Shanghai Stock Exchange Under Massive Attack After China Offers to Help Greece

A sizable £2 trillion worth of stocks at the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been wiped out just after the Chinese government telegraphed its intention to help the Greeks directly.

It would not be a surprise if this attack is facilitated by the use of artificial intelligence as discussed in our previous post.

Panic wipes £2tn off Chinese shares

Phillip Inman

China’s efforts this week to stem the tide of losses on its main stock market failed on Friday when the Shanghai Composite index plunged a further 5.8%, taking the drop in share values to 28% since their June peak.

Panic selling wiped more than £2tn off the value of Chinese-listed companies and traders signaled the rout would extend into next week.

The authorities had cut fees and eased borrowing rules that make it cheaper to buy shares in the hope it would cheer investors battered by the relentless selling since 12 June.

A promise by the main stock market regulator to tackle concerns of market manipulation, which has sapped investor confidence in recent days, also failed to halt the slide.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission, the market watchdog, said it would launch an investigation into suspected stock market manipulation, without giving details of how long the probe would take or which organisations were under suspicion.

More than 20m trading accounts were opened between mid-April and mid-June to invest in the rising market and it is these accounts that have seen the biggest losses, he said.

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This event exposes the speculative nature of stock markets and is another proof of the vulnerability of the whole monetary system.

It’s time to sever ourselves from this unstable, highly manipulated economic system by living off the grid.

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