Project Blue Beam Will Soon Be Used – Keenan

Neil Keenan takes on the bogus Pope Bergoglio, Giancarlo, UN and the rest of the Cabal in this latest update from Indonesia.

“We have a Pope who actually is not a Pope.  He is not Catholic and has no right to bless us. He is even going to tell us there is only one God and that it is not ours nor theirs either.  He is going to tell us the NWO or GLOBALIST is our God.  Now remember he is not our Pope and he is not their Pope.  He is not anyones Pope.

So do not pay attention to either him or the sky shows (the Blue Beam Project – please Google) that will be coming to your skies soon.  For those of you who do not understand what the Blue Beam Project is, you will be scared beyond belief.  But for the educated, you will understand what is happening.  Please try and educate your friends.

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you, but I am not in control of everything and have to depend upon others to get things ready on their side.  We are close to where we need to be, but still need a bit more time.  Remember that we are fighting with sticks and they are fighting with weapons.  We need to be careful or all our efforts will have been made in vain.  They are still formidable foes, as they have the financing to hire the Mercenaries needed to destroy us.  Little by little, step by step – we will reach our destination.  We have said this from the start.”

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