Questions from the Pentagon to the White Dragon Society

Questions from the pentagon and Ben Fulford’s answers below:

Like the economic planning agency, seek input from wds and post a plan, rationale, timing, and benefits for the mil/intel guys to execute now and not wait for the shit to hit the fan (shtf). They are political which means they can be pressured, but they also tend to move slowly and need a monthly kick in the butt. Pls add some meat to this bone…ash carter takes office tues so he needs marching orders

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2 thoughts on “Questions from the Pentagon to the White Dragon Society”

  1. As an older well educated and well traveled American i know the regular normal American citizen is waiting for our military to arrest all of these corrupt government people and until elections can be held ASAP and implement NASARA immediately if u do that there is no reason for worrying about financiing any of this. I understand their are SCJustices along with our Congress and Senate that have been sworn to secrecy not to speak of NASARA but Bill Clinton signed it into law the night before he left office so it is a legal law and the papers are being run around the DC area in a Fed Ex truck 24/7 along with the Queen of England at the behest of Queen Elizabeth and presently Obama the divers are fearful of their lives so they do not come forward with what htey know but the papers are somewhere at Fed Ex…NASARA returns us to our organic Constitution does away with all alphabet agencies and our IRS and replaces it with a 14% sales tax on only unnecessary items such as extra clothes, sports goods, etc etc for running the govenrment and implementing programs for the people it also pays for our military and i am sure u would want to include our Space Program.

  2. I bet americans will start a war between themselves if they are stopped to do war overseas(saddly they have it in their Genes)be it in the name of “freedom” or whatever name they like to use.So my opinion is : even if the big sharks(banksters,cabal or whoever running the show)are stopped we still have that problem(not only in the US sure)to solve,what to do with countless people that cannot live in a peacefull and fair world??

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