All Men Left Behind

While world nations have organized evacuation flights from Yemen for their people, US has simply offered advice and left the rescuing operation to others – RT, for instance.

The US government had no plans to evacuate its citizens from Yemen despite bombardments and fighting in the country.

The US practically abandoned its citizens, telling them no help would come. But some, like the RT TV crew on the ground in Sanaa, couldn’t leave civilians behind — so they turned to the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry for help.


On April 22 and 23, Russia helped nearly 500 people evacuate Yemen, including dozens of US citizens.


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One thought on “All Men Left Behind”

  1. When they don’t want to save their own people it is a sign that they have joined the crap at the bottom of the barrel where they have been heading for a very long time. It may be also that the US is sponsoring the rebellion in Yemen, which they seem to do everywhere else and therefore have nothing to worry about. Or is this an attempt by the US to get agents into the Russian Federation under the guise of a humanitarian rescue by the Russians. The US plays so dirty that nothing is beyond their capability.

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