High level secret negotiations continue as rogue state Israel’s military put under air and sea blockade

The rogue state of Israel has been put under an “electromagnetic cordon sanitaire,” meaning that its military airplanes are grounded and its warships are unable to leave their ports, according to Pentagon officials.

by benjamin
November 2, 2015

The rogue state of Israel has been put under an “electromagnetic cordon sanitaire,” meaning that its military airplanes are grounded and its warships are unable to leave their ports, according to Pentagon officials. The blockade has now been intensified because US military and Russian government sources agree an Israeli F16 jet fighter flying out of Ramon Airforce base shot down a Russian airliner in the Sinai desert on Halloween, killing 224 people. “Israel is now stuck in its sandbox and can only bomb Gaza or shoot down airliners,” a Pentagon official added. The downing of the airliner has also now opened the way legally for Russian attacks on Israel proper, the officials said.

This escalation of events prompted the Rothschild family, the Chinese communist party, the gnostic illuminati, the Pentagon and others to send representatives to negotiate with the White Dragon Society, WDS sources say. More about this below but, suffice it to say these negotiations are ongoing and no conclusion has been reached as this article went to press.

The representative of the Rothschild family last went to negotiate with the WDS immediately after the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan. He expressed surprise the attack had failed, as intended, to force the evacuation of 40 million people from greater Tokyo. He also said that, despite the speculation generated by the arrows with the numbers 11.3 and 11.5 on the cover of the January issue of the Rothschild controlled Economist Magazine, that the Rothschilds were not planning any incidents on either November 3rd or 5th. The WDS said that regardless, the Rothschilds would have to pay compensation for their role in the 311 attacks or else face “serious consequences.”

The gnostic illuminati representative going by the name of “Alexander Romanov” also contacted the WDS. He said the illuminati were hearing a “major terror attack” was planned for November 4th. Romanov was forcibly placed in a mental hospital after warning in advance of 311 that Japan was about to be hit with nuclear terror. The most likely location for the new attack, he said, was

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21 thoughts on “High level secret negotiations continue as rogue state Israel’s military put under air and sea blockade”

  1. Comment by azure on November 3, 2015 @ 12:20 am in benjaminfulford.net post

    quote “The people at the Pentagon and the agencies, meanwhile, say that any major new terrorist mass murder incident would be the signal for an all-out attack on all cabal agents and families.”
    I feel a little angry that it is always put off—why wait for another 911? Why wait for another plane being shot out of the air and another 200+ innocent people dying? Why the need for more deaths before anything is done???
    It sounds like there is no help coming, only the illusion of help.
    If you can whoop ass today, whoop ass–do not procrastinate or there may not be a tomorrow to procrastinate to.
    Comment by cornpoppin on November 2, 2015 @ 10:52 pm
    I would think that downed Russian Airliner is grounds for that. It’s on!

    1. My feelings are Ben Fulford’s intel guys are feeding him some theatre with some truth. I was very annoyed about last week’s post because he said Aston Carter(dod director)is a closet neo con after he was told by his insiders in the spring he’s a boy scout. So i ended my account. I don’t know if Ben is being manipulated or doing the manipulation, however I do agree the procrastination is a problem that helps the cabal. I feel it’s advantage Could delay for the cabal until they go green on the hoax alien invasion.
      Dr. Greer webinar November 21st about all of the things to know and how to prepare.

    2. Rick 2012, i can see your point as most of humanity would be thinking and saying the same thing. It astounds me also that the world citizens do know what really happens globally and dont stand up and do something. The whole world wide situation we are in only spells doom on humanity , sad but true. Time is now when it concerns rogue states or terrorist factions Fully agree with you.

  2. During the absurdity of this “election season” here are the only things that can save America in my view:

    1. Abolish the Federal Reserve immediately
    2. Abolish the IRS immediately
    3. Immediately cut off ALL aid in ANY form to Israel
    4. Arrest and incarcerate ALL Federally Elected officials that are members of AIPAC
    5. Issue a new “dollar” directly from the Republic Treasury
    6. Allow the collapse in oil prices and other risk assets to annihilate and incinerate any and all financial institutions that implode as a result of said collapse
    7. Execute all federal elections, budgets, and financial transactions on Blockchain so that they are irreversible and transparent to the entire world

    If we do these things first then we can move on to all of the other problems.

    1. 8. Repeal and dispose of the Act of 1871
      9. Reinstate the original Constitution to include the “Titles of Nobility” – 13th amendment.
      10. Oust all Judicial appointees and replace with elected Judges
      11. Establish a Common Law Grand Jury as the 4th branch of government – a peoples court for our voice and to use nullification for all unconstitutional laws.
      12. Breakup the media circus to promote “real news” for the people, and
      13. Remove the United Nations from the shores of the US.

  3. Ben Fulford is full of s#*t!!! His information is such BS!!! I am starting to think he’s an disinformation agent!!

  4. I honestly think that Ben Fulford has good reason for what he says. The fact that his predictions do not always come in on time is because the Cabal are very manipulative and for example are masters of blackmail and fudging of financial figures, which helps to keep things afloat when wholesale bankruptcy would other otherwise occur. I believe that there is a Cabal take-down underway and it will not be too long before we see the results.

      1. Meepy: Ben is often the first cab off the rank with intel that others are too scared to touch. He is under the protection of the White Dragon Society who are very powerful, also he has contacts in the Japanese Security Service who are watching his back. Even here in New Zealand – he was the first one to say that the Christchurch Earthquake was caused by a HAARP attack because the U.S. could not settle some of their high profile refugees in the South Island of New Zealand. I have come to take seriously what Ben says, even though there is sometimes a time-lag in verifying his revelations.

  5. I Honestly do not know what is the truth about BEN FULFORD, there is a possibility that he is being careful because there are CIA-MOSSAD assassins out there that have done a lot of sabotage and hit jobs in a short space of time. and what I am not sure about is the RUSSIAN AIRLINER, if it is true that an ISRAELI F16 jet fighter flying out of RAMON AIRFORCE BASE shot down the RUSSIAN AIRLINER, but put this way it does make more sense because the spread of debris does fit the profile of this kind air attack, also the ISRAELI attitude also fits the profile, so which ever way you cut it, ISRAEL IS IN VERY DEEP SHIT.

    1. Tony: We don’t know the whole story yet but with Russian direct involvement in the investigation the probability is that they will get the evidence, unlike the fiasco of the MH17 Dutch Safety Board job. I suspect that it may have been a secret weapon which did not leave the tell-tale signs of a normal air to air missile attack. I was interested in Ben’s specific assertion that is was an Israeli F16 fighter flying out of Ramon airforce base. Maybe the the supposed U.S. co-operation with Russia on the matter is to try and show that the U.S. was not responsible for the crime – although a country that targets hospitals is certainly capable of anything.

      1. yes bill, what you say is right and sometimes we do get ahead of ourselves, more so regarding ISRAEL, it may be that most of us cant wait to them get a serious arse kicking, and it is better if it is for something that they are guilty of, and also you make good point about BENJAMIN FULFORD and some of the information coming to us a bit late and sometimes not clear in detail.

      2. Thanks Tony – something about this terrible disaster smells horribly of CIA, MOSSAD and MI6. I feel that Russia will know who the real culprits are – they have an incredible intelligence network not only from their own people, but also counsel from the E.T. Nordics. I feel confident that they will get to the bottom of this.

      3. there is an item up today on this site about a bomb being on board the plane, so I gave my take on it, and not very complimentary I am afraid, apart from this new man on the block, or should I say this old man JEREMY COR,BIN, the rest of them are a total wipe out.

    1. Paul: If Israel turns out to be responsible for this latest atrocity – they must expect to receive the vengeance of The Lord and the instrument of karma will be the Russian air-force.

  6. I suspect Russia knew from the outset who the culprits of this monstrous crime really are and that there is no protection in heaven or hell for such miscreants.

    1. I see that Russia is not totally buying ISIL’s explanation that they brought the airliner down, but they are for good measure bombing them with bombs three times more powerful than previously. I wonder how Russia is going to deal with this terrible business of ISIL putting civilian women in cages as human shields in order to protect themselves. Of course this very action shows the sort of people that Russia is fighting against on behalf of Syria. These are the sort of people that the U.S. surreptitiously would have liked to overthrow President Assad’s regime and to be inflicted on the decent Syrian people – it beggars belief that U.S. Foreign Policy should be so evil.

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