Checkmated Kiev: First Cause of Boris Nemtsov’s Death

When Kiev Troops where surrounded in Devaltsevo prior to the Minsk Peace Talks 2.0, it was very clear the breakaway republics were gaining the upperhand. Adding to Porky’s woes is the massive refusal to its recruitment campaign in western Ukraine. All the peace talks accomplished is to seal off the Cabalist agenda for knocking Putin down.

At this time what other option the West have other than bringing the war inside Russia, but the NGOs were already branded as foreign meddlers months before. There must be away to shake the house somehow.

Why not send a disgruntled mistress of a not so popular opposition leader and see what happens?

Anna Duritskaya

Anna Duritskaya, a 23 year old native of Kiev was with Boris Nemtsov when he was shot 7 times, none of which hit his companion, while they were walking along a bridge where the assassination would take place. She may have unwittingly, or otherwise, participated in a plot to make a sacrificial lamb out of the dispensable Western asset, Boris Nemtsov.

Whatever her role is, it’s highly probable that she could be silenced in the days ahead.

When Putin said that such event has the hallmark of a provocation, what that meant in Russia is that  it’s a “false flag” operation. But it’s not only Putin saying this but a number of Russian bloggers are making their own analyses, too, of what’s really going on.

What that means is that the Russians are not yet buying into another deadly charade the West is playing.

In fact, it is beginning to backfire…


“Honestly, I never thought the day would come where I would have anything good to say about the Russian “liberal” or “democratic” “non-system” opposition but apparently this day has come today. To my surprise, all the leaders of this opposition have so far made very moderate and reasonable statement and all those which I have heard have apparently dismissed the notion that the Kremlin was behind the murder.” – The Saker


Nemtsov as Polonium

To be honest, even for internal sacrificial victim – unconvincing. Apparently provocation by external intervention.

Customer – USA. Performers likely Ukraine.

Personally after March of child killers [in support of junta bombing Donbass]  not sorry for any of the Moscow liberals. They get their reward.

That is the move is purely a hope that Moscow will blink and will rush to save “the reputation”. Personally, I would instead take Mariupol.

And most importantly, the Supreme [Putin]  must understand that any dialogue with US scum is not possible.

By the way now I understand why they said “Surkov led the snipers on Maidan”. And why the “error” of CNN with Putin-the executioner.

Why the murder is next to the Kremlin (how did he end up there!).

Of course in the head  of retarded consumers of Fox News, etc. the connection is automatic.

Surkov is sitting on the Kremlin wall and on the order of Putin standing next to him, shooting opposition activists passing by.

Perfect picture for Charlie Ebdo.

The only thing left – machine guns for every creature that moves and stone face for any of the antics of Washington.

Again – ANY. With any degree of hysteria.

Well, and characteristically every time Putin is trying to solve the matter peacefully through concessions of Russian interests, the providence with the hands of American madness brings him back on the right path.

The murder on Vasilyevsky bridge is a good chance to move the Maidan closer to the Kremlin, to the spot of the murder.

Therefore they should put up a very tight cordon and allow only small groups.

Perhaps the timing is such that the police does not have enough time to react.

Da Dzi

Seems when Nemtsov said those words that Putin could kill him, he signed his death sentence.

They looked at him, measured him, priced him, and figured he fits for a sacrificial lamb. If I was Khodorkovsky or Navalny , I would be worried too, if Nemtsov’s mother worries about them.

I know who will be blamed tomorrow by all the liberal, Ukrainian and western media. But any thinking human will understand that Nemtsov’s death is not beneficial to Kremlin. But very beneficial to USA, Ukraine and the white ribbon activists.

There was no chance to get any good crowd for the anti-Russian “anti-crisis” march on March 1st. And therefore Boris Nemtsov was used accordingly.

Amazing fate. All his life he tried to wreck Russia, and continues to even in  his death. 

PS There was also a version that this could be a strike at Putin, but by someone within the Russian establishment

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Will Minsk-2 Checkmate the Warmongers?

posted by Jim W. Dean on February 28, 201

The dead don’t speak, but they can vote with their corpses


“The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them.” – George Orwell

… by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

The more killing and destruction...the harder to make the peace
The more killing and destruction…the harder to make the peace

 The rolling thunder of Kiev’s artillery attacks has grown more distant each day since the Debaltsevo pocket was “neutralized”. The cauldron that never was might go down as the last nail in the current Kiev government’s coffin.

This defeat followed closely behind the devastating loss of the Ukies’ armored brigade, which was wiped out in a two-day attack on the Donetsk airport.

The militia defenders were well prepared for it, and took care of business when it came. Poroshenko doubled down on his denial bet on Debaltsevo not being another such disaster, but it was worse.

His denial of his troops being surrounded there gave the Republics legal cover to continue operations to “disarm or neutralize illegally armed groups” in their territory, per the Minsk2 agreement. Here is what happened.

I have the video below of the Republic militias cutting the MO3 highway north to Artemyevsk. A militia company had advanced on Logvinovo, the first settlement north of Debaltsevo, during the night and attacked it without artillery covering fire in the morning.

Using light weapons and RPGs, the Ukie post was so quickly overrun that it did not send out a warning it was being attacked and overrun.

This was soon proven by the staff car coming south down the highway that got shot to pieces with two Ukrainian army colonels inside, one of them carrying orders that he was the new deputy commander of Debaltsevo. I watched the one as he was dying, and with it Poroshenko’s claim to military fame.

The militias had closed the pocket prior to the Minsk2 meeting and Poroshenko soon knew it. The deaths of these two colonels were to be followed by many more Ukies. In a futile and desperate attempt to hide the disaster, Poroshenko spun a fairy tale of an organized withdrawal, which of course left abandoned units all over the pocket.

Why he thought he had any chance of maintaining this illusion for more than a day or two is beyond me. The dead don’t speak, but they can vote with their corpses. But let me cover the combat tactical situation more fully before the sad ending.

The Ukies were in the Debaltsevo salient because it controlled the railway for the export of coal from the Donbass mines and the main east-west highway between Donetsk and Luhansk. Gorlikva to the west controlled the water mains for the two Republic regions. Controlling these areas effectively negated any potential functioning economy for the Republics, and would put Kiev into a much stronger position in future settlement talks.

Death in Donetsk for an entire Ukie armored brigade
Death in Donetsk for an entire Ukie armored brigade


The Ukie armored brigade attack on the Donetsk airport had the dual goal of maintaining it as the artillery punishment platform for the entire Donetsk area.

Western military strategists advising Kiev had bet the farm that the continued shelling of these civilian areas would erode support for the Republic governments, or force Russia to really send troops in to save them, and thus give credence to the West’s long claimed Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The freedom and democracy Westerners who thought they could use the Donbass people and Ukie conscript army as their new throwaway Free Syrian Army were dead wrong.

The continuing slaughter of both created the obvious blacklash that anyone with some moral fiber could have told them beforehand. “No General Breedlove, this does not include you, sir.”

We could see this at VT clearly without even being on the scene. Just from watching the militia videos, including the women fighters… they told you straight out they were not just fighting for their land. They were up against an enemy killing their grannies and children which had to be fought tooth and nail for the devils they were.

I hope you are reading this General Dempsey, as you were smart enough to know this.

The second hammer to fall was the legions of targeted conscripts fleeing Ukraine to avoid being sucked up into the Kiev fratricidal tornado. Some villages even contracted buses to take all their draftees out of the country. Estimates were that 1.5 million men of military age had left the country. Those are some very substantial tea leaf hints that your cause is not just.

The Ukies even left behind their east to tow tank killing weapons, to be used by the militias now
The Ukies even left behind their easyto tow tank killing weapons, to be used by the militias now


Then, we had the overconfidence of the Ukie Army. They had a substantial three-ring defense around Debaltsevo, with lots of artillery and anti-tank weapons. They thought they were a killing machine for the expected militia attack to push them out, which the Republics had to do to have any economic viability. But the Ukies made some tactical mistakes.

They were a stationary target. Once the militias had them ranged, they could pummel them with artillery and mortar fire. But when it came time for all the massed Ukie artillery to obliterate them, they ran into a few problems.

The militias had superior recon talent, both offensively and also for finding and killing the Ukie spotters who were hunting their guns.

Added to that was the militias’ use of constant movement due to the US satellite passes being made overhead, and the time needed to transfer that position intelligence to the Debaltsevo batteries. The militias’ big guns were not there any more. Usually they would have been moved closer in.

The militias also had helicopter drones for aerial recon and artillery fire correction support. When you are being shelled the last thing, you are going to be doing is sticking your head up looking for a tiny drone 5000 feet over you. I had earlier watched a video of one of these correcting artillery fire on Ukies at the Donetsk airport.

This is a helicopter drone still frame over the Donetsk airport. These could easily adjust artillery fire on target
This is a helicopter drone still frame over the Donetsk airport. These could easily adjust artillery fire on target


So the heavily entrenched Ukie army started getting hammered, and no one seemed to know what to do when the counter battery fire seemed unable to knock out the militia guns. When Logvinovo was taken, everyone knew that resupply was cut off.

On February 17th Colonel Sergey Shaptalo realized what was going to happen to his men and negotiated with the militias an adjustment to the green corridor restriction of leaving with all weapons and equipment left behind. The militias agreed to let him take his men and transport out with light weapons.

The staff column and about half the men got out. But after Porky had declared that his army was not surrounded in Debaltsevo, huge pressure was put on 128th’s Colonel Shaptalo to break the agreement with the militias and retreat with his armor, which turned into a disaster for them on the Artemyevsk highway. I watched a helicopter drone video today of a stretch of that highway, and it was not pretty.

I have watched a militia video of the exact moment when a recon team spotted the first tanks heading north. The video includes the radio message being sent in to the artillery guns to begin shelling the road. A total of only 1000 men, which included 300 wounded, made it out to Artemyevsk, in what was described as a mutinous state.

Porky tries to pump up the next batch of cannon fodder
Porky tries to pump up the next batch of cannon fodder


But Porky got his media moment to claim 2450 men had retreated in order with all of their equipment. But the dead men had the last word.

Kiev now admits to at least 1500 missing in action. And because the militias used jammers to break up Ukie communications, isolated pockets of their troops found themselves cut off with most not even knowing they had been surrounded.

When the 128th mountain brigade pulled out of its positions, that left the southern door wide open for the militias to make their first entry in force into the city. Most of the Western contractors and technical mercenaries had sneaked out during the earlier “civilian” evacuations, dressed up as locals and wounded.

The militias found the civilians still hiding in their basements, and thrilled to learn their horror was finally over.

As for Porky’s claim to equipment removed, the battlefield tells a different story. It has been a Santa Claus moment for the militias, as they remove the hundreds of guns, APCs and tanks they can repair and use to continue defending their land under the Cross of St. George.

I watched commander Givi in an Donetsk airport interview being asked where did the militias get their equipment if not from the Russians. He gave a very credible short laugh and casually said they were supplied by the Ukrainian Army.

Their estimate on munitions recovered in the Debaltsevo pocket was 500 tons, plus enough armor for four new brigades. So expect to hear of new reports by Kiev of more Russian armor brigades inside the Republics.

The EU leaders foresaw the destruction of the best third of the Ukrainian army, which pushed them to Minsk-2
The EU leaders foresaw the destruction of the best third of the Ukrainian army, which pushed them to Minsk-2


Some of the EU countries like Germany began to get a handle on the reality of what was happening, in terms of the collapse of the Ukie’s best military force.

It sparked the quick trip to Moscow by Merkel and Hollande after the Munich Security conference, with the US and NATO crowd sneering at them for abandoning the  sinking Western ship.

German Intelligence has been leaking their comments, including General Breedlove’s, and time has proven them correct. But the Germans twisted the knife on Breedlove. They quoted him saying that sending lethal weapons to Kiev might not allow them to win a military victory, but it would drag the fighting out longer.

His justification was that it would buy more time for the sanctions to work against Russia. It also showed that he and his bosses cared nothing for those killed and the lives destroyed in Ukraine if it served some US interest.

Breedlove is a guy I hope to watch being sentenced for war crimes some day. He and at a lot more of them have earned it, and the battlefield dead request their company.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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