Red Dragon Ambassador Exposed [Keenan]

As some of you may already knew, there’s a war going on even within the freedom movement and the alternative media at large. It wouldn’t be too far off if the enemy would infiltrate the movement to destroy it.

Nearing the end of 2014, the Keenan Group were subjected to all forms of attacks, some too personal to even be mentioned here. But we choose to stick with the group for the following reasons:

  1. Those who were attacking were not the ones doing the actual hard work;
  2. Some of them are purposely hiding their identities, when in fact, there’s no reason to do so because they are not doing the hard work in the first place;

Why is the Red Dragon Ambassador hiding his identity?

Why that guy with sunglasses is recording his videos with purposely dimmed lights?

The Keenan Group on the other hand is proud to showcase their belly buttons, warts and all.

In contrast, the desperation of those who want to malign the Keenan Group can be summed up by listening to what the lady on the video below is trying to do. She tries to mislead us by saying that the first thing people would see when going to the Keenan site is a donation button. We haven’t seen a donation button since its launching.

We did notice that one time the site was asking for financial help through Bitcoin, but it turned out Jane Haines was the one who had the full control of the said Bitcoin account, which she acknowledged in her blog.

Modern Day Pied Piper /
Red Dragon Ambassador




2 thoughts on “Red Dragon Ambassador Exposed [Keenan]”

  1. Dragon Fraudster Ambassador Red Dragon Family outlined, here:

    Michael D. Winters is only a doctor of devinity reverend ‘affinity’ lunatic claiming to be a “knight” of a ‘fraudulent’ “mounted Order” officially ‘disavowed’ for ‘centuries’ by The Holy See of the Vatican Administration, and he overseas CBC TRUST GROUP in HongKong where a trading platform desk is overseen by Alexander Prado for his senior partner Bo Mikael Lindstrom who originated CBC TRUST GROUP and ALPHA OMEGA STATION in Sweden.

    Michael D. Winters has been linked to “Mikael Lindström” who is ‘not’ the same man as Sweden’s Ambassador ( Mikael Lindström ) to China where current foreign intelligence sources understand the CBC TRUST GROUP and ALPHA OMEGA STATION fraudster named “Bo Mikael Lindström” who in ‘fictitious reality’ created his public image known as the so-called “Ambassador” of the so-called “Red Dragon Family” another ‘concocted affiliation’ of U.S. federal government foreign intelligence fraud.

    It should be noted that the so-called Sir Reverend Michael D. Winters D.D. of the Houston, Texas ( USA ) area knew Sir Reverend William Michael McKnight of Baytown, Texas ( USA ); both of whom are well-noted in global intelligence circles as “bank paper fraudsters” who prey on high’ net worth parishoners attending the churches they create as ‘fraudulent spider webs’ entrapping individual investors in up-front / advance-fee ‘investment schemes’.

    These types of fraudsters were unleashed by U.S. government intelligence to disrupt by embarrassing Alternative Media audiences in an ongoing government operation designed to ‘recapture audiences’ back to multi-national corporations for Mainstream Media where advertising revenue plumetted due to large sections of their audiences having switched over to Alternative Media.

    It’s a ‘corporate money game’ applying people’s tax monies for ‘government intelligence operations’ against the people.

    Citizens Beware!

    Unwanted Publicity Intelligence
    E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com



    1. UPI:

      Most of the links don’t work, We would appreciate it very much if you could upload your image files once again. If you need help on that one, please let us know. Thanks.

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