An Invitation to A Revolution – Lt Col Roy Potter

If you are an American and still believe in the wisdom of your nation’s founding fathers, this man thinks that the time to do something is now. Later, may be too late.

Published on Apr 4, 2015

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The Pete Santilli Show: Saturday, April 04, 2015 Episode #948

In this episode of The Pete Santilli Show:

Lt. Colonel Roy Potter has approximately 28 years of experience as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, and he offers his insight and expertise in his analysis of the JADE HELM exercise planned for July 2015. This is a BOMBSHELL interview from start to finish, and it’s especially important to pay particular attention to Lt. Colonel Potter’s advisement at the end of the segment. Our survival will depend on what we do with the information coming from this episode of The Pete Santilli Show.

Pete and Susannah cover the week in review and let the listener sound off!!

Pete reviews the past week’s news and discusses important evens and news to expect in the coming week.

Tune in here for conspiracy analysis as the SHTF

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Most American don’t like the term, and some are probably actually not aware of it, but the US stands at the top of a vast global empire. The current economic system and Washington-led military alliances are the centerpieces of world order. Is this good for the world and the average American?

CrossTalking with Patrick Henningsen, John Walsh, and Richard Weitz.

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16 thoughts on “An Invitation to A Revolution – Lt Col Roy Potter”

    1. we need to renounce involuntary debtor citizen taxpaying serf status before this unlawful jesuit system of usury collapse, as this is the only diplomatic way to politically escape global imf apostasy in commerce.

      get out of global imf apostasy, my human family, so that the vicar at the vatican unholy see can politically suffer a new fate

      collective security (all for one Kristos & one Kristos for all) under international human rights law, is the only diplomatic way to access these international privileges for all.

      if we don’t put aside petty prejudices to focus on the political status of the man (vicar pope) of international lawlessness today,

      while our global system of commerce is drastically failing anyway,

      then how will international human rights justice be served, if we tacitly allow global Jesuit Supremacy to remain?

      peaceful diplomatic alternatives truly do exist, but without a divine UN Mediator to exercise and express it, humanity will continue to remain in unlawful debt bondage.

      the representatives at thr UN are all jesuit trained and jesuit schooled, therefore, since they lack understanding of securing their own indigenous international individual human rights in global trade, then how can they help to secure or protect any individual who wish to emancipate?

      we must advance the human rights cause to bring forth immediate international political affects (status change), as jesuit taught politicians in Jamaucan patliament, are playing plausible denialibility within a jesuit law society for corporate victims (involuntary debtor citizen taxpaying serfs).

      just image, if consent of the governed confers political legitimacy, yet no human being consented to confer universal recognition to the vicar at the vatican unholy see,

      then we can see how jorge the pope (private diplomat) have made himself a self acclaimed stand in (vicar) for christ, in this 21st century, with only the consent of jesuit cardinals and thieves (bankers).

      the future is now, and our political emancipation is here, but in togetherness, with one human rights voice, we must make these jesuit criminals (bankers) disappear

    1. WHO should arrest the traitors? I’ve been saying this for years. Whose job is it? Congress? They are blackmailed by the president to keep their mouths shut. It looks as if everyone on the “Hill” should be arrested. So WHO should do this?

  1. I think Mr.Potter is absolutely correct, I have sent a link to a ton of people, people I dont even know but thats not important, whats important is we unite against them. We are waking up to this “reality” and its scaring the powers at be, like a animal trapped in a corner it will get despite and it may lash out in ways you could have never imagined. With that said we must stay vigilant and continue to share this with anyone and everyone you can. Thank you Mr. Potter and Mr. Fulford, and this website!

  2. I thought the Vets and American Soldiers serving now would know what Henry Kissinger said about them.
    ” dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”
    I wish every Soldier could be made aware of this. They might think twice before obeying a command .

  3. Here is an idea, since we can still write in candidates in the next election see how many Americans write in “ITG”. If 50% or more write in ITG then we “Impeach The Government”. Fire everyone, arrest the criminals and start over…..If the government does not resign their posts then many may wake up and see just how little influence we have in this free country.

  4. Well, that’s a nice idea but Americans don’t elect anyone and haven’t for over a century, if ever. We do vote and then accept what “they” give us. This election year, 2016, will be controlled by George Soros and Google. Now who do you suppose they will give us?

  5. American Military need to stand up and take control of the Goverment and the fed, To arrest the seen as untouchable Cabal and bankers(worldwide) to show the world they are serious,ask outside nations World Wide for assistance in this including RUSSIA & China,But especialy Russia,And have them tried at the Haig… The western goverments have colluded with the Cabal through the Cabals blackmail ! Putin is now probably the most sincere and Profesional polatition on the planet.And i’m far from Red. THE American PUBLIC need to stand together,ALL COLORS and show Calm and Unity to Help your Military durring this. From Uk, Good luck, Bless you All.. YOUR MILITARYS MULTI COLORED,..Stand WITH Your Military!!!!! The Rest of the world see’s from outside what is hidden from you,LIfes not a dream,WAKE UP.!

  6. I’ve been waiting and praying for someone like you to lead us, Sir. Thank you. America needs you and at least a hundred more like you. I pray that many more have the same mind as you. God richly bless you and yours. And don’t forget….we win!!

    1. Really? I am average Joe Public. I’m of average intelligence and I think this is the way to go. The Constitution guarantees is the right to bear arms and that means anything the military has. Why can’t I buy a machine gun. I’ve never done anything wrong, yet I can’t own one newer than 1986 because of an illegal law that was passed. Any law that was passed on gun control is illegal because it infringes on our Constitutional right.

  7. I have been seeking a way to take America back. As one of “We The People” for it is we that dictate to the Gov’t as a citizen we are the gov’t subjects. This is paramount to understand our situation and the fix. . I have found it through the courts. Study and learn what has been hidden in plain sight. See how we have been deceived to give away our lively-hood. False flag attacks to steal our freedom. The saying the truth will set you free is true but not free. It is our duty to study and Act accordingly, professionally while we educated the ignorant. This will synergise into the American Reformation. We may lose property, may see jail time but we must be NON- violent offering passive resistance through the LAW! Then watch our numbers swell. Start here now because ONLY THE PEOPLE CAN SAVE AMERICA go to and learn how – its your duty, do it for your posterity.INFORMATION IN THE NATURE OF A QUO WARRANTO – A proceeding against the usurper of a franchise or office. Jarman v. Mason, 102 Okl. 278, 229 P. 459, 460.; An extraordinary proceeding, prerogative in nature, addressed to preventing a continued exercise of authority unlawfully asserted. Johnson v. Manhattan Ry. Co., N.Y., 53 S.Ct. 721, 289 U.S. 479, 77 L.Ed. and be Free

  8. John Devine

    I am with you brother. We are all of us getting ready for the next move. Hope the new team can make a stand we will like. I remember years ago in Berkely CA when RR send the CA Ng choppers in to the campus , i was sitting in a bar with some buddies when a mob of long haired hippies came in and tried to talk everyone into going to the streets. I took a few of them aside and walked out with my beer and told them to gather around, I then poured my beer out
    slowly and told them to imagine that as their blood and said that it will be dry by dark and they will be gone forever.
    Semper fi
    Ready but must make better time. Am 80 years old. Stilll shoot straight

  9. Roy Potter is just like all the conservative commentators. They offer intelligence and their sage wisdom, but not a single one of them, including this former military intelligence officer, offers any strategic plan to defeat the enemy! I can’t imagine a former Lieutenant Colonel not having any clue that we have not taken the strategic offense, not in the last 100 years! I can’t imagine an omission like that.

    Well, there is a plan with repentance, our part, what we must do. American conservatives and Christians need to punish the folks who are paying for the overthrow and destruction of our Republic and Don Trump. 50 million of them need to start boycotting the corporations who are paying for it. They pay the more than 70,000 lobbyists on Capitol Hill who wrote all the legislation in the past 20+ years. They push the progressive agenda, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, massive debt, all of it. And we are the ones who buy their products and fund them.

    So, its time for everyone who loves their country to start boycotting most of the S&P 500 corporation and all other companies that support the Deep State’s progressive agenda.

    If 50 million, or even 10 million, people would today start boycotting Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Starbucks, all major airlines and all major banks, along with a couple of dozen more of the worst offenders, before the end of next week the executive management teams of these corporations would know what a deep world of destruction is being visited on them. They cannot stay in business without us.

    They operate under massive debt and very predictable sales and revenues. And if we target the sales and revenues they will be staring bankruptcy in the face, along with the debt they have with their bankster creditors.

    And not a single commentator I’ve run across in the past 25 years has even once stated we should take the strategic offense.

    If you support Trump and your Republic, and you shop with the Deep State’s corporate criminals, you don’t deserve either because like these commentators, you aren’t smart enough to deserve either.

    I can just imagine the 12 Apostles eating daily down at the Kosher Jewish deli by the Temple owned by the High Priest and his family, yes I can imagine that. If you don’t act now, immediately, your last hope aside from Jesus Christ is going to be extinguished.

    You should have started this 10 years ago. Your last chance is now.

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