Another Blackeye for Netanyahu

After Obama released an 80s report which proved Israel’s illegal tinkering of nuclear bombs, no less than its Mossad has recently leaked a report that just after Netanyahu’s UN speech against Iran, they’ve found out that Iran wasn’t weaponizing its nuclear program at all.

These events will make Netanyahu’s congressional visit on the  3rd of March all the more awkward. But if there’s one thing you can admire about this guy it’s his tenacity of purpose, however lame and wicked.

All aid to Israel are legislated through Congress, and all aid has a prerequisite that every recipient must never use it for nuclear proliferation. So, how would Congress react to these revelations?

Will it cancel its invitation for Netanyahu? Or, will they make themselves the laughing stock of the world… one more time?

Israel knows Iran N-program is peaceful, shows leaked Mossad report

Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:41PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu illustrating the 'red line' for Iran’s nuclear capacity, at the United Nations General Assembly, on September 27, 2012.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu illustrating the ‘red line’ for Iran’s nuclear capacity, at the United Nations General Assembly, on September 27, 2012.

Israel has been aware that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and does not include “the activity necessary to produce weapons,” shows a leaked Mossad report, dated shortly after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Tehran of having “plans to build a nuclear weapon”  at his 2012 UN speech.

According to a secret cable, released Monday by Al Jazeera television network, the Israeli spy agency sent a top-secret cable to South Africa’s State Security Agency (SSA) in October 2012 which presented a “bottom line” assessment of Iran’s nuclear work.

In the report, Mossad concluded that Iran was “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons.”

The document, which is in stark contrast with Israel’s anti-Iran rhetoric, was sent a few weeks after the Israeli premier’s September 2012 address at the UN General Assembly in which he claimed that Iran had reached 70 percent of the way to completing “plans to build a nuclear weapon.”

“By next spring (2013), at most by next summer, at current enrichment rates, they will have finished the medium enrichment and move[d] on to the final stage. From there, it’s only a few months, possibly a few weeks before they get enough enriched uranium for the first bomb,” Netanyahu alleged at the time.

Last week, Netanyahu’s office repeated the claim in a statement that “Iran is closer than ever today to obtaining enriched material for a nuclear bomb.”

However, the leaked report says Iran “does not appear to be ready” to enrich uranium to the higher levels necessary for nuclear weapons.

The Mossad report was published ahead of Netanyahu’s planned address to the US Congress on March 3, a move strongly rejected by the Obama administration amid the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Tehran.

A similar CIA report, leaked on on February 20, disclosed that Washington tried to mislead the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) about Iran’s nuclear program through the provision of doctored evidence.

The Mossad and CIA’s leaked information appears to attest Iran’s argument that it is pursuing non-military goals in its nuclear program.

In addition, the IAEA has also conducted numerous inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities but has never found any evidence showing that Iran’s civilian nuclear program has been diverted to nuclear weapons production.

Iran and the West have been engaged in negotiations in an effort to ink a high-profile deal over the matter as Tel Aviv continues attempts to block any agreement.

The fact that Israel has been aware of the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities raises doubts over the credibility Netanyahu’s Congress speech, planned against the backdrop of a row between the US dominant parties.


Debate: US, Israel divided or united?

Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:58AM

As Israel’s election gets closer, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to shut down a smear campaign over his controversial planned speech at the US congress and the Netanyahus’ expense scandal.

Adding to the controversy, Israel has declared that it is going to purchase 14 F-35 stealth fighters from US aerospace giant “Lockheed Martin” at a cost of around $110 million each.

In this edition of the Debate, Press TV has conducted an interview with Mike Harris, editor at Veterans Today from Oregon, and Richard Millet, a journalist and political commentator from London, to share their thoughts on the latest developments of Tel Aviv-Washington ties.



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