Inside Bilderberg 2014

This year’s highly secretive Bilderberg Meeting takes place May 29th thru June 1st in Copenhagen, Denmark. This gathering has been held for 60 years. The first such meeting took place in the Netherlands at Hotel Bilderberg—which became the group’s namesake.

Since Bilderberg met more than once year a couple times in the early days, the Denmark gathering will be the 62nd meeting of top central bankers and investment bankers, finance ministers, Treasury secretaries, foreign ministers, corporate captains, royalty, Federal Reserve chairmen and others from the halls of power and privilege.

In the early days, American columnist Westbrook Pegler discovered that a grouping of the rich and powerful began huddling every year under one roof—inside luxury hotels but away from the bright lights of publicity, while surrounding their meetings with a heavily armed security force. That ring of security still encircles today’s Bilderberg Meetings.

Pegler’s work was noticed by Liberty Lobby, which started the Spotlight newspaper. That newspaper hired James P. Tucker Jr. to get to the bottom of the Bilderberg mystery.

When the Spotlight folded, American Free Press rose in its place. Tucker continued following the Bilderberg Meetings for AFP until his death in 2013.

Today’s guest, Mark Anderson, received the gavel from Tucker to cover Bilderberg. Mark will explain his coverage and knowledge of Bilderberg, show why citizens should care about this group, and explain what the group’s apparent function is in determining the world’s future.

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3 thoughts on “Inside Bilderberg 2014”

  1. It is amazing what potential there is with such a large number of them in one place. The mind boggles at the possibilities. In a single move it could be an interesting Checkmate.

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