San Bernardino “Mass Shooting” Unleashed to Silence Russian Bombshell re ISIS-NATO Oil Weapons Swaps

Mainstream media are on a defensive after Russian ISIS-Turkey complicity bombshell, they must have other newsworthy subjects to air on.

For the last 2 days, world media are forced to discuss the official pronouncements of the Russian MoD detailing at least 3 routes of “living pipelines”, all terminating inside Turkey.

For four long years, the Islamic State Enterprise has been exporting millions of barrels of oil from hijacked oilfields in Syria and Iraq to which the United States and NATO, with their massive surveillance systems and spy satellites, were so deafeningly silent about.

As always, whenever Russia talks the whole global media must be drowned out with other breaking event.

This is the reason why we refused to entertain the recent San Bernardino “mas shooting” right away because sooner or later, the real story would come out eventually, like so:

  • SWAT teams were already at the scene when the “mass shooting” happened; they were conducting, well you guess it, active shooter exercise [here];
  • 2 days prior, VVC students help law enforcement in campus drill:   VICTORVILLE — San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies, unloaded guns drawn, shouted “Get down! Get on the ground!” as they cleared the Victor Valley College library on Monday morning during an active shooter exercise… Meanwhile, students with pretend injuries acted as victims of a campus shooting. [here];

These series of false flag operations have become too boring to watch, and it won’t come as a surprise if they decide later on to launch a real one and we choose not to respond thinking it is a non-event. It is therefore critical to continue monitoring similar events in the future while carefully trying to understand every motivation behind their operation.

Definitely, the San Bernardino “mass shooting” is aimed at silencing the conversation regarding Turkey’s and NATO’s culpability of the rise of the Islamic State terrorist and oil smuggling operations.

Remember, the Russians are not through yet with their ISIS-NATO evidence based disclosures, which should require the other side to unleash more false flag operations in the near future. Not to mention the rise in sales of arms and ammo after every “mass shooting” events [here].

The major problem for the controlled mainstream media, however, is the fact that even ordinary Turks on the ground were not so surprised about Russia’s ISIS-NATO oil smuggling revelations.

Western Media Calls Russia ‘Hostile’ for Outing Turkey’s Dirty Oil Secret

Concentration of vehicles near Dortyol in Turkey. Maximum available quality. (Still frames of the Russian Defense Ministry.)

At Wednesday’s Defense Ministry briefing in Moscow, Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov presented Russian intelligence materials, including photographs, satellite imagery, and detailed maps outlining exactly how “industrial quantities” of oil from Daesh-controlled territories in Syria and Iraq find their way into Turkey, and then on to third countries.

Undoubtedly the most sensational moment in the briefing was Antonov’s statement that Turkey’s top political leadership, including President Erdogan and his family, are directly involved in the trade of dirty oil.

In the course of his briefing, the deputy defense minister preempted the skeptics by recommending that journalists use the Defense Ministry’s findings to continue their own investigations into the shady affair, adding that Turkey should allow journalists “access to the places we showed journalists today.”

Despite independent analysts saying that the briefing’s disclosures were an “important first step,” which will hopefully be followed up with the release of further evidence and an investigation by the UN Security Council, much of the Western media, unfortunately, seems to want to see the fruits of the Russian investigation die on the vine.

The reaction of The Washington Post and The New York Times, amounting to a rehashing of an article by The Associated Press, blamed “Russia’s top military brass” for “sharply raising the stakes in Moscow’s spat with Ankara” through their “bluntly-worded accusations” against the Turkish president.

Deputy Defense Minister Antonov, AP continued, “didn’t provide any specific evidence to back up the claims of personal involvement of Erdogan and his family in the oil trade with the IS.” Moreover, the Turkish president, the article recalled, had already vowed to resign if Moscow’s accusations were proven to be true.

The AP piece cited a spokesman from the US State Department, who “categorically rejected Russia’s allegations” (naturally, before really even having a chance to look at them). “We never said oil smuggling from ISIL is not a problem,” the spokesman said, but “there is no Turkish government complicity in some operation to buy illegal oil from ISIL. We just don’t believe that to be true in any way, shape or form.”

For its part, Bloomberg also quickly took to Erdogan’s defense, suggesting that the investigation was a sign that Russia was “intensifying its attacks on Turkey,” and citing the commentary of a Turkish defense attache who had attended the briefing, who said that “he had expected a military briefing, rather than ‘political accusations’.”

Foreign Policy went a step further, trotting out a Harvard expert on Russian energy geopolitics who suggested that the allegations were really just a sign that “Putin’s regime, [first] with Ukraine and now Syria, has greatly revamped Russian nationalism.”

Other US outlets, including USA Today and Voice of America, focused on Washington’s response to the Russian briefing, citing the reactions of the White House, the State Department, and US military commanders, who rushed to defend their allies in Ankara. Col. Steve Warren, anti-ISIL coalition spokesman in Baghdad, emphasized that “the Turks” were actually “great partners” in fighting Daesh.

Across the pond, in the UK, media reaction was generally more of the same. The Guardian headlined their article “Russia Steps Up Hostility Against Turkey With War Room Briefing,” sarcastically suggesting that the briefing indicated that “Turkey may have replaced the US as Russia’s rhetorical enemy No 1,” again instead of focusing on the actual evidence.

The BBC, for its part, also made clear to stick up for the UK’s NATO allies, with their article on the briefing headlined “Turkey’s Erdogan Says Russia IS Oil Trade Claims are ‘Slander’.”

The Financial Times again went a step further, suggesting that the revelations are really just another component of the anti-Turkish propaganda which has emerged in the Russian media following the downing of the Russian Su-24. The business newspaper cited the commentary of Ukrainian Interior Ministry advisor Anton Gerashchenko, who suggested that the Russian media’s anti-Erdogan campaign was reminiscent of the anti-Kiev campaign it had carried out earlier.

Incidentally, the newspaper forgot to mention that Gerashchenko, a rather smarmy figure in his own right, had earlier called on Ukrainian social media users to publically disclose any information they had on the Russian pilots operating in Syria, in order that terrorists might locate the servicemen and their families and take revenge.

In an interesting contrast to their American and British colleagues, major French and German media outlets seemed less eager to line up behind their Turkish allies. France 24 and Germany’s Bild reported on the Russian briefing skeptically, but fairly, saying more evidence was needed.

For its part, Deutsche Welle went so far as to suggest, in its German-language piece, that while additional evidence in Russia’s accusation toward the Turkish president “is still pending, one thing is certain: ISIL oil is reaching Turkish territory.”

Map, images from Russian military show main routes of ISIS oil smuggling to Turkey

The routes of alleged oil smuggling from Syria and Iraq to Turkey ©

Russia’s Defense Ministry published images and a map it says reveal a chain of oil smuggling to Turkey from Islamic State – from extraction to refining facilities. At least three ISIS oil supply routes were located, all leading to Turkey.

“The General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces has irrefutable evidence of Turkey’s involvement based on aerial and space reconnaissance data,” Lieutenant-General Sergey Rudskoy said during the Defense Ministry briefing on Wednesday.

The routes of alleged oil smuggling from Syria and Iraq to Turkey ©

According to Rudskoy, Russia has identified “three main oil transportation routes from ISIS-controlled Syrian and Iraqi territories into Turkey.”

“The western route leads to the Mediterranean ports, the northern route leads to the Batman oil refinery on the Turkish territory and the eastern one leads to a large transfer base in Cizre [Turkey].”

The documents published by the ministry show “the entire chain of oil supply into Turkey – from extraction to refining facilities.”

The routes of alleged oil smuggling from Syria and Iraq to Turkey ©

“In total, in their illegal oil smuggling business, terrorists are using at least 8,500 trucks to transport up to 200,000 barrels of oil every day.”

He added that the vehicles with illegal oil that are crossing Turkey are not checked at the border.

“The presented photos, which were taken this August, demonstrate hundreds of oil trucks and heavy vehicles moving both to and from the Turkish border.”

Rudskoy concluded that most of the oil is being transferred from eastern Syria to a large oil refinery plant in Batman, 100km from the Syrian border.

The 200,000 barrels of oil that Russia says is smuggled by IS every day is roughly equivalent to the average daily oil export of Gabon in 2014 or Australia in 2013, according to an OPEC annual statistical bulletin.

It is also only slightly less than the average daily oil export of pre-war Syria in the second half of the 2000s, which amounted to 247,000-250,000 barrels per day.

Conjuring ISIL: How Washington, NATO Invoked the Rise of Islamic State

A rebel fighter fires a heavy machine gun during clashes with government forces and pro-regime shabiha militiamen in the outskirts of Syria's northwestern Idlib province on September 18, 2015

It is no secret that Washington along with its NATO and Gulf allies has been arming and training Syrian militant groups, however, the question arises whom exactly they have been supporting and funding.

“Going from Syria itself, outward according to geographical proximity, we can trace ISIS’ [ISIL] support all the way back to Washington itself. And as we do, efforts like the ‘talks’ in Vienna, and all the non-solutions proposed by the US and its allies, appear ever more absurd while the US itself is revealed not as a stabilizing force in a chaotic world, but rather the very source of that chaos,” New York-based geopolitical analyst Ulson Gunnar writes in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook.

Incredibly as it may seem, Washington has had no scruples about “arming” Jabhat al-Nusra, also known as al-Qaeda in Syria, the analyst notes.

Although so-called “moderate Syrian rebels” have been regularly defecting to al-Nusra or redistributing their weapons and equipment to the infamous al-Qaeda branch, Washington continues to drop tons of weapons in desolate Syrian deserts for the “opposition.”

At the same time, Washington policymakers have insisted that al-Nusra was “at odds” with ISIL.

However, contrary to this narrative, ISIL (also known as al-Qaeda in Iraq) and al-Nusra “still fight together on the same battlefield toward the same objectives,” Gunnar points out.

To complicate matters even further, Washington’s close NATO ally, Turkey, has long served as a safe haven for Syrian “rebel-terrorists.”

Ankara turned a blind eye to “a steady stream of supplies, weapons and fighters [that] have been pouring over the border, provided by the Persian Gulf monarchies (Saudi Arabia and Qatar in particular).”

There is also evidence that Turkish officials could have been involved in ISIL’s oil smuggling operations, the analyst notes.

Is it possible that the Turkish government is completely unaware of what is going on at the Turkish-Syrian border? Unlikely, Gunnar believes.

“That the US is still working openly with Turkey despite increasing evidence that Turkey itself is sustaining ISIS [ISIL] in Syria, indicates that the US itself is also interested in perpetuating the terrorist group’s activities for as long as possible/plausible,” he underscores.

Besides the Gulf States and Turkey, there are a number of America’s Eastern European partners and allies who have been spotted collaborating with Syrian extremists.

For instance, according to some reports Saudi Arabia was purchasing arms in Croatia and then transferring them through Jordan and Turkey to Syrian insurgents, Gunnar notes, suggesting that these weapons ended in al-Nusra and ISIL’s hands.

Additionally, the US-backed Ukrainian authorities could have also been involved in delivering weapons to Syrian terrorists, the analyst remarks, referring to the case of Lebanese citizen Osama Khayat who reportedly purchased weapons in Ukraine for some Syrian “militant” group.

“Perhaps readers notice a pattern. Washington is using its vast global network and allies to arm and fund terrorists in Syria, supported by massive logistical networks flowing through Turkey and to a lesser extent, Jordan,” Gunnar explains.

“And all of this brings us back to Washington itself.”

Citing the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) 2012 report, Gunnar remarks that the US policymakers since the very beginning knew that the major forces driving the Syrian insurgency were Salafist fighters, al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran),” the report reads.

So, it seems that the creation of the Salafist principality or, in other words, the Islamic State, could have been a part of the strategy, pursued by Washington and its allies, Gunnar believes.

“While Russia attempts to reach westward to piece together an inclusive coalition to finally put an end to ISIS, it is clear that it does so in vain. Washington, Brussels and their regional allies in the Middle East have no intention of putting an end to ISIS,” the geopolitical analyst concludes gloomily.

‘Everyone knows what’s going on’: Istanbul residents on Turkey-ISIS oil trade

Concentration of vehicles near Dortyol in Turkey. © Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has adamantly denied Russian accusations of Turkey’s oil dealings with Islamic State, yet ordinary Turks question his words and are not surprised by the evidence presented by Moscow.

RT’s Harry Fear has asked people on the streets of Istanbul what they make of the report presented by the Russian Defense Ministry, which claims Erdogan and his family benefit from oil products smuggled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) from Syrian and Iraqi territory. Erdogan earlier promised to step down if such claims are proven true.

“I believe that Erdogan and ISIS [have some contract between them],” one man said. Another Istanbul resident told RT that “the rumors have been circulating for a long time and everyone knows what’s going on, but nothing has been done about it.”

“Now Erdogan has to step down,” he added.

Yet many are pessimistic about such a possibility, with one young man saying “I don’t think he’s going to resign. He’s a dictator and loves being one.”

Turkish mainstream media were reluctant to cover both the Russian Defense Ministry’s revelations and Erdogan’s dubious offer to resign. Sibel Gunes of the Turkish Journalists’ Association explained that “the government created a restrictive climate for opposition journalists wanting to report in the dangerous border regions.”

On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry released maps and satellite imagery it said proves that Turkey is the main consumer of oil smuggled by IS from Syria and Iraq, and claimed that the Turkish president and his family are involved in criminal dealings.

Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, who hosted the briefing, said: “A united team of criminals and Turkish elites, involved in stealing oil from its neighbors, is acting in the region. This oil is being supplied to Turkey on a large industrial scale via improvised pipelines composed of thousands of oil truck tankers.”

Despite Erdogan’s robust promise to step down in the event that the intelligence presented is real, Antonov stressed the Turkish president’s resignation is not Russia’s goal and “is for the people of Turkey to decide.”

This loud bombshell that is exploding right in the faces of not just the Turkish government but also on those that are actually behind the entire operations, i.e. the Khazarian Mafiosi that are embedded in NATO at large, has put the entire mainstream media networks on a defensive, the entire “Russia is the aggressor and outright evil” narrative not only is collapsing but it’s only a matter of time when they could not sustain this Grand Facade of Lies anymore, and the old one-way flow of information from the corporate mainstream media to its consumers will cease to exist very soon.

In the meantime, Turkey will undergo a short term turmoil as people begin to react and the Erdogan government will continue its silencing of the growing dissent which is expected to trigger an even bigger mass movements across the country.

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  1. Erdogan could be video taped receiving money for the stolen oil, while holding up the signed contract for it and STILL the US would side with him. When the MSM finally dies, I might throw a party.

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