End The Siege

Unlike the Palestinians, we are lucky to be away from war zones, and expansionist neighbor.

But how can we sleep at night knowing that children are dying in the streets of Gaza?

Do we need to burn all Israeli embassies worldwide so they’ll understand how tired are we of them?

‘End the siege!’ Thousands in Oslo & London protest Israeli offensive in Gaza


Protesters gather, while blocking the traffic, during a protest against Israel's air strikes in Gaza, in London An ultra-Orthodox Jew holds a Palestinian flag during a protest against Israel's air strikes in Gaza in London -


Media Distortions

ABC airs Gaza bombing devastation images – says it’s in Israel

Published time: July 11, 2014 13:22


In the latest case of Western mainstream media confusing the geographical location of warzones, an ABC News anchor described footage of Gaza homes shortly after their destruction by the IDF as belonging to Israel.

On July 8, veteran ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer, 68, opened up a news segment, entitled Under Attack, with the following introduction: “We take you overseas now to the rockets raining down on Israel today, as Israel tried to shoot them out of the sky, all part of the tinderbox, Israelis and Palestinians [sic].”
In two images that accompanied Sawyer’s narration, she says, “Here are two Israelis trying to salvage what they can, while a woman is standing speechless among the ruins.”

There was just one problem: The images of wide-scale physical destruction and human suffering shown in the images were not from Israel, but rather from the Gaza Strip, where the locals have been enduring days of aerial bombings.


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