TPP Just Conquered New Zealand

The Khazarian Mafia controlled Corporatocracy is now testing trans-Pacific societies of its capacity and resolve to resist corporate tyranny with the recently signed TPP Agreement.

There are countless reasons that could possibly fit in this article about why those who signed the deal very recently should be hanged to the nearest lamppost [here], but the number one reason why knowledgeable people are protesting TPP is its precise definition of corporate tyranny, i.e.

“…the TPP would also undermine democracy by giving multi-national corporations the right to challenge any law that could reduce their “expected future profits” through what is known as the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system. Under existing trade agreements, Phillip Morris is using this process to sue Australia and Uruguay for passing laws designed to prevent the children in those countries from smoking. These countries should be rewarded for taking action to protect the public health of their citizens. Instead, they are being taken to an international court because their laws are hurting the bottom line of one of the largest tobacco companies in the world.”

“In an analysis, Victoria University senior law lecturer Carwyn Jones says the government didn’t fully engage with Maori over the TPP as it should have done under the Treaty of Waitangi.

And he says the Treaty of Waitangi exception is too weak to stop the TPP hindering the government from developing legislation and policies consistent with the Treaty of Waitangi in areas such as traditional knowledge, biodiversity and environmental management.

Well, they’re not just ignoring the welfare and violating the rights of the native inhabitants of New Zealand, but the government itself is actively taking measures to undermine the latter’s capacity to survive.

Are these politicians following a “bad cop. good cop” script?

“And the Labour Party is opposing the TPP. Why?

Labour and National have a long tradition of backing free trade deals.

But the TPP is not just a trade agreement, and the agreement’s reach into areas of national sovereignty has prompted Labour to oppose the agreement in its current form.”

“The trade minister, Andrew Robb, has rejected calls for an independent cost-benefit analysis of the Trans-Pacific Partnership after the World Bank estimated it could lift Australia’s economic output by just 0.7% by 2030.

Robb, who signed the regional trade pact with counterparts from 11 other nations in New Zealand on Thursday, dismissed opponents of the deal as “the usual suspects” who would not be persuaded by a new inquiry.

He also played down the risk of the Australian government being sued under controversial investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) clauses, pointing to carve-outs for health and environmental measures.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the SkyCity building in Auckland to object to the signing of the agreement on Thursday.

Opposition within Australia has also been building. Before the meeting, 59 organisations, including the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network, World Vision, the Public Health Association of Australia and numerous unions, signed an open letter calling on the government to take up the Productivity Commission’s offer to assess the costs and benefits.

“In the absence of such independent assessments we consider that the TPP poses grave risks to the public interest and ask you to oppose the implementing legislation,” they wrote in a letter to Australian MPs.

But Robb flatly rejected the request. “No we won’t, because they’re all the usual suspects, I’ve got to say,” he told the ABC.”

Yeah, the awake and aware are the “usual suspects” and they, i.e. the corporate stooges, are the usual assholes.


But being awake and aware isn’t enough, because even if you tore up a vocal cord they just don’t give a damn about you. The recent signing of the TPP by the deaf and the inept underscores that fact.

Verily, the Republic is long dead and the capacity of the politicians to listen to the people’s clamor, it’s never there. In fact, all that’s left now are really not leaders, but mere pencil pushing talking heads, the military and police organizations that are being reduced to mercenaries in uniforms serving as attack dogs protecting the corporate elite.

free nz tpp

Marching on the streets everywhere like it’s a pretty damn carnival will get us nowhere unless the psychopaths are seeing pitchforks rather than placards. Let’s do that and see how our sheer number paralyzes the conscripts while the Oligarchy trembles.

Apathy is for slaves, and civil disobedience — a lazy excuse for the gutless.

This is the reason why Gandhi and Mandela were immortalized even in Western publications while the likes of Vladimir Putin and the Iranian Revolutionary Government are perpetually demonized.

Above all, we need to look within ourselves and discover our most potent capacities to resist sprawling corporate tyranny in more practical ways than a cute parade.

This is obviously a mere desperate move on the part of the Khazarians, but the recently signed TPP could be ratified within 2 years by each signatory country which means we have less than next 2 years to sharpen the pitchforks and finish off the bleeding Serpent.

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18 thoughts on “TPP Just Conquered New Zealand”

  1. To realize one thing and one thing only. Where in the name of common sense are all these so called Country leaders and their representatives come from. Could someone please tell me! To see is ugly face in the news makes me bite down hard on my jaws,This US john kerry which I won’t put caps on his name for respect of my key board.Same as this obama virus with is mafia.To walk in any Country and tell you,I’ll sue you in court if you pass a law to ban children from smoking!!! Are you freakin serious! The US and their pledge to honour isreal first in their country,when they get sworn in. They need to be banned from entering any borders and removed from any peace,free trade,humanatory and all other powers in this world, including their anal mafia.We all know who the rest of them are.Public hanging to all of them, never mind a pitch fork.
    I think the people if this world we live in have forgotten what free speech really means.First free speech is screamed out when we know someone is doing us WRONG and knock them down.It is now the news that report’s and go on and on about these mafias when they know that they are reporting a WRONG and making it like good.Wrong is Wrong people.Any goverment that is not part of your Country that tells you what you are aloud to do and not do,in this world we live in they are called bullies,get rid of them with their free trade contracts.

  2. You tell me, Charles.

    The ‘Author’ of this blog is WAY out of line in his assertion that the TPPA has ‘Conquered New Zealand’.

    It has NOT and he has no business making that claim when he does not know what he is talking about.

    The ratification process will take up to two years and so all is not lost yet.

    I live in New Zealand.

    I work for Neil Keenan.

    I think you might have noticed that the email address associated with my original post, in which I asked you to make contact rather than post it was:




    You may choose this time, not to approve this response, but know this.

    It is on the record.

    1. Way out of line is not even the proper words.It’s not even in my vocabulary at this point in time to understand why it was published this way.

  3. One last little comment. The tittle of this report should have been TTP HAS JUST IMPRISONED NZ WITH THE CABAL.

  4. I am from Canada and when I saw my Canadian flag in the back ground,I was appalled to know someone as gone behind my back from Canada representing such a wrong doing.We and I mean all Canadians, even seen giving a cigarette to a minor which is under 18,we are charged with a criminal offence and a store would have the permit to sell tobacco revoked. I sincerely apologize for all the honest Canadians and we are many.They do not know about this.Just shameful.

  5. When I was asked about my thoughts on the Trans Pacific Partnership I suggested that the word Treaty should be consigned to the rubbish bin for it meant the use of a 40 to 60 page document of what if’s that is crafted by corrupt Lawyers aka Liars to ensnare and entrap and that what should be used is a PACT as it is clear unambiguous and transparent and so they have used my suggestion and have in turn had to be transparent for I am thinking that WE THE PEOPLE can now pass far more freely within these Pacific Nations. For you who read this know that as PEOPLE you are also Ecclesiastical Sovereign Executors and as to Investor State Dispute Settlements… Well the clear obvious answer is that a Multi National Corporation is an Ambassador for the Country it is founded in and should it engage in unlawful ISDS it will be tarnished as a VEXATIOUS LITIGANT and will not be allowed to Trade again……I was really amazed that my suggestion humble in origin and intent has made it this far….As to Andrew Robb who used to advise Jeff Kennet former Premier of Victoria Australia well you can see he moved on still playing in the Corporate Sandbox …..Bigger Stage and Sandbox.

  6. My last comment was not directed at you Charles. This is not the first time that the writer of this blog has been sloppy on detail.

    All 12 nations signed that document so singling NZ out as having been conquered shows a lack of observation and logical assessment.

  7. Lets solve this TPP for the sake of all. Common sense will bring us to Not accept any deals that are society-damaging to the world esp. Our region. We cannot think only of NZ, for that is a long gone view for progress, but lets get in and sort these damaging laws and schemes.

  8. I know it’s just when one reads things like this and how some people choose to word them and I mean this article,one as a hard time concentrating on what’s being said to whom or what.

  9. The Maori King…..there may be more than one …has apparently issued a Formal Notice of Veto of Trade Agreement, on the grounds that the NZ “government” lacks the authority to sign the TPPA without the agreement of the Maori elders.

    So called World “leaders” are Satanists or, Luciferians.
    In accordance with …..LUCIFERIAN PROTOCOLS…..they are obliged to inform victims of their fate, in advance of that fate befalling them.
    SILENCE is interpreted as CONSENT.

    Our Sovereignty resides with us.
    One cannot sell/gift what one does not own.
    “Leaders” cannot …LAWFULLY….sign our …UNALIENABLE….rights away to other entities/Corporations.
    We each have to…. VOICE our REJECTION….. just as the Maori king has done.

    Corporation…..what is it exactly ?
    Corp = DEAD…as in corpse.
    oration ….comes from the word… ORATORY … = speech/words.
    Corp-oration means……dead words….or…..WORDs/speech of the DEAD.
    Does a dead person speak…NO.
    So the words/speech of a dead person/entity are …..WORTHLESS.

    A Corporation is a worthless thieving SCAM of the Luciferian a$hkeNAZIs.
    We owe no allegiance to a Corporation.
    No ……WORDS of the DEAD entity……has any entitlement to or, authority to interpose themselves into our lives.

    The a$hkeNAZI …SCAMSTERS….BANKERS….POLITICIANS….have no LAWFUL authority over us.
    Stealing our Sovereignty is UNLAWFUL….therefore rendering the attempt…..NULL & VOID.

    1. Dear Kine

      As you say “Silence is interpreted as Consent” but so too is an unsigned document. Mind you I know only too well that the publisher of these documents requires identification. But I’m often left wondering why it is that people who are brave enough to write, and or talk about FREEDOM, are not willing to pen their name to their words.

      The same applies to all parties such as Charles, Sailau , Richard and so on.

      It is the signed signature that gives weight to any document.

      Anthony P Healy

      1. Well Anthony my name might not be signed on the political views that have been brought to our attention about this corrupt ttpa but bare in mind some of us do sign papers, I have signed papers in my town province of Nova Scotia Canada and made myself the target of my small town, where a funeral home that’s taking advantage of people at their must hardship by not giving them a price for the wake procedures til over a month later and at prices so ridiculous that some have to get loans to pay the cost that is double that what they thought it would be,just because they have TRUST in them low lives. Anyways my point would be just ask what one is doing to help people first and please send me the papers that would need to be singed. Be it small or big I don’t take well to dishonesty in any matter at all.

      2. Anthony P Healy

        “Silence is Interpreted as CONSENT” ………….
        but so too is AN UNSIGNED DOCUMENT.

        An UNSIGNED document is interpreted as CONSENT ? ?
        Wow, I had no idea.
        I have always assumed an …unsigned document….signified DISSENT !

        What constitutes a DOCUMENT as opposed to some mundane tract ?

        “Not willing to pen their name to their words” ?

        THEIR NAME….
        Is THEIR name THEIRS ? ?
        Or….DOES it BELONG to THEIR….STRAWMAN ? ?

        “It is the….. SIGNED SIGNATURE…..that gives WEIGHT to any DOCUMENT”.

        I beLIEve the populace is waking up to the FACT that the ….WEIGHT… many a ……SIGNED….DOCUMENT …ACQUIRES……is known as a ……SHACKLE !


  10. The Maori King is Just a Figure head .he does not Have any Control over ALL Maori in NZ New Zealand. He is Based Near Hamilton and is the Leader of the Local People But Not Elected… just Through Birth. Purely Symbolic Like the Queen of England and the Royal family they are as Important as a Tourist attraction and Symbol of Britain.The Maori Queen His Mother Had Respect and MANA Authority She was Loved by Many .the King was a Truck Driver at one stage of His life till his Mum Died then he had a New Job.

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