Busted! – The Taming Of The Cabal’s Lowlifes

Busted! – The Taming Of The Cabal’s Lowlifes

Neil is mad as hell!  He’s had enough of the pointless criminal endeavors that these cabal cronies are foisting upon those who give their best toward making the change happen.

Well they can forget it. Change is going to come.


Since much sordid detail has recently come to light, Neil believes the time has come to be the whistleblower on these attackers.  It will also give an idea, albeit a small one, that there is not one aspect of what Neil is doing that is without multiple twists and turns.

We would like to see it otherwise, and to that end, here is a bit of a side-drama that needs revealing.   With so much deviousness and unnecessary turmoil, it’s time to shed some light under these rocks.  And Neil’s coming out swinging to get rid of these bothersome parasites.

For nearly four months Neil Keenan, the Keenan Team, Drake, Thomas, and Cosmic Voice have had to endure intense and constant hacking attacks.  Fortunately, we have  found ways to repel these attacks, this post being just one of them.

Understandably, and unfortunately, it is something we have to deal with in this Universe — those who appear to be other than who they truly are.
With convincing evidence derived from their own computers, they must now face the very music they create with their hatred, jealousy and revenge, the disorder that courses through their veins.

You may be aware of them as being something “special” but it is just possible that they are deceiving you as they have many others.  The “Old Girls Club” is very old, and whereas at one time we thought to just ignore them and let them go away, it has come time to put a stop to them all, with even jail being a consequence.

Thanks to one of them, one that wished to destroy us all, we have been sent information that will take them down along with all the others who thought this was fun and games. Yes, this member of their group attempted to leave but Deb Martindale roped her back in.  Since they thrive on their own hateful venom, it’s obvious that those who are not so sure will be distancing themselves from Sims, Pollack and their group in order to avoid possible arrest.

Hard evidence and a sworn statement are now in the hands of not only the Illinois State Attorney General but also FBI investigators who have opened the doors to examine the following group members:  Tom Sims, Deb Martindale, Elizabeth Otto (although with a caveat – it seems that someone has come to her defense in order to prevent her prosecution), Ellen Gonzalez, Scott Pollack, Emily Twohig, Luna Lita, Jean Haines.

This group’s sole objective is to attack Neil Keenan, the Keenan Team, Drake/Cosmic Voice, and others that move forward toward liberty without the permission of the Old Girls, and Tom Sims and Scott Pollack who have aligned themselves very closely with these women in many ways.

Tom Sims lives with his Mommy, and his base of attack on everyone is from his basement apartment in her home.  Scott Pollack tried to recreate himself in the image of his father, who was a successful musician, but failing that, he has become a buffoon of a blog host. He never did quite fit into his old man’s shoes.

Not understanding one word of what he says, Pollack acquires his information from Sims and transmits his libelous slander for anyone who will listen, and tolerate watching his incessantly blinking eyes.  It’s not a large number who tune in, but it’s still one too many for anyone of conscience to bear.

Sims and Pollack along with Haines are the purveyors of the contemptible slander and needless attacks.  After Haines and Keenan parted ways, she went on her own personal attacks amounting to little or nothing of the truth.  Keenan parted with Haines because she became unbearable, demanding among many things that he leave the Global Accounts alone and stick to his lawsuit.

For all of her fawning followers, Haines agenda remains solely about Haines.  She stated her perspective clearly to Neil:  Forget the people! Go into “ascension” with her and leave everyone else behind to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately for Haines, Neil wanted nothing to do with it.  Fortunately for us, Neil loves his family and has no reason to leave any of us behind.  In fact, quite the opposite — he plans on taking us along with him right to the very victorious “end.”

Haines ordered Keenan to take the girls off his Facebook page (not pornographic, by the way), but what no one knew at the time (including Keenan) is that it was Sims posting those pictures.  And he is still doing it to this day. But Neil took some amusement in playing this game – he dances to his own music.

Since the following facts have been posted on another site already, Haines’ less-than-stellar background bears noting here as well.   Haines’ husband apparently committed suicide, the circumstances of which are still under investigation.

By all local accounts, the husband was well liked, but as it turns out, Haines was run out of that hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.  She now hides in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, living illegally there to hide from the mess she created.

Now Sims’ website has been copied and let it be known that any move they make can be considered criminal.  This is not due to slander or libel but because of the outright theft instigated by Sims at the Western Union in Limassol, Cyprus.  It was Sims who hacked into Keenan’s computer and sent out requests on Keenan’s behalf soliciting money to be sent to an email address that was very similar to Neil’s.

The instructions for the money came from Sims and his team.  They then had someone pick up the funds waiting for Neil at the Western Union office in Limassol.  And this was done without any identification being required!  Ultimately, Sims is responsible for this theft and the shameless duping of innocent supporters.

Birds of a Feather

“There is no reason to hide what is taking place,” states Neil.  The authorities are now monitoring Sims, Pollack, Haines, Gonzalez, Otto, Twohig, and others.  As a matter of fact, the Keenan Team encourages this group to continue their slandering, and have Sims keep posting comments posing as Neil’s direct postings.

Sims himself states, “We have created not just a cluster-fuxx for Keenan we have created a virtual cluster-fuxx.”  Furthermore, he tells his followers (the above members of the group who have secret codes) that soon Drake will be travelling south in an attempt to get away from this group.  It is highly doubtful that anyone is running from this group.

It seems they have their sights aimed especially at Drake.  According to their communications between themselves, they expect Drake to be going southbound anytime now.  Little do they know that soon they themselves may be heading south – south to the Hoosegow (jail)!

From a recent conversation, Neil understood that “the group wants the Old Girls, Sims, Pollack and all the others to continue on.”  But they should be aware of this and govern themselves accordingly:  Anything and everything that’s done now is monitored; every move on their website is being watched.  If they delete from their set-up or if they add, it is a matter of record.

And it really is nice for a change to give authorities a legitimate clean-up job and watch them actually do the right thing.  It seems the one who thinks he is the hunter is now trapped by an actual hunter.  With a laugh, Neil declares:  “Checkmate!”

The Tables are Turning

Why does this group’s world revolve around Drake/Thomas and Keenan?  Drake’s and Thomas’ nightmare:  For all who wonder what is happening with the show’s interruptions, just ask the above-mentioned individuals, particularly Tom Sims. But the show must go on and the Drake/Thomas team plow through the snow to get the show up and ready, only to often have it interrupted and communications blocked.

Now that the State Attorney General of Illinois’ and the FBI are involved, it will not take much for these recognized thieves, liars and cheats to be picked up now.  With  indisputable documentation in hand, it is only a matter of time before all of this criminal activity will stop.

As we wait to see what transpires from this outright conspiracy to defraud the Keenan Team and to prevent Cosmic Voice from conducting orderly business, it just may be that this above-mentioned team has expanded.  Alfred Webre is now a part of this corrupt team, and possibly Kerry Cassidy, but the jury is still out on her.  She may have planted some roots, but let’s not water them and watch her wither.

Cassidy has been collaborating with a cohort of hers, Paul Collin, in attempting to cast suspicion about Neil being the “real thing.”  Considering that not too long ago Neil provided some financial help to Collin in his time of desperate need, this is a most dismal way to acknowledge that kindness.  With Cassidy supporting his effort to discredit Neil, it surely raises some glaring questions about her motive and agenda.  If there are any whistleblowers on this whistleblower host, Cassidy, please contact the Keenan Team.

There are those who counted on Neil remaining quiet about these nefarious deeds.  But to do so only perpetuates keeping us in the dark and unaware.  The concept of unity is not an elusive ideal –  real freedom starts with taking a stand against all things that keep us in struggle.

Neil Keenan & The Keenan Team



Copyright © 2015, GROUP K, Ltd.

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2 thoughts on “Busted! – The Taming Of The Cabal’s Lowlifes”

  1. Why is there a taming of the cabal lowlifes when in reality they should be terminated along with the rest of their kind? Compassion is a wonderful energy but where the people concerned have no concept of its meaning and application, there will be nowhere available for them to survive. They belong to an energy system that is now failing and when it is complete their only recourse is to be terminated. In reality they can never be trusted with anything and would be a dangerous piece of baggage to have around.

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