Has the Corporation Finally Stepped Down? – Keenan [Updated]

UPDATE FALSE FLAG: Neil has just asked me to post this for him relating to the earlier Grammy J posting:


Neil has managed to do a lot of digging and much effort to try to get to the bottom of the ‘information’ he had heard. He has spoken to the Dragon family and the Pentagon to discover that it is indeed a False Flag coordinated by an agent of the Bush faction as a distraction and to create confusion.

Neil recognised the name ‘Robert Won’ and instinctively this raised an alarm as Won is not part of the Dragon family and so would never be the person in a position to ‘sign over the gold’. Also the family and China have made it clear that they will never waive the debt, meaning that they will not blame the people for the debt but attribute it appropriately to the Zionists, Nazis and other associated negatives.

As usual Neil saw that there were half truths woven into the ‘information’ as with all disinformation in an attempt to give it credibility. Neil states that what is real is that the East is mostly all cleaned up in relation to banking activity, this includes Hong Kong and the HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) – which are now operating proper banking protocols; because the family has ‘mopped the floor with them’.

Neil continues that nearly all of Asia have now got their banks working properly and there is no more ‘Fed BS’ occurring. Nevertheless, the West is still attempting to play with us – even though the West are on their last legs and in the final death throes.

The Dragon family have made it clear to Neil that when the ‘signings’ do occur, these will be in China not the US and in addition there will be no signings in the Philippines as has been mentioned.

I asked Neil if he had any idea of a time scale and understandably he was unable to give one- just wishful thinking on my part . Neil requests that we must stay vigilant as Cabal desperation means there will be many false flags coming through hard and fast now that we are at the gate and so discernment relating to these types of revelations and activities is key. He has had a long day and gone for a nap but wanted to get the information out to CV as soon as possible.

Hazel Manuras

Here’s the recent conversation between Neil Keenan and Drake…

Update from Neil:


[2:28:08 PM] Neil Keenan: Listen I am not sure if this is true or not but I believe not and I bring it to you so you know what it is like to wait for the rightful answer.
in its entirety…..I will know for sure later but for now this is what I have received and I doubt if true but you never know.  I know some of the names and some are and some are not real players and have been involved in things off color over the years.  Here you are.  We are on top of it.

[2:28:17 PM] Neil Keenan: BREAKING NEWS:
1. At 2 pm Obama signed with the Chinese, bankrupting the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is being swallowed up by the UST under new leadership.
2. At 6 PM PST, Robert Won is going to go in and sign over the gold.
3. At Midnight EST the Organic Act of 1871 is repealed and the US Corporation is NO MORE. Long live the REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES, ONE NATION UNDER GOD WE TRUST!
4. At Midnight PST, “the Admiral” goes in.
5. At midnight PST, IRAQ goes in to include the REINSTATEMENT rate of 3.58 internationally and with a $6 – 8.00 US rate, to gather in IQD for oil credits.
6. General Ham is taking over the US Government and Commander Fairfield is taking over the Treasury.
[2:28:31 PM] Neil Keenan: I will let you know asap…..

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3 thoughts on “Has the Corporation Finally Stepped Down? – Keenan [Updated]”

  1. It always amazes me what a turn-coat Obama is. People should realise and never forget what a criminal he is as well as the people he represents and that he will swing with rest of his kind when the time comes.

  2. Obawmaw has always been scum. I once believed in Keenan and Drake- until Drake fraudulently used his undue influence over me to demand-on live, online radio show to “NEVER! NO! NO! NO!! NOT…NO PAPER ANYTHING!!! UGH!!!” Was his preemptive strike against my following the top financial guru in the country’s plan to short the bad banks and the greedy TPP Corporations, literally breaking all of the banks, and thus, the Cabal! $12 Trillion is what my $30k investment would have brought to “The Plan”, ending this global slavery over two years ago! All because he had his head well up inside Neil’s rectum! Or so I thought, ’til I saw these debunked, Photoshopped fake azz pics-even Nelu looks guilty and unproud of what a con scam he just helped with. So then, why the hell Did Drake screw the world of the good guys???!!! Is HE CABAL? Obviously! How many people has he hurt? Millions have died from his fraudulent actions, why? We have been dealt the worst blow to this plan to free the world- worse than the pullback RFK had to make after his phone call with LBJ right after JFK’s assassination, when LBJ made it clear to Bobby that he knew of his plan for ” the coup thing”(hear “RFK/LBJ phone call” on YT!) With the $12 trillion plus the $200-$400 trillion that Drake’s listeners could have invested alongside myself, there was nothing in this world that we couldn’t have fixed. Get the Rope, my fellow TRUE Patriots!!! We can NOT let him stop another one of my many tasks that my loving, proud dad had entrusted me with-even when I was only seven! I’ve always been very gifted, and with Drake and his unknowing followers set to do his bidding without question-all of them out of the way, we can still be victorious! There are some 30 banks that go broke every month, and, thanks to Obawmaw’s attempts to keep their game going, the once in a lifetime investment opportunity has become three parts, Drake screwed me/us on #2, but #3 will be bigger than the first two parts-combined! We will be free, and we will not spill the blood of any of our military nor the honest police, who the Feds have said will all die in the civil war that he is pushing for! We will all stand together against the tyranny that nearly bled us dry. Molon Labe, Don’t Tread on Me, and Carpe Diem!!!

  3. Drake, in my opinion, is a loose cannon and should never be trusted. His inconsistent approach has branded him as one of the Cabal.

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