This Video Proves Erdogan is an ISIS Warlord

Turkey President Erdogan has been challenging everyone to present evidence of its support to Islamic State and he will resign. We are pretty sure that while this video can prove his military’s friendly ties with the terrorist group he will surely deny any knowledge just the same.

But the video not just proved Erdogan’s culpability to the rise of the Islamic State, it also proved beyond reasonable doubt that Erdogan’s motivation to oust Syrian President Assad is not for the welfare of the people in Syria and Turkey but only for his own benefit.

From the above video, it’s definitely more than 17 seconds of ISIS incursion into Turkish border and yet there’s no missile coming. The two terrorists even waved their hands expressing gratitude upon their “enemies”.

Earlier, Russia has presented compelling evidence of the exact oil smuggling routes into Turkey which will then export the black gold into some third countries.

You will be blown away by the sheer size of the oil smuggling infrastructure that the Islamic State has usurped, further adding to the veracity of all the claims regarding NATO’s willful participation to the crime.

This would mean that the Turkish military hierarchy is a huge beneficiary of stolen oil money from Syria and Iraq and therefore, a military coup d’ etat to oust Erdogan from power is definitely off the table.

His blatant use of terrorism reflects the real image of NATO as an organization waging wars against real democracies and benevolent dictatorships worldwide.

The Turks should not just opt for Erdogan’s resignation. He must be put behind bars.

The rest of the civilized world should also do everything to prevent the continued rise of terrorist governments like today’s Turkey. If the Turkish government, in collusion with Israel and Saudi Arabia, can do this to Syria, what would stop them from doing the same elsewhere?

In addition to the official identification of the ISIS oil smuggling routes into Turkey, the Russians are also presenting evidence of a mammoth ISIS oil smuggling operation inside Iraq for the US coalition to act upon, in the meantime that the Iraqi government has not made official its intention yet to request for Russian forces to perform similar operation like in Syria into their own home turf.

isis-oil-in-iraqClick on the image to enlarge and see 3,220 ISIS oil tanker trucks waiting to be filled up inside Iraq.

Instead of arresting ISIS militants shown on the first video above, Erdogan ordered the arrest of those who blew the whistle about weapons delivery for ISIS through the Turkish border with Syria, which included three military officers and two journalists. A Kurdish human rights lawyer was also assassinated via false flag shooting.

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