Names Redacted; CIA Torture Report Sparks Bush Arrest Plea

Published on Dec 15, 2014

Just last week, the Senate Intelligence Committee released their full report on inhumane CIA torture tactics. Even though the report says former President George W Bush was kept in the dark until 2006, many people still believe he should be held accountable for the actions of the CIA during his term as Commander-in-Chief. In fact, the International Criminal Court has in their hands, an official request document for the immediate arrest of George W Bush.

Joining us today, is professor Francis Boyle from the University of Illinois’ College of Law. He’s very closely connected with the ICC, and is reporting on the status of the Bush arrest warrant request.

Names Redacted from CIA Torture Report

Published on Dec 10, 2014

Dark days in Washington DC. And for some, the shadow of the Capitol Building is still covering up their name, protecting them from criminal prosecution. While President Obama peddles his healthcare law on cable TV comedy shows, the United States suffers a major black eye on the global landscape. And rightfully so. In fact, the UN says people need to be punished. Top US officials need to show some accountability and answer for their crimes. All of this comes out in the recent CIA report, revealing brutal torture tactics, used as interrogation techniques.

The report says the agency brutalized dozens of terrorist suspects after 9-11. Of course, those suspects were not given the right to due process in a court room. And even worse, the report says CIA contractors knew, their tactics wouldn’t work. They already exhausted all of the intelligence they could out of these suspects, and yet they continued the beatings.

Investigators determined that President Bush himself didn’t even know about the torture until 2006, four years after the program started. Former CIA director Mike Morrell still refuses to believe the report. He says the CIA never misled anyone. He says CIA officers were acting under the direction of the President, and he says they were actually told by the Justice Department, their torture was legal.

But get this: the Justice Department says they aren’t prosecuting anyone. The report says the CIA misled Congress and LIED to the Bush and Obama administration about where their intelligence was coming from, just so they could keep their torture chamber open, paid for by federal tax dollars. Now, don’t get me wrong… I’m all for government transparency. But if the Justice Department has NO intention of punishing anyone, or holding the CIA accountable, why announce this news in the first place? It would almost be like a random person torturing people in his basement, telling the whole world exactly what crimes he committed, and then expecting zero consequences. Sounds crazy when you put it in that context, but that’s essentially what we’re seeing here. The Senate KNEW this would outrage America’s enemies, and yet they STILL published the report.

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