Pope Bergoglio & The BRICS Bank

In spite of the heightened anticipation of the Big Event we have yet to lose our sight on the deceptive, behind the scene actions of the Jesuits.

Through the last two Fulford updates [here & here], the WDS is confirming that the European faction of the Illuminati are now actively involved in the planned New Age of Aquarius.

“The global elite are not a monolith. They had a big split in 2000 between two big factions. One was the Nazionist (Nazi/Zionist) group that wanted to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest in order to “save the environment,” and create a race of supermen (themselves) to rule over the sheeple. The other group, let us call them the Warmists, wanted to use fraudulent global warming as an excuse to create a global tax and world government and use part of the tax to preserve forests and nature.

The Warmists lost to the murder threats of the Nazionists in 2000 when George W. Bush was fraudulently elected.

Then an Asian secret society, having eavesdropped a Bohemian Grove Nazionist meeting, learned about the plans to kill the 90% and decided to try to stop them. They eventually managed to convince the Warmist faction to work with them.” more

The European societies that are now collaborating with the WDS are the following:

“The BIS (Swiss Banking), the Scottish Rite Freemasons (British Empire), the P2 Freemasons (Vatican and Mafia), the Grand Lodge de L’Orient (French Empire) and the Thule Society (Germany and Northern Europe) no longer cooperate with the Nazionists, according to multiple sources inside these various secret groups.” more

The WDS proposals are:

  1. First, nationalize the Federal Reserve Board and start issuing government currency (greenbacks) in the place of Fed debt notes.
  2. Second, stage a jubilee, a one off write-off of all debts public and private.
  3. Third, redistribute assets.
  4. Fourth, create a plan for the future.
  5. Fifth, expand out into the universe.

Later on the article, Fulford mentioned about the meeting between Merkel and Putin…

“The main thing is that Europe is distancing itself from the US rogue regime. Germany, France and the UK are no longer allied with the United States in any real sense. On November 15th, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin spent four hours talking alone with each other.

Merkel is fluent in Russian and Putin is fluent in German so they did not need any translators. Judging from various comments by these two leaders and their top government officials in the week since that meeting, the main topic of discussion was Germany joining the BRICS alliance. Other topics were: the splitting of Eastern Europe into Russian and German zones of influence, the splitting of the Ukraine, the use of German marks or Euros to pay for Russian gas and a free trade agreement between the German led EU and the Russian led Eurasian Economic Union. The French are also planning to pay for Russian oil and gas in either Euros of French Francs.

The British wish to stay close to their fellow Anglo Saxons in the United States and Canada and, to accomplish this, will fight to remove the Nazionists who seized power there, according to MI5 sources.”

These paragraphs seem to jive perfectly with Kevin Annett’s assertion that Pope Bergoglio’s Vatican is investing in the BRICS Bank as part of an elaborate cover-up of centuries of genocidal crimes and corruptions.

That makes most of us here very uncomfortable because the Jesuits have been the source of all that is evil on this planet. They are the rebranded Knights Templar who for centuries have ravaged nations and plundered the treasures of the East without provocation whatsoever. They sought full control of the entire planet then, and now they are still part of the movement to reform the slavery system which they themselves have created.

Aren’t we supposed to see them all incarcerated first for the crimes of genocide they have committed before any talk of reprieve shall be granted? Even ordinary pickpockets in my country have to spend years inside filthy prison cells, so what makes these scum slave drivers so special?

Are the Bushes, Netanyahus and Cohens, the only ones deserving to spend their time inside?

Do these people really think we can be persuaded to lay our guards down by the paper money that is about to be thrown our way?

Or, is this just a grand scheme of stealth to identify precisely those people who persistently resist the slavery system so they can eliminate them later while all eyes are not looking?

…just like they assassinated all those young bankers who knew how the system works?

Never forget, the Jesuits are the real experts in mind reprogramming, and Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio is doing an astounding job for that same organization he belongs to.

The first article below provides just a glimpse of how much control the Vatican exerts on the politicians in Europe and across the globe.

Pope Francis says ‘old infertile granny’ Europe should stop treating people as ‘cogs in machine’

Published time: November 25, 2014 17:10
Edited time: November 26, 2014 06:30

This handout photo released by the Council of Europe on November 25, 2014 shows Pope Francis adressing the assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, eastern France, on November 25, 2014 (AFP Photo / HO)
This handout photo released by the Council of Europe on November 25, 2014 shows Pope Francis adressing the assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, eastern France, on November 25, 2014 (AFP Photo / HO)

Addressing the European Parliament for the first time, Pope Francis has alluded to a general impression of “ageing and weariness” in Europe and said a new spirit should be built, where humans are treated not as programmable objects.

“In many quarters, we encounter a general impression of weariness and aging, of a Europe which is now a ‘grandmother’, no longer fertile and vibrant. As a result, the great ideas which once inspired Europe seem to have lost their attraction, only to be replaced by the bureaucratic technicalities of its institutions,” the Pope said.

The pontiff said there are many situations in which human beings are treated “as objects whose conception, configuration and utility can be programmed, and who can then be discarded when no longer useful, due to weakness, illness or old age.”

He warned, however, against misunderstanding the concept of human rights and from its misuse, saying there is a “tendency to claim ever broader individual rights these days.”

“In fact, unless the rights of each individual are harmoniously ordered to the greater good, those rights will end up being considered limitless and consequently will become a source of conflicts and violence,” Pope Francis has warned.

[Now, get ready for the classic Jesuit double-talk… -eClinik]

Francis said Europe should create jobs, noting that technical and economic questions are currently dominating political debate, much “to the detriment of genuine concern for human beings.”

Men and women risk being reduced to mere cogs in a machine that treats them as items of consumption to be exploited, with the result that – as is so tragically apparent – whenever a human life no longer proves useful for that machine, it is discarded with few qualms, as in the case of the terminally ill, the elderly who are abandoned and uncared for, and children who are killed in the womb.”

[“Jobs” and “mere cogs in a machine”, are they not synonymous? – eClinik]

This handout photo released by the Council of Europe on November 25, 2014 shows Pope Francis adressing the assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, eastern France, on November 25, 2014 (AFP Photo / HO)
This handout photo released by the Council of Europe on November 25, 2014 shows Pope Francis adressing the assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, eastern France, on November 25, 2014 (AFP Photo / HO)

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Kevin Annett: Pope Bergoglio meets secretly at EU Parliament capital with Russian, Dutch diplomats on BRICS bank & Dutch Queen coverup

Kevin Annett: Pope Bergoglio meets secretly at EU Parliament capital with Russian, Dutch diplomats on BRICS bank & Dutch Queen coverup

By Alfred Lambremont Webre



VANCOUVER, BC – Kevin Annett, North American field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.ORG) has revealed that Pope Francis Bergoglio on Nov. 25, 2014 met secretly in Strasbourg, France, the seat of the European Parliament, with Russian and Dutch diplomats. The Alitalia plane on which the Pope traveled returned to Rome within four hours of its departure.

Vatican funding BRICS; Pope Bergoglio take secret $500,000 payment to certify Argentine crony daughter as future Dutch Queen

According to Kevin Annett, the Pope’s meeting Russian diplomats was in furtherance of arrangements through Deutsche Bank of the Vatican’s financial contribution to the BRICS central bank, of which Russia, under Vladimir Putin, is a central founder.  The Pope’s meeting with Dutch diplomats may have been in furtherance of the Pope’s having provided credentials for Dutch Queen Maxima when she was the Argentine Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti, whose father was a Minister in the military Junta and an associate of then Jesuit Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio.  According to ITCCS witnesses, Pope Francis Bergoglio was paid a $500,000 secret personal fee in order to certify Maxima as free to marry the heir to the Dutch throne Willem-Alexander.

On July 18, 2014, In the Matter of The People v. Bergoglio et al (Case Docket No. 18072014-002), Pope Francis [Jorge Mario Bergoglio] and other defendants were found guilty by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels “of aiding and abetting Crimes against Humanity, including murder and human trafficking, and of personal involvement in those crimes. Their guilt has been ably presented and proven beyond any reasonable doubt by the Prosecution.”[1]

RCMP issued stand-down order at Kinder-Morgan oil pipeline

In his interview, Kevin Annett stated that Common Law Sheriffs of the ITCCS.ORG would be issuing and enforcing  stand-down orders against Royal Canadian Mounted Police deployed at the site of the proposed Kinder-Morgan oil pipeline project to take Alberta tar sands oil to China.  The pipeline, opposed by First Nation and community groups on environmental grounds, is now guarded by RCMP detachments.

Today, ITCCS stand-down orders have been issued against RCMP by the Vancouver-based West Coast Common Law Court of Justice “in the wake of illegal arrests and violent ‘gestapo tactics’ by RCMP officers against peaceful protestors opposing the desecration of forests on Burnaby mountain by the Kinder-Morgan corporation.”

Copies of the Stand Down Order were given to RCMP officers today and delivered to the RCMP Superintendent in Ottawa by Court appointed Peace Officers.

Canada: Cabinet Minister Denis Lebel, 12 Mile Club in ritual child sacrifices

Kevin Annett reported that Pope Francis Bergoglio may be shuffling the newly consecrated Cardinal Francois LeCroix of Montreal. The ITCCS.ORG revealed in Oct. 2014 that Canadian Harper government Cabinet minister and Cardinal LeCroix had participated in a February 22, 2014 secret ritual sacrifice of a young boy in a church next to the Jesuit headquarters on Borgio Santi Spiritu in Rome.[2]

Mr. Annett also revealed the identity of British Columbia Judge Paul Leask as involved in concealing ritual sacrifices and sexual activity at Vancouver, BC’s prestigious Vancouver Club and through the so-called “12 Mile Club”.  As revealed by ITCCS.ORG last week, whistleblower employees at local yacht basins confirmed that ritual sacrifices of children are now taking place aboard yachts outside the 12-mile territorial limit of Canada.[3]

Citizen’s War Crimes Tribunal to prosecute Transhumanist Agenda

Kevin Annett announced during the interview that he would be joining a Transhumanist Agenda War Crimes Tribunalannounced on Nov. 20, 2014 at the Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels. The mission of the Citizen’s Tribunal is to prosecute, try, adjudicate, sentence, and enforce against perpetrators at all levels in the Transhumanist Agenda including the use of new physics torture and mind control/robotization weapons; the use of mind-control technologies in any and all human settings; and the robotization of humans.

Kevin Annett will be a Judge on the War Crimes Tribunal, along with Alfred Lambremont Webre, former Judge on the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal.

Former Belgian Parliament MP Laurent Louis has agreed to serve as Prosecutor for the Tribunal.[4]

Kevin Annett announced the new contact for ITCCS.ORG as itccsoffice@gmail.com  ITCCS website is www.itccs.org

[1] Kevin Annett: Pope Francis, Jesuit Superior General, Archbishop of Canterbury guilty of child genocide – Intl. Common Law Court. Republic of Kanata Convention announced  http://bit.ly/1ATSlr9

[2] Kevin Annett: Witnesses identify Canada PM Harper Cabinet Minister Denis Lebel in 2/22/14 Ninth Circle child sacrifice next to Jesuit headquarters in Romehttp://bit.ly/15AsgjZ

[3] Kevin Annett: 12 Mile Club-Vancouver & Bangkok world’s top child trafficking cities. Archbishop, Chief Judge, United Church in 9th Circle child offshore sacrifices in yachts  http://bit.ly/1uXl5vy

[4] Alfred Webre: Citizen’s war crimes Tribunal, International Statute, Comprehensive enforcement to end Transhumanist Agenda  http://bit.ly/1ycYOtD

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  1. I just watch the video(in the post global elite are not a monolit)with Zagami and the Princess(i wonder if the Emperor is aware)and I am quite surprised by the talk in a good sense,but the last time i read about Zagami(by Fulford also)he was just a crook or worst.Not so??

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