UK / Western Intelligence Caused Paris Attack

Independent analyses are united in blaming the West for the false flag attack on France tabloid, Charlie Hebdo.

This update will support the analyses of two independent personalities below:

Terrorist Reportedly Connected to Paris Attacks Resides in Britain

UK resident, who reportedly was a close associate of a convicted extremist monitoring two of the Paris attackers, relied on the Human Rights Act to prevent deportation from the country.

LONDON, January 18 (Sputnik) — A terrorist who is believed to have links with recent attacks in Paris, Baghdad Meziane, is currently residing in the United Kingdom, as previous Home Office’s attempts to deport him to Algeria failed, The Telegraph reported Sunday.Meziane was jailed for 11 years back in 2003 for running a terrorist support network, and London has repeatedly said that he still constitutes danger to the United Kingdom community.

However, Meziane relied on the Human Rights Act to prevent his deportation, saying that it would ruin his private life, as he has two children living in the United Kingdom. Apart from the above, Meziane claimed he might face torture if sent back to Algeria.

According to The Telegraph, Meziane was a close associate of a convicted extremist Djamel Beghal, who monitored two of the Paris attackers – Cherif Kouachi and Amedy Coulibaly.There is now a growing fear in the United Kingdom, as many no longer believe that British security services are able to stop potential terrorists and prevent possible terror attacks. Security across the United Kingdom is being stepped up, patrols have been increased in Jewish areas.

Over the past week France has suffered three terrorist attacks involving Islamic radicals, resulting in the deaths of 17 people in the Paris area. On January 7, terrorists attacked the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper’s office, the following day a French female police officer was killed, while on Friday a gunman killed four hostages in a kosher supermarket.

Following the Paris attacks, European police service Europol stated that there was a potential threat of new terror attacks in the EU countries, adding that the most likely targets are the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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Paris attacks: Jean-Marie Le Pen says French terror attacks were work of Western intelligence

Front National founder gives credence to conspiracy theories in an interview with virulently anti-western Russian newspaper


The Charlie Hebdo massacre may have been the work of an “intelligence agency”, working with the connivance of French authorities, according to Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the far right Front National.

In an interview with a virulently anti-Western Russian newspaper, Mr Le Pen, 86, gave credence to conspiracy theories circulating on the internet suggesting that the attack was the work of American or Israeli agents seeking to foment a civil war between Islam and the West.

His comments – only partially retracted in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde today – provoked outrage amongst French politicians. They will also infuriate Marine Le Pen, his daughter, and successor as leader of the FN, who has been trying to distance the party from her father’s extreme and provocative remarks.

Mr Le Pen stood down as FN leader three years ago but remains President-for-life. He made the comments in an interview with Komsomolskaïa Pravda , a newspaper which had already blamed the United States for the terrorist mayhem in France.

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Londonistan Is Source of
Terror Wave, Paris Attack

by Jeffrey Steinberg

[PDF version of this article]

Jan. 12—In the wake of the vicious massacre in Paris on Jan. 7, two facts stand out. First, the two brothers who carried out the attack at the Charlie Hebdo offices had verified connections to the jihadist network run from London—which is properly designated “Londonistan” by knowledgeable terrorist experts. Second, the assault, among others around the globe, comes at a time when the British imperial structure that runs such terror, is increasingly desperate to impose its agenda of global dictatorship, to try to save its bankrupt system from destruction.

The Paris attack is a harbinger of further terrorist attacks of this nature, warned Lyndon LaRouche on Jan. 8.

“This is coming from London, and is part of the British drive for war. Their policy is massive population reduction, and the strategic deployment of terrorist assets must be understood in this context.”

LaRouche also warned that the British will play both sides of the Islam/anti-Islam polarization. But “terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the specific label,” LaRouche asserted. “This will require some very serious and competent intelligence work to defeat this threat.”

To be successful, however, such work has to begin from the established fact that it is an Anglo-Saudi apparatus, in operation for decades, which is the wellspring for the training, protection, and financing of international terrorism. Thus, the fact that former Senator Bob Graham and Representatives Walter Jones and Stephen Lynch went after the Saudi operation by name, in their Jan. 7 press conference on Capitol Hill, calling for release of the classified 28 pages of the Congressional Inquiry report on 9/11, represents a very important step toward exposing the top-down nature of the real terrorist threat.

The Evidence, So Far

The events several days ago in Paris, are still very much under investigation. It would be premature to wrap a ribbon around the story and claim that there’s a clear picture of what was behind that operation. But certain things have already come out that are verified and clear: First of all, the two brothers who were involved as the attackers at the Charlie Hebdo office, who killed a dozen people, were part of a network, a recruiting network, a jihadist network that has been operating under the protective umbrella of the British monarchy, for a very long time. There are mosques in London, including the Finsbury Park Mosque, where the recruiters of those two Kouachi brothers, were based, and were, for decades, protected by the British Crown and by British intelligence.

One of the leaders of that mosque, Abu Hamza, was, recently, in the last several years, extradited to the United States and was put on trial for his role in certain terrorist activities and terrorist recruitment, and his principal defense in court in the United States, is that, while he was there as a recruiter for al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups, he was also secretly working for British MI5, the equivalent of their FBI. And there’s reason to believe that there’s a significant credibility to those claims.

One way or the other, what you’re dealing with here, is, from the top down, an Anglo-Saudi apparatus that is the wellspring for the financing, for the training, and for the protection of international terrorism, and so long as that truth remains concealed from the American people and from the world as a whole, there is no way to stop this terrorism; this terrorism will go on, uninterrupted, and yet, by simply exposing the truth, starting with the release of those 28 pages, we can begin to solve this problem in the proper manner.

EIR Spotlighted London Role

Now, I should just add one footnote. Because months before the 9/11 attacks, Executive Intelligence Review presented a dossier to then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. And Tthe dossier basically called for the State Department to consider whether the government of Great Britain should be put on the list of state-sponsors of terrorism.[1]

That dossier was based exclusively on government documentation, formal diplomatic démarches that were filed with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, from governments as diverse as those of Egypt, Russia, Peru, Colombia, India—and in every instance, the complaint was the same:. tThat terrorism networks that were active in all of those countries, were being given safe-haven protection, logistical support, and financing, by the British government.

Among the nations which had loudly protested the British government’s protection of terrorists deployed against their country was France.

In late 1995, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria, known as the GIA, operating from its London headquarters, ordered a terror war against France. The Nov. 6, 1995 London Daily Telegraph reported the French government’s protest in an article entitled “Britain Harbours Paris Bomber.” On Nov. 3, 1995, the French daily Le Figaro wrote, under the headline “The Providential Fog of London,” of the GIA’s bombing spree:

“The trail of Boualem Bensaid, GIA leader in Paris, leads to Great Britain. The British capital has served as logistical and financial base for the terrorists.”

The next day, France’s Le Parisien reported that the author of the GIA terror attack in side France was former Afghan mujahideen leader Abou Farres, who was given a residence visa in London, despite the fact that he was already wanted in connection with the bombing of the Algiers Airport. Farres’s London-based organization, according to Le Parisien, recruits Islamic youth from the poor suburbs of Paris, and sends them to Afghanistan, where they are trained as terrorists.

In the case of Russia, there were mosques throughout the United Kingdom, that were hotbeds of recruitment for sending newly minted wild-eyed jihadists, first to be trained in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then into the Caucasus to join with the Chechen networks that were carrying out a bloody terror campaign against Russia.

In the case of Egypt, the Islamic Jihad group, that which carried out the massacre of tourists at the Luxor historic sites in upper Egypt, was run from London by networks that were financed and protected by the British government.

So, the issue on the table, with those 28 pages, goes beyond just Saudi Arabia. It goes to the heart of the nature of the still existing imperial powers on this planet. And so, by releasing those 28 pages, and by unleashing an element of the truth, we not only have a unique opportunity to achieve justice, for the families, for all Americans, and for all victims of terrorism worldwide; but we lay the basis for shutting this apparatus down, once and for all. Because terrorism is not a “sociological phenomenon”; it’s not something that is managed from the bottom up. Like the international drug trade, it is run from the top down, and all roads ultimately lead back to what even the British press refers to as “Londonistan.”

The French Respond

On Jan. 11, more than a million people surged through the boulevards of Paris, in a rally for unity, described as the largest demonstration in French history. Four million Frenchmen rallied throughout France, buttressed by dozens of world leaders showing solidarity with the victims of terror.

Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that this response from the French population, which failed to be intimidated by the terror attack, amounts to a revolutionary spirit which has the potential to build into an alliance to finally defeat the “mother” of terrorism against all nations, the British monarchy.

Jacques Cheminade, president of the Solidarité & Progrès party in France, and a close ally of LaRouche, issued a statement Jan. 12 which provides the best on-the-ground report on the historic mobilization underway. “Let’s not let this decisive moment pass us by,” Cheminade says, and elaborates as follows:

“In Paris this Sunday, Jan. 11, I marched with the people of my country. I could not but admire the reverence, the dignity, and the determination of this immense crowd, transcending party politics. ‘I am Charlie,’ ‘I am a Jew,’ ‘I am a policeman,’ ‘I’m a Muslim,’ ‘I am a Christian,’ ‘I’m a Frenchman,’ ‘I’m a citizen of the world,’ tells you what we all felt.

“Our place was there. And the feeling nothing would be as it had been before was there too.

“Today, political life resumes, that is, reason committed to action, without hypocrisy. It is immediately necessary to identify those responsible: We must demand accounts, of Saudi Arabia, of Qatar, and all those agencies that engendered these Frankenstein monsters. We must place blame on those who, whether in London or Washington, in Wall Street or the City of London, whether in Riyadh or Doha, promote terrorism or launder its funding, violating the principles of our republics.

“On an emergency basis we must set up a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the sources of terrorism, with the commitment not to stop investigating into areas no matter how embarrassing.

“It is time, well past time. Without such action, we will descend into the aggressive policy of NATO, and into a regime of lawless law, which, as it was noted by Mikhail Gorbachov, may lead to nuclear war, and in which terrorism is the asymmetrical excrescence.

“It is time, well past time, to return to a global policy that serves the cause of humanity, a policy of peace, understanding, and cooperation with all those who are willing to put an end to the destructive austerity policies that create the breeding ground of false prophets and imbecilic barbarians.

“Let’s do what it takes to ensure that that lovely day of yesterday brings us there, and that national unity not be a so-called sacred union, suffocating us in submission to those who sow the wind to reap whirlwind.

“With a thought in each of our deeds for the two youths at Vincennes this past Friday, who died a hero’s death as they sought to wrench weapons from the killer’s grasp.

“Forward! We are the stuff dreams are made of.”

This is the kind of spirit which it is high time Americans, who have suffered nearly 14 years of Bush-Cheney-Obama coverupcover-up and terror, evinced as well.

[1]”Put Britain on the List of State Sponsoring Terrorism,” EIR, Jan. 21, 2000.

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