South China Sea Skirmishes

There has been a confrontation between a US surveillance aircraft and Chinese Navy over its ongoing reclamation in the area of the Spratly Group of Islands, last week.

Published on Oct 5, 2014

Commander Jonathan Odom
an active duty judge
advocate of the U.S. Navy and also server as oceans policy adviser in the office of the secretary
of defense

Discuss on how to improve and reduce the risk that arise from disputes.

Highlights 6 ways rules based approach such as
*Clarity of claims and more

Dr. Bing Bing Jia
Tsinghua University, China

Discuss two types of main dispute
1. Territorial Soverighneity
2. Maritime Delimitation
and reaction of

Dr. Vu Hai Dang
Vietnam Lawyers Asscociation

Dealing with the South China Sea Islands such as Paracels Islands and Spratly Islands and the Oil Rig


H.E Henry Bensurto
Dpartment of Foreign Affairs, Philippines

*Discuss the main focus of Philippines legal approach in the South China Sea.
* China’s Occupied Philippine Islands and more


Dr. Bing Bing Jia
Tsinghua University, China

*Reaction and Answers of Philippines and Vietnam Accusation to China
* Historical Water, Historical Title and territorial soverighnity
*Reason Why china doesn’t appear to International Tribunal Court

For him the “Law of the Sea” is just a….


Mr. Jerome Cohen
New York University

Discuss the ff:

* Confronted with the Rising China
* Is it going to be a peaceful rise?
* Who owns the island
* What is China Before and Now

With the ASEAN admitting difficulty in resolving the issue in the South China Sea, there’s only one option left aside from going to war and that is the full implementation of the principles defined within the Resource-Based Economy where the motive for profit is effectively eliminated in favor of individual empowerment.

Otherwise, wars of all forms will never cease.

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