The ET Meet & Greet Will Be Delayed, Here’s why…

Inasmuch as this planet is not the only “intelligent populated” sphere of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and metal floating across the universe, among many universes, there’s a bigger body of politics out there, and in here, too, than terrestrial geopolitics.

And just when we think we are ready for the confirmation of the Whole Truth, the full-bloodied politicians are scaling it back with ET disclosure using the age old excuse of the “people is not ready yet”, or “it would be irresponsible to do a massive information dump, Snowden-like, right now,” and other BS.

But, did the people freak out when Snowden, Manning and Assange did so?


All that the whistleblowers did is to provide irrefutable confirmation of what we already understand as the real story. In short, we were already expecting that confirmation about mass surveillance and dirty geopolitical maneuvers would soon come out through the facility of the internet.

The only segment of our society who was shocked when all these confirmations were finally released to the public were the dirty players themselves who were exposed for what they truly are, i.e. sociopaths.

Our ET cousins are more than ready to decloak any day of the week now, as they have done in so many occasions. But, elements within the Secret Space Program [SSG] who are coordinating with the Earth Alliance are still trying to slow it down.

The SSG is said to be employing slave labor using genetic materials from Earth for their cosmic enterprise with the rest of the galaxy. That is what they are trying to protect.

More than the mere confirmation of the ET existence, the peoples of this planet are more than ready to meet and greet their friends from far off galaxies so that a better understanding of advanced culture and politics can be assimilated in lieu of the uncivilized nature of our own society.

The UFO disclosure is not unfolding as fast and as elaborate as we want. Here’s why…

Alliance of Secret Space Programs Adopts Scaled Back Alien-UFO Disclosure Plan

Written by Dr Michael Salla on February 23, 2016

In today’s episode of Cosmic Disclosure, whistleblower Corey Goode describes the discussions and dynamics of a meeting he claims to have attended at a hidden space base in the Kuiper Asteroid Belt where a plan for disclosing the existence of extraterrestrial life and secret space programs was being decided. If Goode’s stunning revelations are accurate, as available evidence so far suggests, then humanity is beginning to witness a highly cordinated disclosure process, only recently approved by select clandestine organizations.

Goode claims that he was taken to the base for the purpose of debriefing a Secret Space Programs (SSP) Alliance Council meeting about his September 2015 visit to an ancient Inner Earth library. In earlier Cosmic Disclosure episodes, Goode revealed that he was taken to the Inner Earth library by a High Priestess called “Kaaree” who pointed out some of its contents along with some startling revelations.

Among these was that Zecharia Sitchin had used contrived information in his Earth Chronicles series of books. This did not appear to be a surprise to the SSP Alliance Council, presumably because they had access to the same data base found on the smart glass pads from which Goode says he first learned about Sitchin’s fabricated information during his space program service from 1987 to 2007.

According to Goode, the SSP Alliance Council comprises representatives from the Solar Warden program along with defectors from rival space programs, previously described by him as the Dark Fleet, Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate and smaller Space Access Programs possessing off-planet travel technologies.

There were approximately 60 Council members in attendance during Goode’s debriefing, a number of whom are antagonistic to Goode’s continued involvement as a delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance of extraterrestrials, who appointed him to that position in March 2015. Some Council members believed Goode was leveraging his role with the Sphere Begin Alliance to gain greater influence over Council deliberations.

The SSP Alliance Council has been conducting secret negotiations with an “Earth Alliance”, over the extent to which a large cache of documents should be released that reveals the existence of secret space programs and extraterrestrials, the history of Cabal/Illuminati policies in controlling such information, and crimes committed by the Cabal/Illuminati.

He described the Earth Alliance as comprising many dozens of international entities opposed to the Cabal/Illuminati. These include Asian secret societies, small militias, and groups with access to hidden treasures and information. Many of these entities have strong connections to major BRICS countries, such as China, whose interests they wish to promote.

Goode pointed out that while the SSP Alliance Council and the Earth Alliance have the same goal – full disclosure and release of advanced technologies – they have very different agendas over how to achieve this aim. Many in the Earth Alliance want to spread out disclosure of the truth over a 100 year period, and in the meantime allow China and other Eastern nations to become the new hubs of international business and high finance.

He pointed out that while the Earth Alliance and the SSP Alliance represent the full spectrum of humanity, they have been deeply fragmented in negotiations over what should be done to disclose the truth to the rest of humanity. Many in the Earth Alliance believe it would be irresponsible and foolish to move forward with a massive document dump, which would overwhelm the populace.

Another issue discussed was that the Earth Alliance has been infiltrated by Cabal/Illuminati operatives who have been given access to all of the documents that have been prepared for dumping into the public arena at some point. This was of a cause of great concern for the SSP Alliance Council, who believed that it would enable the Cabal/Illuminati to devise ways to neutralize the impact of such documents at the time of their eventual release. Goode said that the Cabal/Illuminati has taken steps to prevent another Snowden-like release of documents to the mass media.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

Further Reading

The ET / UFO Disclosure is as important as the economic reset that is being forced into the Western Oligarchy. There is a need for the people in those countries to reciprocate all these efforts.

Aside from from the fiat monetary scam and blood-soaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.

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15 thoughts on “The ET Meet & Greet Will Be Delayed, Here’s why…”

  1. I am probably one of the lucky ones, because some years ago I had the opportunity to see an 85 ft diameter UFO in broad daylight hovering about 8 ft above the ground and about 300 ft from where I was sitting. So they can lie and bullshit all they want about whether we are ready or not, that fact is they are here and have been for a very long time and a large percentage of the world population are more than ready. Maybe some of the freaky ones who think the world is only 6000 years old will suffer

    1. i am of the same notion.this has to happen before the evil empire figure out on how to distort the truth or,even worse stop it all together?i have been aboard several ships at different times throughout my life.i have also seen several ships the last one being just about a month ago.although they wont let remember all of what took place, they allow me the knowledge of their presents.i pray that the human consciousness is allowed to connect with our friends and the truth is finally set free!!! thanks for your time and effort concerning all these matters.truth justice and peace to you my friend.

    2. for about five minutes until they realize that disclosure means FREEDOM to be healthy, alive, happy, and productive instead of being slow killed by big pharma, poisoned and exploited by the corporations, and robbed and enslaved by the banksters!

  2. Unsubstantiated, conclusory hearsay and speculation are not persuasive. Mixtures of fact and fiction require careful checking to sort out the truth from the falsehood.
    Zecharia Sitchin unknowingly was set up with fabricated Sumerian clay tablets to translate, and that situation was described in detail by Chris Thomas in his book entitled Project Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy, published on November 10, 2009, available at Chris Thomas also explains the how and the why for the set-up, and its connection to the U.S. wars in Iraq. Dr. Michael Scalla first reported the event on February 10, 2016, without identifying the primary purpose of the set-up. Corey Goode has not documented or verified his claim to know about the set-up during 1987 to 2007 or a more precise date and event when it occurred.
    Chris Thomas is a skilled psychic who explains how he “reads” the Akashic (record) directly without entering a trance. His Akashic information is backed up with his independent documentary research. The Akashic is the most authoritative source of human, planetary and universal history. The Akashic may be referred to by many different misleading names, such as the “ancient Inner Earth library” or other so-called “library”, which obfuscate the matter.
    According to Chris Thomas, there are no Federations, Commands, Councils, Alliances, Conglomerates, Tribunals, Committees or other such groups of extraterrestrial beings from different planets, star systems or galaxies in existence in this Universe. The exopoliticians and exodiplomats have no known documentation to verify such groups and their meetings.
    And according to Chris Thomas, there are no extraterrestrial beings or sub-terrestrial beings living in subterranean caves or caverns, or in “hollow” Earth or “inner” Earth.

    1. Thanks for the information. I will continue to research the situation. As for my experience, I know what I know for a reason! The truth shalt set us free of the evil tyranny that has been unleashed upon the human consciousness.

    2. Hello Folks (Irie)
      What a fascinating man Chris Thomas is. He has told many a wonderful tale about the Akashic Records. Wonderful stuff, it was sad to see him in a state of illness that had all but killed him, poor old bloke. He reminded me of Cyril Hopkins from the (1960s-80s) Alias T. Lobsang Rampa. Hope I got the names right…as its a long time ago.

      The thing is, its one mans viewpoint. Weiged against the reports of many thousands of eye witness, UFO testimony, of which I’m one, and the weight falls on the side of the many.

      Mind you, I’m of the opinion that my own encounters (sightings at very, very close range) are of an (interdimensional-but nevertheless-terrestrial) source.
      Anthony P Healy.

  3. Hello Folks
    It is a very good thing to see written articles that come before the public with a correct Surname attached. Dr ‘Phd’ Michael Salla has the courage to affix his name to his written work. It is understood that his writings, as with any professional author, must claim copy right. That however is not my point.
    My point, the only point I’m making as a reader of such leftfield subjects as UFO etcetera, is that our written work only gains value by affixing our name to it. More power to your elbow.
    Anthony P Healy.

  4. The ET Meet & Greet Will Be Delayed, Here’s why…? Seriously

    On all respect I can give to you all and I am not a troll! Seriously
    A technology that can appear and disappear in seconds any where in the world we live in. Do you not think they could just hover over war torn countries and disable all weapons that we the measly human race as invented. DON’T YOU THINK?? to affix your name because you wrote a book makes this authenticand for as this being publiciesed on covert geopolitics is beyond my understanding. Is there life other than us in the universe? darn right there is. Not in the form of stupidity you all are talking about.

  5. THIS IS all baloney-i mean basic logic says-who stands to gain from delays and obfuscation-ALL THE PARTIES GAINING POWER AND MAKING BANK –and that is basically everyone involved with SSP, ICC, Illuminati, cabal, china and russian–etc. who stands to LOSE by continuing the genocide of humanity and earth and possibly the whole solar system at least–THE SAME PARTIES. Basically, these service to self people are DERANGED, infected by the IGGY-GOO AI or just nuts. They have no business making decisions for anyone…HEAR THAT SPHERE BEINGS???? Letting the nutters make the decisions is a default decision and is suicidal.

  6. If we are being USED as the excuse—then IT IS OBVIOUS that they are scared of US THE PEOPLE—as they have swayed us so easily—we will and are ready for the TRUTH!
    All we need is this ONE DISCLOSURE—this is where our strength lies–right now all these disclosures on economy and ETs will simply add more fears—-HUMANITY’S WELFARE COMES FIRST!

  7. Thank mercy I thought I was the only one that was still sane.
    The vatican was caught in the 1960s and 1970s laundering money for the mafia are known for child abuse for 100s of years but people still get on their knees to pray GOD when a priest shows up.. somethings wrong.
    We know Israel was stolen and givin to the zionist but we let it go and say how nice it is. People are being slaughtered there. Somethings wrong.
    The Clinton,Bush Obama are the biggest know Cabal mafia in money and drugs but people still flock to vote for them. Something is very wrong.
    The wrong is not fear it’s lazyness of the people to kick them low lives out send them to the Hauge for war crimes and let them get what they deserve. It’s been going on since WW1. When will the people wake up to this night mare you all are letting happen.
    Don’t blame what as happened in the past and is still happening now on someone else because you can’t take the heat of being wrong..
    Grow some you know what between your legs and do something before it’s you that becomes the victims of genocide

  8. So, if it’s delayed because the politicians changes their minds because of the people not ready yet? Then let us all mentally be prepared for their plan B. Might be a false flag alien invasion or false alien first contact.

  9. Hello Folks
    Most of the replies, comments, regarding ET interference with humanity, come down on the side that it is a true phenomenon. In my own case I’m left in no doubt that the ET phenomenon is an actual phenomenon and not merely misdirection and or delusion. I believe, and here is the kicker, that it isn’t ET, but T. T meaning (earthly) terrestrial.

    It seems the ET element, their (now our) Genetics, Science, Technology and the like have been on earth millions of years before homo-sapiens became human.

    If any one has the right to claim this world as theirs, we as the ‘Johnny come lately’ are not that one. And yet, I do wish humanity could be left alone, unhampered by supervision and or coercion so that we as part of our natural behaviour both moral, ethical and physical behaviours, could get on with mistreating ourselves, as well as we do. Cynicism isn’t my best feature.

    In more than one way ‘Our homo-sapiens’ humanity, both blessed and cursed by the need of an overseer. Because of our barbaric track record of self slaughter. Wake up Folks, we’re still little more than clever savages. We delight in war, anyone’s war. We wrap our self pity in the self proclaimed innocence, of pointing the finger of blame.

    Perhaps we need a moral and ethical DNA upgrade. If only there was a thing. We are our own biggest problem… lets grow up.
    Anthony P Healy

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