Why Mainstream Media Bitter About Putin & Pope Bergoglio Meeting

Prior to the meeting between the de facto leader of the Reformist BRICS and the Illuminati figurehead Pope Francis Bergoglio, Cabalists telegraphed their instructions to the Pope to pressure Putin about the Ukrainian and Crimean issues, to which the Pope obliged, although not in the exact nature of the instructions.

Of course, all these statements are just for public consumptions. The truth is: these stooges are already considered irrelevant by those who know what’s really  going on behind the facade. The most critical areas we need to look at right now are:

  • The discussions in the Bilderberg Conference 2015
  • The off-the record discussions between Putin and the Pope

Bilderberg Conference 2015

We already know that the Bilderbergers sought to eliminate the paper-based financial system in favor of a “cashless society” or biochip-based economic system. This is in retaliation to the China-led withdrawal of Asian sovereign gold lent to them that served as the backbone of Western banks in the early 1900s.

While a paperless society is so attractive, we should understand that the ultimate goal is not to enhance the quality of life but to gain full control of the population. Full control means the ability for them to switch off your capacity to live whenever they deem it necessary to protect the whole system, i.e. their slavery system.

The best scenario would be the total elimination of money in any form and the neutralization of those who continue to push for its implementation, followed by the full release of sovereign resources, knowledge and technologies to the public at large, so that the individual can finally afford to grow economically and intellectually in his own time and by his own accord.

The removal of institutionalized control is guaranteed to remove all motivation to profit and take advantage of the other.

The Putin & Pope Bergoglio Meeting

In context with the ongoing effort of the BRICS nations to establish a mutually beneficial economic and security cooperation, the meeting between its de facto leader, Vladimir Putin and Illuminati figurehead Pope Francis Bergoglio can be interpreted as an indication of close coordination between the BRICS leadership and the Vatican, which may involve setting up final task schedules, final negotiations and agreements.

Ultimately, we will only know the details and significance of what was talked about during the said meeting in the coming days. But already we are seeing positive signs that some portions of the warmongering machinery are already reversing their stance.

  • Never Too Late? NATO Finally Apologizes for Bombing Yugoslavia [here]
  • Latvia, NATO Not Considering Russia Enemy – President [here]
  • US Unlikely to Deploy Missiles to Europe [here]
  • US, Russian Navies Meet to Discuss How to Avoid ‘Accidental Clashes’ [here]
  • US Congress’ Belated Epiphany on Ukraine’s ‘Repulsive’ Neo-Nazis – Moscow [here]
  • Russian, US Scientists to Cooperate in Space Exploration Despite Sanctions [here]

We can also further deduce from the body language in the pictures taken of the said meeting which are showing how Putin and the BRICS group may already have the upperhand in the ongoing covert war for global control to which the mainstream media can only gaze with resentment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets Pope Francis during a private meeting at Vatican City, June 10, 2015. The United States urged the Vatican on Wednesday to criticise Russia's involvement in the Ukraine conflict more forcefully, hours before Pope Francis was due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. REUTERS/Gregorio Borgia/pool
Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets Pope Francis during a private meeting at Vatican City, June 10, 2015. The United States urged the Vatican on Wednesday to criticise Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict more forcefully, hours before Pope Francis was due to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. REUTERS/Gregorio Borgia/pool

putin and bergoglio 1  putin and bergoglio 3

Why only Putin could turn up late for meeting with the Pope

Matthew Chance, CNN

Story highlights

  • Russian President visits Pope Francis, keeps Pontiff waiting for more than one hour
  • Meeting took place just one day after Putin was rebuked by Obama over Ukraine conflict
  • Russia may not be quite so isolated after all, notes CNN’s Matthew Chance

Moscow (CNN)There aren’t many world leaders prepared to keep the Pope hanging around for a meeting. Russia’s President is perhaps the only one.

Pope Francis discovered this on Wednesday as he waited, patiently, for more than an hour at the Vatican for his guest to finally arrive.

There aren’t many world leaders either who could annex one part of a neighboring country while backing a bloody rebellion in another part, and still avoid strong criticism from, arguably, the world’s most influential religious figure.

Vladimir Putin appears to fall into that narrow category too.

The issue of Ukraine was raised, we’re told, during their brief, closed-door meeting. According to a Vatican statement, “The Holy Father affirmed that it is necessary to make a sincere and great effort to forge peace,” in the war-ravaged country.

Pope Francis and Putin also agreed to “restore a climate of dialogue.”

But the exchange was not the condemnation called for by many, including members of the Greek Catholic congregation, who number millions in Ukraine, and who have expressed frustration at the Pope’s failure to criticize Russia’s role in the Ukraine conflict.

Nor are the words likely to satisfy the U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See, Kenneth Hackett, who urged the Vatican, ahead of the Putin meeting, to “say more about concerns on territorial integrity” in Ukraine.

To be fair, the Vatican is not following the same diplomatic agenda as Western governments regarding Russia.

The current Pope in particular has forged an unlikely strategic alliance with the former KGB officer-turned President that transcends the political tensions felt elsewhere with the Kremlin.

The partnership seems to have begun in September 2013 when Pope Francis and Putin urged the U.S. to desist from taking military action in Syria — a strong Kremlin ally.

According to Christopher Hale, executive Director of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, writing in Time Magazine, “Francis and Putin used two very different means to communicate their messages: Francis held a worldwide prayer vigil for peace, while Putin penned a somewhat audacious editorial in The New York Times in which he cited Pope Francis’s objection as a reason for the U.S. to not get involved in the region.”

Pope Francis meets Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Vatican.

Hale goes on to suggest that Francis may play a diplomatic role in resolving the conflict in Ukraine too.

But if Wednesday’s meeting was anything to go on, in which the Pontiff and the President exchanged gifts, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

No, that meeting was more about Putin than the Pope.

Just a day after being publicly scolded by the world’s industrial powers, the G7 — including a particularly strong rebuke from U.S. President Barack Obama — Putin was shoulder to shoulder with the spiritual leader of 1 billion Roman Catholics worldwide.

Russia may not be quite so isolated after all.


putin and bergoglio

The Guardian has documented some of Putin’s “lateness” and arrived at the conclusion that,

Given that Putin manages to make it on time to televised press conferences and set-piece events, the general assumption is that his tardiness when meeting with Russian and international politicians is a calibrated psychological policy.

The Guardian

We think Putin was only projecting the fact that even though he was the one knocking on the Vatican doorsteps, it doesn’t mean that he’s there to seek the Pope’s instructions but to coordinate what’s going to happen next.

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  1. I have only one comment about the mainstream media being bitter about the meeting between the pope and Mr Putin and that is “Phuck” the media!

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