, who both had UN diplomatic immunity status, and were attempting to open up a line of credit with the Vatican bank.  When their hotel room was searched, there were other counterfeit notes found along with stamps and seals used to make the forged notes.  Had they been successful, it would have added trillions more to the Vatican’s already overflowing coffers, thereby perpetuating and strengthening their crimes.
  • Connecting some of the dots:  Swissindo’s con game, the two men caught with fake bonds, families increasingly being approached to sign off on their accounts, George Soros most recent visit to Indonesia — these are all indicators pointing to the imminent release of the Global Accounts.
  • Our heartfelt condolences go out to Rick Light with the recent passing of his wife.  RIP Robin Light – may you watch over and guide our patriot Rick Light.

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