Crimea Attracts Investment; 10,000 Kiev Miners on Strike for Unpaid Wages

More undeniable proofs of the cruelty of “Russian aggression” in Crimea and the “proper standards” exercised by the US installed democratic government in Kiev.

Already, hundreds of companies have shut down their operations in Eastern Ukraine and thousands of miners in the Western part of the country are on strike for unpaid wages and worsening conditions. These are the effects of the US led invasion of the country.

In striking contrast, the annexation of Crimea is gaining foreign investments from China, Turkey and even Israel?

Free Economic Zone in Crimea Attracts Investment From China, Israel, Turkey

Many foreign companies have already invested in the region’s development, including Turkish, Israeli, Chinese, and even western European firms, according to permanent representative of the Crimean Republic to the president of Russia Georgy Muradov.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — A free economic zone in Crimea, due to be launched in March, will attract new investment in the region, and businesses will be secure and profitable, permanent representative of the Crimean Republic to the president of Russia Georgy Muradov told Sputnik.

“Our president adopted the law, according to which Crimea will be a free economic zone. It gives an impulse to the business community to invest more and more resources into the development of Crimean Peninsula, and it will be very profitable business,” Muradov said.

Yalta, Crimea

© Sputnik/ Taras Litvinenko

Western Companies Interested in Investment in Crimea – Minister

Muradov added that many foreign companies have already invested in the region’s development, including Turkish, Israeli, Chinese, and even western European firms, despite the EU sanctions prohibiting them from doing business in Crimea due to Russia’s alleged involvement in the Ukrainian affairs.

“We have many investors – especially from Turkey, from China, from Israel, from even West European countries – which are coming to us, independently from the sanctions. They invest through other companies and have big profits working in Crimea,” Muradov said.

The official highlighted that Crimea, as part of Russia, participates in various international projects.

“There will be a big exhibition in Saudi Arabia in March. We shall take part in it. It will be a so-called ‘road show’… We also plan […] contacts with different business structures and corporations of China,” Muradov said.

After Crimea rejoined Russia following a March 2014 referendum, President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the establishment of a free economic zone in Crimea and the federal port city of Sevastopol.

Large investors will receive additional tax incentives, including duty-free import of goods and equipment.
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Some 10,000 miners go on strike in western Ukraine

March 24, 21:03 UTC+3

Coal miners' protest in Kiev
Miners demand resignation of Ukraine’s energy and coal industry minister and full repayment of wage arrears for January and February

KIEV, March 24. /TASS/. Some 10,000 miners are taking part in a protest rally in the city of Chervonohrad in western Ukraine’s Lviv Region, all seven mines of the Lvovugol enterprise have been shut down, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions (CFTU) of Ukraine reported Tuesday.

“Ten thousand miners have stopped work and entered a new phase of an early strike. They are demanding that closure of mines be stopped, and are insisting on the resignation of Energy and Coal Industry Minister [Vladimir] Demchishin,” chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Ukraine’s Miners Mikhail Volynets said.

Miners are holding posters where their key demands are written: resignation of [Energy and Coal Industry Minister] Demchishin and full repayment of wage arrears for January and February [as of March 24, only 10 million hryvnias out of 95 million have been paid].

Otherwise, miners said they would block an international highway.

© Maxim Nikitin/TASS

About 1,000 miners protest by Ukrainian parliament against overdue wages

Earlier Tuesday, miners held a rally in the town of Dmitrov in the Lviv Region. On Monday, miners held a rally in front of the Lvov administration building. A few hundred miners demanded that wage arrears for January-February be paid to them.

Earlier, miners organizations held a number of protest rallies in front of the presidential administration, the cabinet of ministers and the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s unicameral parliament, in Kiev.

Miners demanded that wage arrears be repaid to them and amendments be introduced into the law “on Ukraine’s state budget for 2015,” to stipulate expenditures for stable work and development of the coal industry, labor protection and wages for miners.

A soldier of Ukrainian Donbas battalion seen on 31 July, 2014

Media: armed volunteer battalions heading for Kiev

source »

US already supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine

According to the militia leader, US ammunition was spotted in Debaltsevo, and NATO planes land at the airports of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv every day

KIEV, March 24. /TASS/. The United States is already supplying weapons to the Ukrainian armed forces, the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, has said.

“The United States is already supplying weapons there. For instance, in Debaltsevo we saw US ammunition. That’s a lethal weapon,” he told a news briefing. “NATO planes land at the airports of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia and Kharkiv every day.”

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US lethal weapons supplies to Ukraine may kill Minsk accords — Russian OSCE envoy Kelin

East Ukraine militia leader urges Obama not to supply lethal arms to Kiev

US lethal arms to Ukraine will strengthen Kiev’s party of war — Russian lawmaker

US Congress passes resolution urging Obama to start arming Ukraine with lethal weaponry

Media: armed volunteer battalions heading for Kiev

Zakharchenko said that Ukraine was bringing back heavy weapons to the line of disengagement.

“Ukraine has not pulled back weapons. It is bringing them back. The pullout was a fake,” he said.

The militias are expecting more provocations by Ukraine’s volunteer battalions, “which have already said they are not obeying orders from Kiev,” he said.

In case the situation gets worse, Zakharchenko said, the Ukrainian forces may mount attacks in three directions – south, north-western and in the area of Debaltsevo to cut the Donetsk Republic away from the Luhansk Republic.

“The way I see the situation, I believe there will be three attacks,” Zakharchenko said. “The main group of the Ukrainian forces is concentrated in the areas of Volnovakha, Krasnogolovka, Artyomovsk, Kurakhovo and other communities.

US plans to begin training of Ukraine’s national guardsmen in April

source »

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