Preserved in Righteousness

The Keenan Group has posted a synopsis of the history of the Kingdom of Hawaii, i.e. how it was illegally annexed into the United States, Inc.

The Life of The Land is Preserved in Righteousness


The Life of The Land is Preserved in Righteousness

   By the Keenan Team


 “The surrounding ocean and life within and beneath are under my protection. Our history and all the bones of the dead are under my protection. Our culture and traditions are under my protection. Every Kanaka Maoli and non-Hawaiian, who is a citizen or subject of the Kingdom, is under my protection. Everything throughout this Archipelago, to include all the sacred Heiau and ancient burial sites, is under my protection. It is my anointed and sacred duty to protect our Kingdom and perpetuate our culture and traditions so that they continue throughout the ages, well after the time when we are all gone. Every good and bad thing that happens throughout this Kingdom is my kuleana; I am the King and answerable only to Akua, God of the Most High.”  His Majesty Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., King of Hawaii

As we continue along the golden brick road toward a deeper understanding of relevant geopolitical events occurring on both the national and worldwide stage, let us turn our focus of attention toward The Kingdom of Hawaii. It is little known in the West the process by which the Kingdom of Hawaii was annexed by THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION and later in 1959 to “officially” become its 50th State.



On January 17, 1893, facing the threat of personal injury and possible death of her loved ones, Queen Lili’uokalani was forced to abdicate Hawaiian Sovereignty. Composed primarily of U.S. nationals and backed by the U.S. military, an emergency provincial government seized total control of Queen Lili’uokalani’s nation. The details leading to and surrounding this surrender and subsequent theft of the Hawaiian Kingdom are abominable, illegal and indisputable.

A land of great beauty and mystery, Hawaii was first defiled by Western “discovery” on January 18, 1778, by British naval commander James Cook on his third voyage into the Pacific. At that time, the Hawaiian Islands, effectively isolated from the rest of the world, had an estimated population upwards of one million people and a sophisticated eco-based system of government and self-sufficiency.

Initially revered as gods, Commander Cook and his crew, ironically brought disease and death to the indigenous population and opened the door to end their harmonious way of life and autonomous sovereignty.  In less than two years after Cook’s initial contact, death from disease claimed all but 88,000 of the Hawaiian population. Today there are less than 5,000 full-blooded Hawaiians left alive!

This mass culling, whether intentional or not, was a significant first step in a long procession of decimating the original Hawaiian culture, transitioning it from an independent, self-reliant society into an extension of the Western free-trade-dependent system. Today, virtually all food and energy resources must be imported, and its population is held hostage to a two-week cycle of resupply. A protracted disruption to this pattern of constancy would prove catastrophic.

Following Cook’s discovery, Western companies wasted little time establishing a foothold in this virgin paradise. Sugar became the leading export commodity, and by 1840, the forests on the islands of Hawaii, Oahu, Molokai and Kauai were stripped of mountain sandalwood trees, one of the world’s most valuable natural resources.

In 1842, U.S. President John Tyler recognized the Kingdom of Hawaii as a constitutional monarchy, and in 1843, the Kingdom survived an attempted British takeover. The Hawaiian capital was moved in 1845 from Lahaina to Honolulu, and foreigners were permitted to purchase land. Private estates were established, and by 1893, foreigners controlled 90% of the lands of Hawaii.

The Truth is, each and every step along Hawaii’s path from sovereign and independent nation to annexed territory, to U.S. State, was done in violation of laws and treaties then in effect and with no regard for the wishes of the Hawaiian people.

In a recent Cosmic Voice interview, His Majesty Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., King of Hawaii, and his chief legal counsel Dr. Aidun, HM Attorney General, Kingdom of Hawaii, a renowned expert in domestic and international law, speak candidly with Neil Keenan and Cosmic Voice hosts Drake Bailey and Thomas Williams about the illegal seizure of his Kingdom and the efforts well under way to reclaim and restore Hawaiian sovereignty, self-sufficiency and sustainability.

HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr.’s direct bloodline and royal lineage dates back to 387 A.D. His genealogical record exhibits an impeccable chain of custody and the original record of this was last chanted in the Royal Court in 1836.

Dr. Aidun’s impressive credentials are as follows: Chief Justice, Royal Borneo Nations; Mund-Barefan Yamasse Nation, Washitaw de Dougdamoundyah Tribal Nation; HM Attorney General, Kingdom of Hawaii; Member, National American Indian Court Judges Association; Member #01798766, American Bar Association; Member #1040751, International Bar Association.

During the interview, both King Silva and Dr. Aidun recount the true history of Hawaii and the heart-rendering story of how Western influence has affected those sacred lands and the lives of his people. Most Americans, and even many Hawaiian citizens themselves, are unaware of the outrageous violations of international law and crimes against the Hawaiian people which lead to the illegal seizure of their homeland and its subsequent statehood.

Few realize that in 1893, at the time of the forced provincial government take-over, the Hawaiian monarchy had entered into formal associations with the crown heads of Europe, Asia and the Pacific and had more than 90 diplomatic legations around the world. Prior to the coup d’état, the United States had consistently and unconditionally recognized Hawaii as a sovereign nation state. This was affirmed by several treaties and conventions made between the two nations. Between 1846 and 1886, the Hawaiian Kingdom’s sovereign status was also confirmed by duly executed treaties with 17 other nation states, including Great Britain, France, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, China, and Japan.

Therefore, these treaties remain legal and binding and in effect to this day under the Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Under every law, domestic and international, each treaty is a covenant between two sovereign nations and cannot be transferred to any other entity, much less the usurper that has admitted to overthrowing the country.

H.M. Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr. and Dr. Aidun make it abundantly clear that their mission is to restore their Kingdom to its full and rightful stature as an independent sovereign nation state. This effort is well underway with HUGE implications not just for the peoples of Hawaii, but for all the people of the world!

The battle to restore Hawaii’s sovereignty is not a frivolous pursuit based on pie-in-the-sky, wishful thinking. Its inevitability is based in the inherent power of Truth and applied righteousness. All of the ingredients and tools are present to dismantle and take down the system, which has been forcibly and unjustly superimposed over the true sovereignty of the Kingdom.

An Official Admission of Guilt: The Huge Crack in the Matrix

On January 21 1993, one day following the inauguration of William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd  President of the United States, a U.S. Senate Joint Resolution was introduced before the 103rd Congress. This resolution acknowledged the 100-year anniversary of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii.  The resolution entitled “Acknowledgement and Apology” was ratified later that same year, coincidentally enough, on November 23, just one day after the 30th anniversary of the JFK assassination.

Although worded in polite language, United States Public Law 103-150, is a Law which states that the Law was broken, and that the United States illegally occupies the territory of the Hawaiian people.

HM Attorney General of the Kingdom of Hawaii, Dr. Aidun, examined, dissected, and analyzed the 1993 Apology Resolution and found it gravely wanting and greatly misleading. His comments are in italics at the end of each unnumbered Article. He has numbered them for easy reference and notes that it was deliberately not numbered because one would find it difficult to pinpoint any travesty contained in the “Apology” by quick reference to an Article number.


1. To acknowledge the 100th anniversary of the January 17, 1893 overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and to offer an apology to Native Hawaiians on behalf of the United States for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii; (A new law recognizing the breaking of an earlier law. Law-making is the best scam going if you have the means to victimize, terrorize and demonize. The intent, content, extent, scope, scale, impact and effect of this Apology is suspect and unknown. BUT, it does give the Kingdom of Hawaii great latitude and freedom in asserting its rights.)

2. Whereas, prior to the arrival of the first Europeans in 1778, the Native Hawaiian people lived in a highly organized, self-sufficient, subsistent social system, based on communal land tenure, with a sophisticated language, culture, and religion; (The US government admits, without any equivocations, that we were, and still are, a civilized People. The first Europeans introduced deadly diseases which almost decimated the native population who had no known immunization for these horrid European afflictions. This was wanton genocide and crimes against humanity.)

3. Whereas, a unified monarchical government of the Hawaiian Islands was established in 1810 under Kamehameha I, the first King of Hawaii; (Our inherent sovereignty and independence is recognized and acknowledged without any reservations.)

4. Whereas, from 1826 until 1893, the United States recognized the independence of the Kingdom of Hawaii, extended full and complete diplomatic recognition to the Hawaiian Government, and entered into treaties and conventions with the Hawaiian monarchs to govern commerce and navigation in 1826, 1842, 1849, 1875, and 1887; (One sovereign recognizes and regards another sovereign under international law and the U.S. Constitution. This is known as the “pre-greed period.” It is also known as the “we come, we see, we inspect, and we grab at the point of a gun syndrome.”)

5. Whereas, the Congregational Church (now known as the United Church of Christ), through its American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, sponsored and sent more than 100 missionaries to the Kingdom of Hawaii between 1820 and 1850; (For good measure, throw in Christianity. Mind you, the First Amendment’s freedom of religion is conveniently left out for the time being. The Kingdom of Hawaii enjoyed religious freedom until the missionaries arrived.)

6. Whereas, on January 14, 1893, John L. Stevens (hereafter referred to in this Resolution as the “United States Minister”), the United States Minister assigned to the sovereign and independent Kingdom of Hawaii conspired with a small group of non-Hawaiian residents of the Kingdom of Hawaii, including citizens of the United States, to overthrow the indigenous and lawful Government of Hawaii; (The incendiary John L. Stevens is singled out. He was not the spark that ignited the forcible acquisition. There were some kabuki dancers in the backgroundOf course, the White House feigned ignorance.)

7. Whereas, in pursuance of the conspiracy to overthrow the Government of Hawaii, the United States Minister and the naval representatives of the United States caused armed naval forces of the United States to invade the sovereign Hawaiian nation on January 16, 1893, and to position themselves near the Hawaiian Government buildings and the Iolani Palace to intimidate Queen Liliuokalani and her Government; (Invade” is the correct and most appropriate word in this context.)

8. Whereas, on the afternoon of January 17,1893, a Committee of Safety that represented the American and European sugar planters, descendants of missionaries, and financiers deposed the Hawaiian monarchy and proclaimed the establishment of a Provisional Government; (Admitted unlawful occupation and the obvious intention to steal and completely disregard diplomacy and international law.)

9. Whereas, the United States Minister thereupon extended diplomatic recognition to the Provisional Government that was formed by the conspirators without the consent of the Native Hawaiian people or the lawful Government of Hawaii and in violation of treaties between the two nations and of international law; (The enforcement of “might is right.”)

10.  Whereas, soon thereafter, when informed of the risk of bloodshed with resistance, Queen Liliuokalani issued the following statement yielding her authority to the United States Government rather than to the Provisional Government:

“I Liliuokalani, by the Grace of God and under the Constitution of the Hawaiian Kingdom, Queen, do hereby solemnly protest against any and all acts done against myself and the Constitutional Government of the Hawaiian Kingdom by certain persons claiming to have established a Provisional Government of and for this Kingdom.

“That I yield to the superior force of the United States of America whose Minister Plenipotentiary, His Excellency John L. Stevens, has caused United States troops to be landed on Honolulu and declared that he would support the Provisional Government.

“Now to avoid any collision of armed forces, and perhaps the loss of life, I do this under protest and impelled by said force yield my authority until such time as the Government of the United States shall, upon facts being presented to it, undo the action of its representatives and reinstate me in the authority which I claim as the Constitutional Sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands.”

Done at Honolulu this 17th day of January, A.D. 1893. (Our Queen cared about her People and wanted no blood spilled for even a worthy cause like fighting back with armed resistance.)

11. Whereas, without the active support and intervention by the United States diplomatic and military representatives, the insurrection against the Government of Queen Liliuokalani would have failed for lack of popular support and insufficient arms; (In the clash of arms, the law is silent.)

12. Whereas, on February 1, 1893, the United States Minister raised the American flag and proclaimed Hawaii to be a protectorate of the United States; (Pirate action akin to hoisting an illegal symbol of ownership after stealing the vessel.)

13.  Whereas, the report of a Presidentially established investigation conducted by former Congressman James Blount into the events surrounding the insurrection and overthrow of January 17, 1893, concluded that the United States diplomatic and military representatives had abused their authority and were responsible for the change in government; (The crime was confirmed and no punishment was meted out.)

14.  Whereas, as a result of this investigation, the United States Minister to Hawaii was recalled from his diplomatic post and the military commander of the United States armed forces stationed in Hawaii was disciplined and forced to resign his commission; (Slapped on the wrist rather than rightfully being hanged for treason, insurrection, and endangering the Union in the event other countries had come to the Kingdom of Hawaii’s rescue with an army and a naval force.)

15.  Whereas, in a message to Congress on December 18, 1893, President Grover Cleveland reported fully and accurately on the illegal acts of the conspirators, described such acts as an “act of war, committed with the participation of a diplomatic representative of the United States and without authority of Congress,” and acknowledged that by such acts the government of a peaceful and friendly people was overthrown; (President Cleveland reported accurately that a grave injustice was perpetrated, which he did in order to earnthe accolades needed to support his second term in office. Politics is the conduct of public office for personal gain, profit and advantage at people’s expense.)

16. Whereas, President Cleveland further concluded that a “substantial wrong has thus been done which a due regard for our national character as well as the rights of the injured people requires we should endeavor to repair” and called for the restoration of the Hawaiian monarchy; (The President calls for a restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii, but does not so much as issue an Executive Order if Congress was, or was not, willing to right the wrong.)

17. Whereas, the Provisional Government protested President Cleveland’s call for the restoration of the monarchy and continued to hold state power and pursue annexation to the United States; (The provisional government defied the President’s call for law and order – Big Money talks.)

18. Whereas, the Provisional Government successfully lobbied the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate (hereafter referred to in this Resolution as the “Committee”) to conduct a new investigation into the events surrounding the overthrow of the monarchy; (Why bother with investigations when the spin doctors can spin their webs to conveniently create another suitable excuse, rationale and explanation for the invasion.)

19.  Whereas, the Committee and its chairman, Senator John Morgan, conducted hearings in Washington, D.C., from December 27,1893, through February 26, 1894, in which members of the Provisional Government justified and condoned the actions of the United States Minister and recommended annexation of Hawaii; (The spin doctors hardat work. Law and order are inconvenient; greed is the currency of the day.)

20.  Whereas, although the Provisional Government was able to obscure the role of the United States in the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy, it was unable to rally the support from two-thirds of the Senate needed to ratify a treaty of annexation. (Annexation” is not an appropriate word as it means adding on and acquiring another substitute. Word, words, and more words to alter the facts and the raw naked truth.)

21.  Whereas, on July 4, 1894, the Provisional Government declared itself to be the Republic of Hawaii; (Self-appointed government, no elections, no referendum, no consent, no approval.)

22.  Whereas, on January 24, 1895, while imprisoned in Iolani Palace, Queen Liliuokalani was forced by representatives of the Republic of Hawaii to officially abdicate her throne; (Wrongful imprisonment — did our Queen have a choice? Uneasy is the head that bears the crown.)

23.  Whereas, in the 1896 United States Presidential election, William McKinley replaced Grover Cleveland; (Exchange one belligerent criminal for another every four years.)

24.  Whereas, on July 7, 1898, as a consequence of the Spanish-American War, President McKinley signed the Newlands Joint Resolution that provided for the annexation of Hawaii; (Again, the word “annexation” is inappropriate and deceptive. Usurpation, invasion, forcible acquisition and outright theft accurately describe what took place.)

25.  Whereas, through the Newlands Resolution, the self-declared Republic of Hawaii ceded sovereignty over the Hawaiian Islands to the United States;

Whereas, the Republic of Hawaii also ceded 1,800,000 acres of crown, government and public lands of the Kingdom of Hawaii, without the consent of or compensation to the Native Hawaiian people of Hawaii or their sovereign government; (Grabbing all that they could under a free-for-all regime. You fight back and you die of lead poisoning.)

26.  Whereas, the Congress, through the Newlands Resolution, ratified the cession, annexed Hawaii as part of the United States, and vested title to the lands in Hawaii in the United States; (They broke every law of the land and international law. What if all the Aboriginals in continental America and Hawaii received foreign aid, and attacked continental America to reclaim and redeem their homelands? Would they be justified under the doctrine of a “just war” based on the persuasive writings of Hugo Grotius and Emmerich Vattel?)

27.  Whereas, the Newlands Resolution also specified that treaties existing between Hawaii and foreign nations were to immediately cease and be replaced by United States treaties with such nations; (Conveniently break a previous promise because of an after-the-fact act. Promise-keepers are missing from this equation.)

28.  Whereas, the Newlands Resolution effected the transaction between the Republic of Hawaii and the United States Government; (The thief makes his own laws to justify the theft.)

29.  Whereas, the indigenous Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people or over their national lands to the United States, either through their monarchy or through a plebiscite or referendum; (This is the current law of the land favoring the Native Hawaiians, and therefore they own all lands and soils with good and only lawful superior title – Usucapion [The acquisition of right or title to an object by means of the passage of time. The legal analog of “Usucapion” in both English Common Law and Code law is “adverse possession.”])

30.  Whereas, on April 30, 1900, President McKinley signed the Organic Act that provided a government for the territory of Hawaii and defined the political structure and powers of the newly established Territorial Government and its relationship to the United States; (More laws to justify the theft. Create a Gordian knot so that future generations will be unable to undo the wrong.)

31.  Whereas, on August 21,1959, Hawaii became the 50th State of the United States; (Pax Americana rules the waves. The Empire grows to the chant of “Long Live The Emperor residing in the White House.”)

32.  Whereas, the health and well-being of the Native Hawaiian people is intrinsically tied to their deep feelings and attachment to the land; (This law recognizes the land and soil title under usucapion.)

33. Whereas, the long-range economic and social changes in Hawaii over the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries have been devastating to the population and to the health and well-being of the Hawaiian people; (The understatement of the century. No redemption or restoration is mentioned or implied. This is just a lame, hypocritical, impotent “sorry we did what we did.”)

34.  Whereas, the Native Hawaiian people are determined to preserve, develop and transmit to future generations their ancestral territory, and their cultural identity in accordance with their own spiritual and traditional beliefs, customs, practices, language, and social institutions; (Article XII, Section VII of the Hawaii Constitution was amended in 1978 to accommodate this. Its import is monumental to our People. There is no stopping, or limiting, what we can do.)

35.  Whereas, in order to promote racial harmony and cultural understanding, the Legislature of the State of Hawaii has determined that the year 1993, should serve Hawaii as a year of special reflection on the rights and dignities of the Native Hawaiians in the Hawaiian and the American societies; (Reflect but do nothing. Create another public holiday, another weapon of mass distraction.)

36.   Whereas, the Eighteenth General Synod of the United Church of Christ in recognition of the denomination’s historical complicity in the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1893 directed the Office of the President of the United Church of Christ to offer a public apology to the Native Hawaiian people and to initiate the process of reconciliation between the United Church of Christ and the Native Hawaiians; (Turn the other cheek?)


37.  Whereas, it is proper and timely for the Congress on the occasion of the impending one hundredth anniversary of the event, to acknowledge the historic significance of the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, to express its deep regret to the Native Hawaiian people, and to support the reconciliation efforts of the State of Hawaii and the United Church of Christ with Native Hawaiians; (Be a good Christian and forgive and forget. Remember what David did in Ziklag to restore and redeem his property? Read 1 Samuel Chapter 30 and REPENT, United States of America.)

Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


The Congress –

(1) on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893, acknowledges the historical significance of this event which resulted in the suppression of the inherent sovereignty of the Native Hawaiian people; (Suppression” is clearly inaccurate. Invasion and forcible acquisition is accurate.)

(2) recognizes and commends efforts of reconciliation initiated by the State of Hawaii and the United Church of Christ with Native Hawaiians; (Use religion wherever and whenever for the purpose of make something appear right by God and country.)

(3) apologizes to Native Hawaiians on behalf of the people of the United States for the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii on January 17, 1893 with the participation of agents and citizens of the United States, and the deprivation of the rights of Native Hawaiians to self-determination; (Self-determination is usually employed by a soon-to-become-independent nation-state. Hawaii was always sovereign even after 1893.)

(4) expresses its commitment to acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, in order to provide a proper foundation for reconciliation between the United States and the Native Hawaiian people; (The only proper and adequate foundation is for the Kingdom of Hawaii to be rid of the State of Hawaii. Keep the 50 stars on the American flag so that Washington D.C. can become the 50th state of the Union.)


(5) urges the President of the United States to also acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii and to support reconciliation efforts between the United States and the Native Hawaiian people. (Reconciliation is far from adequate and does not cure the malaise. It’s band-aid at best — major surgery is required when political bands must be dissolved or disbanded for the good future of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The only real reconciliation there can be is to restore Hawaii’s independence from the U.S.)


As used in this Joint Resolution, the term “Native Hawaiians” means any individual who is a descendent of the aboriginal people who, prior to 1778, occupied and exercised sovereignty in the area that now constitutes the State of Hawaii. (This is an unacceptable definition. The correct term is “Autochton.” Native Hawaiians are those physically born in one of our islands. In his letter of June 23, 2014 to U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell, HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr. states: “The Apology Resolution was another attempt to make the Kingdom subjects of non-Hawaiian ancestry invisible. …The apology should have been to all subjects of the Kingdom.”)


Nothing in this Joint Resolution is intended to serve as a settlement of any claims against the United States. (Translation: Sorry, so terribly sorry, but we give you NOTHING in return but our deepest apologies.”)

Approved November 23, 1993


SENATE REPORTS: No. 103-125 (Select Committee on Indian Affairs) CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, Vol. 139 (1993):

Oct. 27, considered and passed Senate. Nov. 15, considered and passed House.


The wise words of a Senator who is known to be an Anti-American Indian:

“…the logical consequences of this Resolution would be independence.”

Senator Slade Gorton, US Senate Congressional Record

Wednesday, October 27, 1993, 103rd Congress, 1st Session

Despite, or because of the fact that this Congressional resolution serves as official acknowledgement of crimes perpetrated against the Hawaiian people, to this day it has received little media or academic attention.  In fact, Dr. Aidun views this Congressional act as “the greatest redemption that they could offer to the Hawaii people,” as it will prove to be one of the keys utilized to reclaim and restore Hawaiian National Sovereignty.

In addition, Dr. Aidun cites Article 12 Section 7 of the Hawaii Constitution, which recognizes customary native title and has never been extinguished. Dr. Aidun believes that, “This will be the thin edge of the wedge to nudge the State of Hawaii out of existence as a legal institution.” In 1999, the United Nations confirmed that the plebiscite vote which failed to include the required 3rd option to remain an independent nation and leading to Hawaii’s statehood was in violation of article 73 of the United Nations’ Charter. The 1959 Hawaii Statehood vote, under treaty then in effect, was illegal and non-binding.

Restoration vs. Reconciliation

Although admitting complicity in and culpability for the overthrow of Hawaii, the U.S. Government has thus far refused to respond to polite and reasonable demands to take the appropriate steps toward reconciliation and restoration. Instead, the U.S. has chosen to cavalierly dismiss the matter, arrogantly ignore all references to the issue and deviously change the subject from that of nationhood to that of native rights based on blood-quantum. This situation is about to radically change.

“Former President Clinton gave the Kingdom of Hawaii carte blanche. He forgot to remember the future. But we do! The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) and all other cronies of the State and the federal government should start packing their personal effects.”   HM Attorney General Kingdom of Hawaii

Although the plight of the Kingdom of Hawaii and its people is not unlike that of the Native American peoples on the U.S. mainland, the situation differs significantly. HM King Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr. seeks the full restoration of his Kingdom to its former sovereign-nation status. The proposed “nation within a nation” reconciliation option is not only unacceptable, it’s preposterous!

The Life of The Land is Preserved in Righteousness

Herein are four documents provided by HM Edmund Keli’I Silva Jr.: the Aloha Aina Project, the Proclamation, his letter of June 23, 2014 to the Secretary of the Interior, and his letter of June 7, 2014 to various “powers that be.” In them he states the scope of his responsibilities as King, eloquently tells the true history of his Kingdom and clearly explains the reasoning for his uncompromising position, further declaring that any initiative on the part of any state administrators toward a “nation within a nation” reconciliation shall be deemed an ACT OF TREASON!

The Aloha Aina Project

HM King Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr.’s vision for the restoration to wholeness for his Kingdom is inherent in his comprehensive program, the Aloha Aina Project. This Project outlines the rebuilding of the each infrastructure element vital to the restoration of the quality of life which was taken from the Hawaii people after the theft of their Kingdom. Once instituted, the plan will reestablish the harmonious relationship between the citizens of Hawaii and their interaction in world commerce within a wholly healthy relationship with the Earth.

The Proclamation

The following is the Proclamation by HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., which he conveys to us specifically for this article:

July 5, 2014

 Aloha Kakou,

As the sovereign appointed monarch of the Kingdom of Hawai’i, it is my solemn duty to say to the United States Government, and to the whole wide world that nothing is acceptable to a wronged sovereign except a total and unequivocal restoration and redemption of the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

The Apology Resolution of 1993, Public Law 103-150, a federal law, is inviting the Kingdom of Hawai’i to win even by attrition, and reclaim its temporary loss of sovereignty. We are determined to take advantage of this federal law. After all, we do not ever intend to break a federal or state law especially when it squares with the U.S. Constitution in its capacity as the supreme law of the land.

As King, I was given [inherited] the mana and wisdom of my ancestors to keep the vision of the Kingdom of Hawai’i alive and bring about the restoration of Hawai’i so that it will take its rightful place among the world’s nations. I am driven by a very strong desire to bring about unity and a common vision among the people of Hawaii so that together we can accomplish this great thing. I believe we must forgive the past wrongs and go forward with the great things that we have been called upon to do.

As I see it, the Kingdom of Hawai’i is like a small green Kukui tree, growing in the midst of a concrete jungle. But I believe it is past the time to make room for this great tree to grow. We must remove the concrete surrounding this tree so that its roots can expand and allow nourishment for this tree; hence the creation of the Aloha Aina Project. I live for, and work daily toward, the fruition of this plan. My heart is for the Hawaiian people as well as our future generations. “Aloha Aina” literally means love of the land, but in its deeper sense, Aloha Aina means love of the people, family (past, present and future), the community, nature, the environment, and all that physically and spiritually comprise Hawai’i.

Therefore, I am speaking for those who are living, and those who have had their physical bodies laid to rest in the ground of Hawai’i, with their iwi (“na iwi”, bones) laid with care and Aloha in their sacred burial locations. I am speaking for the Hawaiians of the past the present and the future. I am speaking for the Spirit of these Islands, which has always lived, always will live, and can never die. I am speaking for the Spirits of the Ancestors of these Islands, who have always lived, always will live, have never died and who are always, always with us.

Our time is now. Our time is this moment. Our time is placed in our care for the sacred fulfillment of our destiny, in this NOW moment. We speak with Unity. We speak with One Voice. We speak with One Mind. We speak with One Heart. We are not asking for anyone’s “permission” to be who we are.

We are united in saying in One Voice who we are. We are Hawaiians. We are the caretakers of these lands. We are Hawai’i. So when we see the war criminals perpetuate their shadow arguments, when we hear the deceivers continue to ply their dark trades of commerce and greed, when we hear the corporate-governmental bodies continually trying to converse with us as if we were not there, using their forked tongues, slippery documents and committees of deception, attempting to keep us bowing to their whims and feeding their insatiable appetites which have consumed our lands and our people, we make our stand against all of this Now!

We keep our spirits high because we know they have no power over us. We raise our Spears of Truth, and we raise our Shafts of the Light, and we raise our voices as one voice, and we declare:

We are rebuilding our exiled nation which was never lost. We are teaching our children, and our brothers and sisters, the Truth of who we are so they will never belost in their own lands anymore. We wait not for your “permission” to tell us what we may do in our Kingdom.

We wait not for your documents and committees of deception to tell us how we may “relate” to you.

We wait not for your so-called “appropriations to improve our lives.” We come to you with this message: We are Hawai’i. We are Hawaiians. We are the Kingdom of Hawai’i. This is who we are and have always been long before any of you were ever born.

We are the children of these sacred lands so bestowed upon us by the Supreme Sovereign who is Heavenly Father, God of us ALL.

 Me ka aloha pumehana,

HM Edmund K. Silva, Jr.

“No army can be stronger than an idea whose time has come.”

   HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., King of Hawaii


Letter to the Secretary of the Interior 

Excerpt from the letter of June 23, 2014 from HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr. to U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell and agents:

“… Nor can we afford to allow you to continue wasting valuable time that should be spent on building a self-sufficient, self-reliant nation, with sufficient resiliency to withstand the tides of our times. It is time for the Trustees to step aside and let us proceed to complete our mission of Kingdom restoration.”

“I call upon the Trustees to resign their positions and reclaim their integrity by joining with those who are on the righteous path of national sovereignty. There is still time for you to redeem yourselves, your reputations, and your ancestral kuleana. Should you choose to disobey this request, the Kingdom will have no choice but to try you for treason once the Kingdom is fully restored. And that day is much nearer than any of you could possibly know.

“I implore you to take this message seriously, as the day is coming when, as the Prophet Amos said: “Justice [will] roll down like waters in a mighty stream.” I call upon the Trustees to resign their positions and reclaim their integrity by joining with those who are on the righteous path of national sovereignty. There is still time for you to redeem yourselves, your reputations, and your ancestral kuleana. Should you choose to disobey this request, the Kingdom will have no choice but to try you for treason once the Kingdom is fully restored. And that day is much nearer than any of you could possibly know.

June 7, 2014 Letter

This letter from HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr. is addressed to: Office of Hawaiian Affairs ‘Trustees’ Kana`iolowalu Commissioners, President Barack H. Obama, the United Nations, The U.S. Department of the Interior Office of the Governor (Hawaii), Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (U.S. Supreme Court), The Honorable John Boehner, The Honorable Harry Reid, and Secretary of State John F. Kerry.


“It is my hope, that we seek the things that unite, so as to overcome the things that divide. Ask yourself whether anyone else has stepped forward to serve as Ali’i Nui Mō’i and brought forth a vision and plan that comprehensively addresses the challenges that face our nation and the world. Ask yourself whether you would enjoy and take pride in realizing that vision and plan.

The time has come to cease the crooked games that distract us from being who we are and gifting the world with what we have to offer. What has failed is obvious. The time to jettison that worn out model came long ago. I encourage you to have faith in your ability to fulfill the kuleana left to us by our ancestors and to join with me in raising our submerged nation into the bright light of spiritual awareness and earthly compassion. We have much work to do.”

HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr., King of Hawaii, and Dr. Aidun are serious men on a noble mission. These are men of the highest vision and integrity. Their mission is to make the citizens of Hawaii and citizens of the world fully aware and fully cognizant of the crimes perpetrated against their people and the demand for the rightful restoration of Hawaiian National Sovereignty. In their Cosmic Voice interview, HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr. and Dr. Aidun state their belief in God and cite their heroes, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. They emphasize the priority of their objective and that it must be achieved in a non-violent way.

HM Edmund Keli’i Silva, Jr. and Dr. Aidun are our friends and allies in this global war to vanquish tyranny and therefore strong advocates and supporters of the Keenan NO-FLY ACCORD to which they have pledged their full support and cooperation toward its successful worldwide implementation and enforcement.



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