Dismantling Israel

There are a million reasons why Israel needs to be erased from the map of the Middle East. Its behavior is outside the norms of all other nations on Earth, except probably the United States.

One solution, therefore, is to remove the state of Israel from Palestine, and to establish a permanent Jewish state inside America. After all, United States so love this Middle East squatter it has to keep pleasing it with more than a $100 Billion in aid since its inception in 1962.


The rest of the Khazarians should be put inside FEMA camps until a final solution is available.

Israel is another registered corporation owned and operated by the Cabal.

israel corp

Israel’s Real Target is Not Hamas

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2 thoughts on “Dismantling Israel”

  1. You did a great job with the case.
    Hope your views on this matter will be known to the whole world. Good example for the whole world to knows how long it took to negotiate with the crooked minded people and your judgements about it Will be very
    Very useful.

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